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Defy the Aging Process with your Lifestyle

People have been struggling for ages to find out ways to defy their process of aging. Research has been done in the recent years to help people retard their genetic clocks. Scientists have done much work recently with the stem cells and how they can be manipulated to revitalize the aging cells in the body. There are trillions of cells that are in the process of regeneration from the time we are born and until the day we die. As we enter the middle age and cross over into our forties, the same process of the cells slows down and gradually ceases the divisions. Dr. Leonard Hayflick observed, in the nineteen sixties, that human fibroblasts (cells in tissue culture) would ultimately cease dividing themselves after perhaps fifty sequences. With this study done by Hayflick, the term,`biological clock’ or `genetic clock’ started being used fashionably among people. The latest theory that holds well is the telomere shortening one. The telomere is a small stretch of protein caps at the end of the cell’s DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). The theory explains that every time a cell divides itself, a small part of the DNA is stripped off the telomere, making it shorter. This shortening affects the expression of the gene. The result is cellular aging. Is there anything that you can do about the telomeres? No! But there is something that you can do that can put the brakes on the aging process. It is the way you lead your life that determines how you will go on to live. What is an ideal lifestyle to prolong your years? It involves how you cope with stress, the kinds of exercises you do, the methods of relaxation you adopt and the amount of sleep you get. Exercising is one of the best ways to slow down your aging process. Diet is the key aspect in staying healthy. Eating habits can slow down the aging process too. You have to eat a low glycemic diet. You can make sure that your diet includes fresh vegetables and fruits as they are rich in fiber. You can take in supplements like vitamins and minerals. Nutrients that prevent the telomere shortening are folic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc and magnesium. Other nutritional supplements that are beneficial for you are the Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. The higher the levels of Vitamin D in your body, the longer are the telomere caps. Polyphenols and flavonoids prevent telomere shortening and you get them from grape seed and green tea. The fluid intake should be adequate during the day to make sure that your kidneys function properly and your skin remains radiant. Not many people know that stress can speed up the process of aging. The best ways to bust the stress is to indulge in leisure activities after a hard day’s work. Spend leisure time in such a way that it gives you pleasure. A happy frame of mind makes you look many years younger in age.

Transdermal Application of Drugs

Transdermal is an administration route for drugs wherein active ingredients are transmitted across the skin for systemic distribution. Examples are patches that are used for medical delivery and implants that are used for medical purposes. The skin is a large target for drug delivery and its basic functions limit its utility for this kind of purpose. The functions of skin are mainly to protect the body from external invasion such as harmful substances and microorganisms. Its other function is to contain all fluids in the body. The skin has to be tough and flexible enough to allow for movement. The lipids in the skin will serve as poor conductors of electricity and they can protect us from electrical currents if needed. The two important layers to our skin are the epidermis and the dermis. For transdermal delivery, the drugs have to pass through two sub-layers of the epidermis to reach the microcirculation of the dermis. Stratum corneum is the top layer of the skin and it varies in thickness from ten to several hundred micrometres based on the body region. It is composed of layers of dead and flattened keratinocytes that are surrounded by a lipid matrix that act as a brick and mortar system and it is tough to penetrate. This layer offers a significant barrier to diffusion. It is barrier to almost 90% of all transdermal drug applications. All molecules penetrate this layer to some degree. Below this layer is the epidermis. It is about ten times as thick as the stratum corneum. Diffusion is much faster due to the degree of hydration in the living cells of the epidermis. Below it is the dermis which is one millimeter thick and that is hundred times the thickness of stratum corneum. The dermis contains vessels that distribute drugs into the systemic circulation and regulate temperature to maintain microcirculation. Transdermal Pathways There are two major pathways through which drugs can cross your skin and each the systemic circulation. The direct route is known as the transcellular pathway. With this route, drugs will cross the skin by passing directly through the phospholipids membranes and the cytoplasm of the dead keratinocytes that make up the stratum corneum. Though this is the track of shortest distance, the drugs will experience considerable resistance to permeation. It is because they have to cross the lipophilic membrane of every cell and the hydrophilic cellular contents that contain keratin and then they have to cross the phospholipids bi-layer of the cells again. This chain of steps has to be repeated several times to travel the full thickness of the stratum corneum. Another common pathway through the skin is the intercellular route. Drugs that cross the skin through this route have to pass through the small spaces between the skin cells, making the route a laborious one. The twenty-fold increase in the actual path of permeation of molecules reduces the rate of the penetration of the drugs. A third pathway to breach the stratum corneum is through the small micro-channels that are created by a medical micro-needling device. It comes in many variants and brands. A standard Franz diffusion cell was used at the University of Marburg in Germany to show that this approach is effective in enhancing skin penetration ability for lipophilic and hydrophilic compounds. This micro-needling approach is considered as the vaccine of the future. The devices and formulations for transdermally administered drugs include transdermal patch and transdermal gel.

Common Problems Encountered when Scalping the Forex Markets

Forex scalping is quick trading. It is a strategy where traders will allow their positions to last only for a matter of seconds or maybe a minute and seldom longer than that. If it goes beyond a couple of minutes, it will be considered as regular trading and not scalping. The main purpose of forex scalping is to make small gains on a trading account when it is exposed to a limited risk due to the speed of the opening and the closing trading mode. Forex scalping may sound easy enough as it deals in the identification of lots of small price fluctuations that are as small as a few points on each trade. The reality of the situation is that it is quite difficult, posing a whole range of problems. Many forex brokers are not happy about the customers placing many short term trades as it creates problems and it is not very profitable for them. They try to increase their spreads to try and put people off forex scalping by giving them a friendly warning not to make it into a habit. Here, the worst possibility will be that they will cancel your account and return your funds to you. Finding brokers that will allow you to scalp frequently is a problem. The next problem is dealing with their spreads. For example, if your broker has a spread of two or three points on the Euro/USD pair, then a possible profit target of four or five points will not be enough to give you any decent gains because the spread is going to eat into your earnings in the longer period. If you want to become a short term forex trader and indulge in forex scalping with good profits, you have to not only find a broker that will give you the scalping facility but you will also have to come with a strategy where your system will provide enough gain points to take care of the spread. This is not going to be easy as the price fluctuations can be random besides being totally unpredictable over short term periods even if you gauge with the standard technical pointers. This is not to say that it is impossible to make good money scalping. It is possible to get good returns on the one minute chart and pick up maybe ten points from each trade if we are lucky. Yet, it is only a small percentage of people who succeed on a regular basis. People tend to prefer the four hour and daily charts because the technical analysis may come in handy there and is likely to be more up to snuff in the longer time periods. Another downside to forex scalping is that it can create lot of stress. As there is a chance of making a good amount of money in a matter of seconds, there is also a big chance that you can lose a whole lot of money too. It can become frustrating at times. To become experts in the forex scalping market, you have to maintain a flow of market liquidity. For this, you have to increase your knowledge of the negotiations and the actual market situation. You have to develop an ability to collect information and absorb it faster. Understanding the patterns of the currency pair can help you get considerable gains in a long run when you make such speedy trades without the element of risk and insecurities that are usually associated with large currency trading time frames.

Inviting Disaster by Texting while Driving

People have to realize that the hands-free caution approach while driving is meant for their mobile phones and not for their steering wheels. They are asking for disaster by texting while in the process of driving. It is necessary for us to focus our attention on safer driving. Other areas that we need to focus our attention on are the insufficient number of pedestrian crossings that forces people to jaywalk. We can put an end to the countless number of road deaths due to the indifference of reckless drivers who have a habit of distracting themselves with their phones while driving. Corporate companies, parents and road traffic authorities probably have to do a lot more to stress the importance of motorists, giving their full attention on the roads while driving. Change has to take place at the base levels. Any number of publications and safety warnings are not making a big difference in the driving habits of people. Safe driving is a habit that has to be cultivated over a period of time. It is not enough to broadcast awareness programs every now and then. These campaigns have to be done on an ongoing basis at educational institutions and community forums. Children should pick up good driving habits from their parents when they come of age. Offenders have to be seriously dealt with through harsh penalties. Community services and licence suspensions will also help. Only then, we can make our roads safer for everyone. Community services tend to speak up about the issue of texting and using phones while driving only when there is a loss of life. There is a ban on the use of cell phones without the hands-free mechanisms while driving in most countries and those violating such rules are liable to be punished. But, despite such stringent laws, there are many motorists who don’t give a damn about the safety of people and themselves.

Forex Strategies that work

To maintain a successful trading strategy, many people are searching for forex strategies that work. They are scraping through this trading system or that trading strategy to settle down in the forex market to trade effectively. It is easy to know how to read a chart but learning how to read all the indicators and knowing when to enter into a trade or when to exit is difficult. It is not easy since you will be worried about how hard it was for you to get the money to invest in the first place in the forex market. Once you have selected what markets you want to enter and what strategies you would like to use, you will then start getting nervous in your belly when you actually enter the trades. The most important thing is that you have to keep your emotions in check. Finding good forex strategies that work is like finding a golden egg. Any strategy that you want to adopt has to be effective and has to stay effective over a long period of time. A broker can always help you here. He or she will be able to turn you in the right direction to find the answers you are looking for. The forex strategies that work are leveraging, scalping and breakout. Leveraging is one of the Forex Strategies that work Leveraging is one forex strategy that you should use with utmost care. It involves using money over and above what you have invested to realize a much larger profit margin than you would have got with your initial capital. Sometimes, you can lose your entire investment fund using this strategy if you are not careful. Margin and leverage are essential concepts that every beginner in forex trade must understand in order to be effective. Leverage gives you access to a large sum of money with only a small deposit on your part initially. Leverages are shown as a ratio. A 100:1 leverage will give you access to hundred times more money than you put in at the beginning. Leverage is surely one of the most important forex strategies that work. Scalping is among Forex Strategies that work Forex scalping is a good strategy to use when the market is very unstable. This strategy involves entering into a trade and then getting out within a short period of time as soon as you show a profit within a span of maybe fifteen minutes at the most. Sometimes, using this strategy can bring you profit in just a few minutes as opposed to staying in the market for many days at a time. Forex scalping is one of the most used forex strategies that work where trading is done in shorter time frames and profits are earned after smaller moves in the market. The more liquidity in a market then the more worthwhile it is to become a forex scalper as you can make more lucrative trades in a given short period. Forex Breakout Strategy is one of the most effective Forex Strategies that work If used properly, this strategy can bring about some excellent profits. It involves tracking the actions over a period of time and then finding those actions that have the same basic pattern and which are overdue to break out of this pattern. There are three main Forex Breakout Strategy Patterns. They are the Trend Channel Breakout Pattern, the Flag Breakout Pattern and the Triangle Breakout Pattern. In a triangle pattern, it is easy to detect after the price breaks one of the triangle sides with a heavy probability that the price will continue in that direction. The flag pattern contains support and resistance levels and when price breaks one of them, a trend is formed in that direction. Trend channel pattern is a very profitable setup for a trader. It means that the market is moving within a defined range of price. The two peaks of the channels have to be defined. You have a much greater potential profit target when this happens, making the breakout strategy one of the best forex strategies that work.

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The Seven Samurai Akira Kurosawa directed a masterpiece in 1954 when he made the `Seven Samurai’. It is a film that has influenced several others for more than four decades. It has inspired films like 'The Magnificent Seven' and Hindi blockbusters like `Sholay' and `China Gate'. Many filmmakers use this as a study film. Kurosawa mesmerises and tells a great story. It is about 205 minutes long and each frame is a worthwhile one. It offers a master lesson in how to pace an epic tale. The story takes place in a sixteenth century village in Japan that is regularly attacked by bandits. The Samurai are hired by the village elders to shield them against the bandits. The visuals are excellent, especially the one scene focusing on a bowl of rice and rice dumplings to drive home the importance of a bowl of rice that was acknowledged by the Samurai. This was their price for the battle they were going to wage. The Samurai come off as a selfless lot who sacrifice themselves for the cause of the farmers. The final scenes shot in the rain are superlative. The film won a Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1954. It deserved much more than this. Kurosawa made four Samurai classics - The Seven Samurai, the Hidden Fortress, Yojimbo and Sanjuro. The other masterpiece that he has directed is `Rashomon'. The music by Fumio Hayasaka is haunting and outstanding. It is a superb and distinct score. This film is cinematic perfection and one of the best films ever made. It was voted by `Sight and Sound' as one of the ten greatest films of all time.

Scalping Strategy

Many forex traders use a forex scalping strategy for taking in small profits after taking advantage of the momentum and the retracement in the prices of currency pairs. The real key to the technique is maintaining proper capital management and good discipline. Forex scalping is one of the most frequently used and popular forex trading practices in use today. While using a scalping strategy, the traders have to call for closing the trade within five minutes or at a five-pip profit. There are various forex scalping techniques that can be adopted. The common ones are: USING CHARTS AS A SCALPING STRATEGY Charts will be your best friends when it comes to various scalping techniques. This is mainly because charts are based on the action at the market that involves currency prices. There are many different kinds of charts. • Bar Charts – These charts show rates for each time unit that is selected. They show four different rates indicating opening, high, low and closing periods. • Candlestick Charts – The units that are represented are similar to the bar charts and the rates also represent the same periods as the bar charts. The length of the candlestick shows the range between the opening and the closing. • Figure Charts – These types of charts are good to filter non-significant price movements to help the trader in determining the important resistance and support levels. They are focused on the price without the time specifications. • Line Charts – They are the simplest form of charts representing in each time unit the closing rates by creating a linear line. They are good tools to set up resistance and support levels. Forex scalping strategy relies on the price action of the currency pairs. With forex scalping strategy, forex traders rely usually on a set of indicator points to guide them on when to enter and exit the forex market. Their aim is to get part of the currency movement fluctuation after they have identified the prevalent currency trend. SCALPING STRATEGY OF FOLLOWING ECONOMIC NEWS AND EVENTS A simple form of forex scalping strategy is to trade in the forex markets based on events and news. The traders will look for the important news to be released. This can be identified easily by looking at the economic calendar. As forex scalping strategy is aiming for small gains of five to fifteen pips per trade, most scalpers try to make it profitable for themselves by attempting as many trades as possible in the market. They can build up on their earnings slowly and steadily by entering and exiting the market with small profits a number of times in a specified trading session. A scalping strategy will involve opening a forex position and closing it within a few minutes with the motive of speculation. PIVOT LEVEL SCALPING STRATEGY It has to be taken into consideration that not all the currency pairs behave in the same pattern in a scalping strategy. When working on a forex scalping strategy, you have to be careful to factor in the tendencies and the volatility of the currency pairs that you are going to trade in. For example, a fifty pip move in the opposite direction with the British Pound–Japanese Yen pair will not be the same as a fifty pip move in the Euro-US Dollar pair. Another important factor is the time required for trading. Using a forex scalping strategy for the Euro–British Pound pair in the London market will not be the same when applied during the Asian markets. Different geographical markets have a varied effect on some currencies. Pivot points can be used as excellent levels of resistance and support in a scalping strategy. The time when the price touches the pivot points, it bounces off like a rubber ball would. You have to calculate the pivot points daily for your selected currency pairs and you will have to calculate from 1700 hours Eastern Time to the next day’s 1700 hours Eastern Time.