Monday, November 28, 2016

The Seven Per Cent Solution This narrative is made up from Dr, Watson's reminiscences. This is from a novel written in 1974 by Nicholas Meyer. It was adapted on film in 1976 as a Sherlock Holmes adventure. The narrative involves recovery of Holmes from addiction to cocaine and Watson takes the help of famous Viennese Doctor, Sigmund Freud. It also involves prevention of a war in Europe through the opening up of a wicked kidnapping plot of Madame Devereaux. The film is very well directed by Herbert Ross and was scripted by Meyer himself. Nicol Williamson is brilliant as Holmes and you have to be fast on the uptake to hear all his dialogues. He really speaks at a feverish pace. Robert Duvall is quite good as Dr. Watson. Alan Arkin is sharp as Sigmund Feud and Vaness Redgrave is beautiful and sensuous as Madame Devereaux. Samantha Eggar plays Mary Watson. Charles Gray plays Holmes' elder brother Mycroft and he does that in the Jeremy Brett television series, too. Jeremy Kemp looks wicked enough as Baron von Leinsdorf. There is an interesting narrative in the end of the film when Freud hypnotises Holmes to find out why he chose to be a detective. It brings out his sad past and his fear of Professor Moriarty. The crux of the tale is that Watson deceives Holmes to meet Sigmund Freud to treat him for his delusions that are induced by cocaine. This is an entertaining film with some tense settings in both London and Vienna. It is an intriguing narrative and Laurence Olivier adds punch by playing Professor Moriarty. The film is a fine suspense thriller. The music by John Addison is great and makes the movie more interesting.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Frederic Chopin - A Short Biographical Sketch

Frederic Chopin was a Polish composer. He was born on 3rd January 1810 and died young at the age of thirty nine on 17th October 1849. He sifted to Paris in his early years and had the opportunity to mingle in the artistic circles of early nineteenth century France. Chopin, in fact, went on to become the model of a musician in the Romantic Period. From his childhood days in Poland, he managed to retain the image of a bravura pianist when he frequented the salons in Warsaw. He improvised and played his initial compositions that were inspired by national rhythms and melodies. He was only eight years of age when he composed his first Mazurkas and Polonaises.He left Poland on account of the revolution. He gave proof of his genius to the world when he composed his first piano concerto and his Opus 10 Etudes, whom he dedicated to Franz Liszt, his ardent interpreter in later years. After gaining recognition in Austria and Germany, Chopin was given a warm welcome in France. He spent most of his remaining life in Paris. He died young, at thirty nine years age as a result of tuberculosis. Though he received great acclaim in Paris, Chopin always remained nostalgic about his days in Poland. He became a good friend of George Sand, Victor Hugo and Hector Berlioz. He is one of the pioneers of the Romantic movement and some of his compositions are iconic of this age. Some of his preludes, nocturnes, polonaises and scherzi are revolutionary. Chopin spent the last years of his life at the Chateau de Nohant. He wrote most of his mazurkas here and in Majorca. He died in the autumn of 1849. Schumann had once said about Chopin, "Hats off, gentlemen; a genius!"

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Existence of Secret Societies Fascinating insight into the powers who are destroying the world scene just for that balance of power. This is a long video, which takes us on a journey of the involvement of USA in world affairs from World War I and Nazi Germany to the turn of this century. Secret societies want to run the show in the world. The truth about Auschwitz and other concentrate camps is that they were American enterprises and they were primarily driven by American bankers. Not many people are aware that American industrialists built the big Nazi war machine. Everything they did was fueling the Illuminati’s plans for world domination! These plans may ultimately result in a one-world government. Satanic powers are controlling this world and politics is the channel available for that.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Treatment for Roundworm Diseases

In medical terminology, roundworm disease is known as `Ascariasis Lumbricoides’. Roundworm diseases are prevalent in areas that have poor hygienic conditions. The roundworm eggs can be taken through contaminated food. Most of the times, people will not feel any symptoms. The symptoms, when they appear, can be similar to that of malaria or pneumonia. The common symptom is consistent presence of cough, wheezing or shortness of breath. There can be stomach pain and loss of appetite. The roundworms may come out in your stool or through vomiting. Roundworm diseases are often neglected. Roundworm is also the basic cause of infection in pigs through `trichinosis’. These diseases affect more than one billion people worldwide. The roundworms can grow up to twelve inches in the human body and cling to the intestinal walls. They can be as thick as a pencil. Female roundworms are larger than the male roundworms. As per the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, roundworm diseases are a direct result of poor hygiene and sanitation. Most roundworms and their eggs can be found in dirt and can be picked up on the hands and transferred to your mouth. They can sometimes get into the body through the skin. Different species of roundworms can cause different types of infections. People can become infected when they eat food that has the roundworm eggs. This can also happen when people eat food that is grown in the soil which has been mixed with human and animal excreta. Roundworms can produce eggs for more than a year. Children are more prone to getting affected by roundworm diseases as they play in dirt and then put their hands into their mouths. Severe parasitic roundworms may also travel to your muscles, brain and eyes. This can cause seizures, paralysis or temporary blindness. If the disease is not treated well in time, it can cause a breakdown of body functions. There are many treatments available for roundworm diseases but it is better to consult a physician or a health care provider before taking any drugs. Mebendazole and Albendazole can bring these roundworms out of your body. The side effects of these medicines can be headache and hair loss but they are minimal and tolerable. Anti-parasitic drugs have not proved to be very effective. Bromelain and other proteoplytic enzymes are useful in getting the outer layer of the roundworms dissolved. There are some natural methods of treatment for roundworm diseases. They are: • Boil some garlic and onions in water and drink the concoction slowly. Eat as much raw garlic as possible. • Take a laxative. Figs are a good laxative. • Sit in a warm milk bath which is sufficient for covering your rectum area as the roundworms are likely to smell the milk and crawl out. You will have to remain in that warm milk bath for about an hour until most of the worms are out. Researchers and scientists have been able to uncover the genome sequence of roundworms and are hopeful to pin down faster diagnosis and treatment of the roundworm diseases in the future. The research has helped in finding over eighteen thousand genes that will aid in protein coding. To protect yourself from roundworm diseases, it is better that you care about your personal hygiene, avoid eating infested food from the streets and ensure that you wash your vegetables and fruits properly. Washing your hands with soap frequently is also a good way not to contaminate and spread this sickness.

Rebate Forex

Forex is perhaps the biggest trading market in the world. It shot up like a volcanic explosion in volume and popularity in 1971 when the gold standard was abolished. Currency was not backed any longer by gold and, as a result, currency printing began to accelerate. Forex trading became a great way to earn extra money. Many people began trading as a part time job. They learned of ways to take advantage of this huge financial opportunity. Notwithstanding the way you ultimately decide to trade, you will always find it feasible to get forex cash back for all your forex trades. Forex rebates are a smart way to reduce your trading costs. You will earn your rebates whether you make money or lose money on a trade. Many online forex companies have their distinct rebate forex programs that allow you to receive highly competitive rebates on your trades. The main benefit of this program is that you will be able to get the same service from your brokers at a lower cost than those brokerage firms that do not give you a rebate. To enroll for the program, you will need to register online with such brokerage firms that offer cash back and open an account. There are five easy steps on how to start receiving rebates. 1. Sign up for an account – This is the most crucial step to start receiving rebates. 2. Open a new account. 3. Give your full name, name of the broker and your account number through the `Contact Us’ form – this information is required to verify your account. Once the information ids verified, you will find your broker and your account number in your user account profile. 4. Select the payment method in your `User Profile’ so that the brokerage firm is clear on where to send your rebates. You have to ensure that you give all the necessary information for the payment mode that you wish to utilize, for example – your bank account information, PayPal details and your registered eMail address. 5. Fund your account and start trading to receive rebates on per trade basis at the end of the month. The highest rebate that is offered by some brokerage firms is going around 1.2 pips per trade. Some brokers give 0.7 pips and others give around 0.6 pips per trade. There are some firms who will give you a first time rebate of $30 and then if your trades reach a lot of hundred, they will give you an additional $50 reward that keeps repeating after each lot of hundred trades. Another advantage with large brokerage firms is that they are always adding new brokers to their rebate program to give you the facility of greater variety. There is no minimum requirement of an account size or activity levels to be a part of a rebate program. The rebate forex concept is offered by brokerage firms as an incentive to you for opening a trading account with them. The forex brokers do not charge a commission normally unlike stock and futures brokers. They charge a spread instead as their means of profit for giving you access to the currency markets. A rebate forex method has the effect of reducing the impact of the spread on your trades. You will end up retaining more profits from your successful trades and you can keep more of your trading capital from your unsuccessful trades. The amount of the rebate forex will preserve trade equity.

The First Indian Batsman to make an Impact on the Domestic and the International Scene

Vijaysingh Madhavji Thakersey Merchant was born on 12th October 1911 in Bombay. He belonged to a family that was doing well with most of the family members being established businessmen. He studied at Sydenham College, Bombay. He started playing domestic cricket with the Ranji Trophy and the Bombay Pentangular in 1929. He was regularly in the limelight along with Vijay Hazare by making big scores in both the tournaments. Vijay Merchant made his test debut at the age of twenty two in 1933 against the visiting English side when India played its inaugural test at the Bombay Gymkhana. Then three years later in 1936, Vijay Merchant made his first great impact on the test scene in the Manchester test against England. It was just the third test that India was playing and in the second innings they were behind by 368 runs. Merchant’s great batting and his double century stand for the opening partnership with Mushtaq Ali garnered international applause as he went on to save the test for India, earning for himself the accolade of being declared as Wisden’s cricketer of the Year. This partnership made him into a legend and he became the first Indian batsman to make a deep impact on both the domestic as well as the test circuit at home and abroad. Vijay Merchant was a right hand bat and a right arm medium pace bowler. Indian cricket went through a struggling phase in the nineteen forties just before and after the independence. Not many overseas tours could be undertaken nor there were many tests being played in India during a calendar year. After the end of the Second World War, India toured England in 1946. This year saw Vijay Merchant pile up 2,385 first class runs in England at an average of 74. He played his last test in 1951 at Delhi against the visiting English side and he made 154, being his highest score in tests. His highest in Ranji Trophy was 359. A shoulder injury in that Delhi test in 1951 hastened his retirement from first class cricket. Vijay Merchant played only ten tests and made only 859 test runs. He played only against England, five tests at home and five in England. He missed out on tours to West Indies and Australia for ill health reasons. Vijay Merchant is the record holder for the highest batting average in Indian domestic cricket, finishing with 150 matches at an accumulation of 13,470 runs at an average of 71.64 which is the second best first class average by anyone in the world after Sir Donald Bradman’s 95.61. His Ranji Trophy average itself is 98. He has forty five centuries and fifty two half centuries in the domestic cricket and three test centuries. He is the founder of the Bombay School of Batsmanship. This school has placed more emphasis on the right technique and approach to batting, discouraging free flow of the bat and undue lifting of the ball. The mid nineteen thirties to the mid nineteen fifties are referred to as the `Vijay Dynasty’ in Indian cricket hinting to Vijay Merchant, Vijay Hazare and Vijay Manjrekar. Vijay Merchant died on 27th October 1987. He was a completely organised batsman and an elegant striker of the ball with good footwork. He deserves a place in the Indian Top Twenty Cricketer’s List not because of his test records but for his overall contribution to Indian cricket both in the domestic as well as the international scenes.

Using Psychodynamics to Manage Organizational Change

The value of any organization is measured by the size of its contribution to the society we live in. Organizations keep their performance benchmarks on a varied range of factors like communal, economical and spiritual structures. The world we live in continues to change at a very rapid rate. Using the theories of psychodynamics to understand organizational change, we will learn that changing of an individual will be very important to the collective change process in the organizations. A good manager needs a good understanding when he works with an organization and learns about the changes that can be done consciously by the management. The psychodynamic process in the management of organizational change begins to take place when people start making purposeful changes in their lives at work, in their organizations and in the society. The psychodynamic process in the organizational change management takes place on multiple levels. The first is the change taking place between an individual and the groups; the second is the change taking place between groups and organizations; the third is the change taking place between the organizations and the community. Human psychology is the single most influential aspect in an organization. If we want to analyze an organizational change, we have to absorb the social and the psychological elements within that organization in order to succeed. Usually, inaction, poor insight and indifference are the strongest blockades to initiate a planned organizational change. There is a heavy tendency for organizations to show full indifference to change and laziness while moving ahead to take any action. Most people revel in remaining where they are. The poor ability to plan ahead and adapt is found in most of the modern organizations. Indifference abounds when there is a big gap between the environmental changes in an organization and the awareness that the organization has about that change. As the reaction of the management is dull, the results of the change are not of any benefit to the organization. The main reasons for such indifference are often stress and defensive psychology. Psychodynamics explain that human nature always reflects on the relationship between our past experience and the situations that we face currently. It is the collective relationship of people’s past and present experiences that builds up an organization and how it will adapt to necessary change when required. While some people react to change by becoming inactive, others tend to take on a slightly more active stance. The latter try to assume power and control to reach the organizational model of excellence by imposing their ideas to protect and serve the organization. Whatever the case may be, if an organization has to survive in the long run, it has to adapt to change. The strategies that depend on the use of psychodynamics are able to manage or ignore situations in relation to the reality of a change and the ability to go through a crisis during the resistant period to change within the organization. This may require a formal declaration from the management, a possible change in leadership or an exercise in overhauling the organizational brand. When this happens, the workers in the organization have to be given sufficient time to break away from the past identities and get attached to the changed organizational motives. Encouraging an atmosphere of learning within an organization helps to add to its capacity to adapt and survive. Assimilating knowledge and applying it in organizations that promote learning on the job will help the managers to identify performance loopholes, analyze them and focus their attention on initiating remedial procedures. Thus, psychodynamics is useful in building techniques to manage organizational change.