Friday, March 17, 2017

Windows Cleaning

Washing windows of your home requires devotion and time. Windows are great as they allow fresh air and sunlight. If they get dirty, they can become weak and can be damaged easily. Though it is wiser to contract cleaning service providers for your windows, it is better to know how to clean them. If there are any sliding windows, they have to be removed by lifting up from the sliding section to be cleaned separately. A bucket can be filled with warm water and some detergent could be added to it. The windscreens that hang to the windows have to be removed. They collect most of the dust from the rainstorms that knock against the windows. The stale screen smell will also go away once cleaned. They can be cleaned by rubbing them together under a running hose. The window panes could be gently rubbed with a rag. The window frames can be cleaned by means of a soaked sponge or a cloth. The sponge or cloth has to be soaked in the bucket with the detergent and water solution and the cleaning of the windows can start from the upper left side, going downwards in the shape of an `S’ until the bottom right corner is reached. The sponge should not be of an abrasive material to avoid scratching the windows. A dry rag or chamois can be used to remove the excess water from the squeegee. The cleaning can start again from the upper left corner in a straight line downward in one motion, repeating it to the mid and the right sections of the window. The squeegee has to be dried after each stroke or it will leave behind visible lines on the window pane. After the window panes are cleaned, they can be dried with a chamois or a dry cloth. An extension handle can be used on the squeegee to reach higher windows. The squeegee cannot be used in direct sunlight as it will leave streaks. Tools that are needed for cleaning of windows - A sponge, squeegee, chamois, bucket, water hose, lint free dusters,detergent, warm water, towel and a mop. How long will it take to clean your windows? The complexity and the size of the windows will determine the time that will be required to clean them. The security bars and the storm windows take up extra time. If there are multiple panes in each window, they will take up detailed work. A typical home will probably take up about half a day by the cleaning service people. The service provider will be able to give a better estimate of the time required to complete the cleaning job. How often should you have your windows cleaned? Professional cleaning service maintenance contracts clean about twice a year. This schedule should be sufficient. If your home is exposed more to the pollution of urban life, then perhaps you may want to get the windows cleaned thrice a year. Cleaning in early spring will get all the dirt and grime removed by the winter rain and frost. A wash in the fall will take care of the pollen and the dirt of summer. Why is Professional Cleaning Service required for the Windows? When you take the height, accessibility and the configuration of windows into account, it is wiser to assign the job to the cleaning service providers. Apart from these factors, time is of a very important essence. People do not have the time to get the cleaning done on their own. Window cleaning is important to keep the home clean and tidy. You will not like to look at windows that are full of dirt or fingerprints. Many people find cleaning of windows difficult. It is mainly because even after the hard labour, they end up finding some streaks left behind on the window panes. How much does it cost to get your Windows cleaned? Professional cleaning service jobs for windows can be paid by three methods. The first method is per unit or window; the second method is by the total job on a contract basis and the third method is on an hourly basis. The common method of pricing has been the first one and that is charging as per the number of windows or units.

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