Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What Gadgets does a Private Detective need?

The world around us has become quite dangerous. As the times are changing and criminals are becoming technologically sophisticated in their modus operandi, a detective also has to keep up with the times and be fully knowledgeable with modern gadgets of a sleuth. So, what are the tools required for a detective? • Pen Camera – This is a basic gizmo. It is just a pen that comes with a camera giving high resolution results and also has memory storage capacity. It will also record a video where time and date could be inserted. • Cap Camera – The cap is cloaked with a camera that records in MP4 format. It is operated even with a remote control and can record up to ninety minutes. It also has internal memory and can record clear audio conversations from a distance of up to five meters. • Soda Can with Camera – The soda can is fit with a video camera inside. It also has a well cloaked microphone that works with remote control. • Glasses Writer – These glasses are made out of powerful lens that can take pictures and files can be stored in the same manner as thumb drives. It has a memory capacity of 4 GB and can record six hours of video. • Tracker – It can fit into the palm of a person and uses GPS. It can send out positioning through its GPRS (General Packet Radio Services). It can give real time location and also do satellite tracking. It can capture audio relays and the battery allows fifteen hours of operation. • Lost Items Locator – This is also a tracker that is an accessory if important items like laptops or smartphones are lost or stolen. It works with software that updates regularly and links with a central location to receive signals that locate data from the device so that location could be identified. • Pepper Sprays – They come in the form of pens that could be used as weapons. Once sprayed, the victim will experience momentary blindness and coughing.

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