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Top Foods that Burn Fat and are Good for Weight Loss

The calories that you burn during a workout may depend on the kinds of calories you take in before that workout, as suggested by research done in the field of nutrition. The research has been done by Dr. Mike Roussell. He is the author of `6 Pillars of Nutrition’ and a renowned nutritional consultant. People who take in rich carbohydrates for breakfast such as muesli, skimmed milk and yogurt before working out in the gym do not get their blood sugar levels spiked. They will be able to burn about fifty per cent more fat during their post breakfast workout in comparison with those kinds of people who spike up their blood sugar levels with food like white bread or corn flakes. Carbohydrates that cause the blood sugar levels to rise are referred to as high-glycemic index carbs. The carbohydrates that do not boost up the blood sugar levels are called low-glycemic index carbs. It is not easy to categorize the so-called `fat burning’ foods. Dr. Roussell states that “most foods do not proactively elicit increase in calorie burning but instead create a physiological environment in which fat burning is more easily accomplished”. For example, broccoli does not boost up your rate of metabolism but it can be categorized as a low calorie food that consists of carbohydrates that are slow to digest; it also contains fiber and phytochemicals that help in clearing off estrogen. Bahar Takhtehchian, a Co-Editor of Shape Magazine, also endorses the view that low glycemic index carbohydrates will help burn almost fifty per cent more fat than the high glycemic index carbs. Her favorite suggested recipe is cherry-almond-yogurt parfait. Two other popular fat melting foods are green tea and hot peppers. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published a new study that finds mono-unsaturated fats, that are found in avocados and olive oil, can be added to the long list of foods that help you burn calories and fat faster. Additionally, peanuts, hazelnuts and Macadamia nuts are also among the top fat burners. Apart from muesli, skimmed milk and yogurt, other forms of low glycemic index carbohydrates are whole grains, whole grain cereals, oats, soy and linseed bread. Barry Braun, Director of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, has done some research on eating prior to exercise. He feels that “eating large amounts of high glycemic index carbohydrates right before exercise is probably as detrimental for overweight people as it is for the normal weight ones”. He feels that the high glycemic index carbs will come in handy for a marathon runner who needs high energy immediately before running a marathon. Regardless of whatever goals you set for yourself, it always starts with food for anyone who tries to lose weight. Dr. Mike Roussell feels that if you increase soy protein in your diet, it will help tone your muscles to burn your fat at a quicker pace and give you a contoured physique. If you want to burn your fat and lose weight at a rapid pace, it is important to pay attention to what Dr. Roussell is talking about in the Shape Magazine. You could read more about it in the article references as given below.

Four Examples of Hyperplasia

Hyperplasia is a condition where there is an increase in the volume of organic tissues which results from cell proliferation. It leads to enlargements of organs. It is a common type of pre-neoplastic response to stimulus. Under a large microscope, the cells get increased in numbers even though they may look like normal cells. 4 Types 1. Benign prostatic hyperplasia – This condition is also known as enlargement of the prostate. 2. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia- This is an inherited disorder of the adrenal gland. 3. Endometrial hyperplasia – This is due to the hyper proliferation of the endometrium. It results from estrogen stimulation in a setting of polycystic ovary syndrome and exogenous administration of hormones. This may also lead to endometrial adeno carcinoma. 4. Hemihyperplasia – This happens when only one side or half of the body is affected. It may result in the generation of different lengths in limbs as shown in this picture

Scenic Vistas on the Mexican Riviera

Cruises to the Mexican Riviera are probably one of the most affordable in the world. Most of the Mexican Riviera cruises leave from San Diego in California. They are mostly of seven-night duration. These cruises are a popular choice for people as a vacation, particularly for those that live on the western coast of the United States of America. The number of cruises that are available is growing because the cruising season lasts throughout the year. The Mexican Riviera is also called the `Gold Coast’. It is on the western coast of Mexico. The cruise has many attractions. There are plenty of opportunities for shopping and fishing. There are many historic churches in the villages. There is wildlife also in the Mexican Riviera that includes whales, dolphins and sea lions. There is a large variety of tropical fish that can be seen in the vistas here. The cruise lines operating in the Mexican Riviera are the Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, the Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises and Holland America Line. They offer their cruises throughout the year. Royal Caribbean offers a seven night cruise on the Mariner of the Seas liner which is the largest cruise ship that is home porting on the west coast of the United States of America. The popular ports of call on the Mexican Riviera cruise are Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. The cruises begin mostly from San Diego in California. It is an ideal location to begin and end your Mexican Riviera cruise vacation. The weather is beautiful throughout the year. San Diego has more than seventy miles of world class beaches. The Big Bay offers many adventure opportunities for the whole family. You can explore San Diego before you take your cruise. All cruises leave from the downtown ship terminal. Some of the cruise lines offer baggage service where the ship personnel will collect your baggage and take it to your cabin for you. The first usual port of call on the Mexican Riviera cruise is Cabo San Lucas. It is a resort place. You will find many famous celebrities on vacation here. The most famous attraction in this region is the Land’s End. It is a series of formations of rocks at a point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Cortez Sea. The landscape is filled with all kinds of cacti. The place is also famous for sports fishing. It is a golf circuit haven with many championship golf courses of international class. Whale watching can be done during January to March season. The official language used is Spanish. The most important structure at `Land’s End’ is El Arco which is a large arch of granite that was formed by waves and wind. The next usual port of call is Acapulco which is another well known resort point of Mexico. You can see cliff diving shows here. It has good beaches and a vibrant nightlife. It is a major sea port in Guerrero State on the Mexican Pacific Coast. The Acapulco Bay is deep blue in color. The places of interest in Acapulco are the San Diego Fort, The Zocalo or the Town Square and Nuestra Senora de la Soledad Church. You can see many dolphins at the Acapulco Magico Mundo Marino. You can watch the professional cliff divers at the La Quebrada. The next usual port of call is Puerto Vallarta which is a historical place. Its town area is full of shops and bars. You can watch the wonderful whales at the Puerto Vallarta Bay and the dolphins at the Banderas Bay. At Puerto Vallarta, you can also take the famous pirate ship tour. The Pirates of the Bay tour is a show that has impressive acrobatics too. Two costumed pirates will welcome the tourists and give them ID bracelets along with color codes for deck seating. While here, you may also visit some tequila factories or try catching the Pacific sailfish while watching the blue marlins. The next usual port of call and the last one is Mazatlan. It is well known for its deep sea fishing and water sports. It is a resort city at the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Many cruise operators are hesitant to stop over here for issues of security concern, much like the St. Croix Island in the Caribbean. The important places to visit, however, in Mazatlan are the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the Esplanade along the Olas Atlas Beach. If you are looking for reasonable cruise fares to the Mexican Riviera, you should not travel from mid-June to mid-August as the tariff is highest during this period. This is because most families travel when their children have school vacations. The off-season rates are available from January to May. The average temperature in the Mexican Riviera throughout the year is quite high and generally in the eighties (Fahrenheit). It can get quite humid and hot during the summer. The scenic vistas of deserts, beaches, blue surf and big fish are unforgettable along the Mexican Riviera and the southern region of Baja California where there is great weather all the year round. This place has been spiced up and romanticized by the Hollywood stars and writers.

What does a Private Detective do?

A private investigator can be employed for diverse purposes. It could be corporate espionage or a homicide investigation. It could be family problems related with drug usage or abduction. A detective may have to work most of the day on the street to provide logistical support to the agency he or she is working for. This representation ability is a very important characteristic in the job specification of a private investigator. Sometimes, the detective has to be ultra patient and remain for many hours, waiting for a suspect, at one particular place. The detective may have to wait endlessly in a car or at a bar or a restaurant and at the same time he or she has to blend well in the environment in order not to be spotted easily. The detective has to possess inter personal relationship qualities and be persuasive enough to get information out of people. An investigator has to be comfortable while using electronic equipment like a GPS (global positioning system) or sophisticated video cameras so as to get good results during the investigation. A detective has to be conversant with the state and federal laws to understand what can be done and cannot be done within the bounds of investigation. Private investigators will have to take on a variety of jobs that may include helping the insurance agencies to investigate cases of frauds or lending agencies to locate missing debtors. They may also have to act on behalf of individuals who are involved in family arbitration. They have to trace out missing relatives sometimes in specific cases where beneficiaries to a will are involved. To complete the investigation, a detective may have to contact private or even public organizations to get personal information out. In such cases, the detective has to be familiar with the Data Protection Act that regulates the personal information process.

Getting Rid of Clogged Drains

If you are experiencing clogged drains quite frequently in your house, you can usually fix it temporarily with Alka Seltzer tablets and white vinegar. Take two Alka Seltzer tablets, place them into the clogged drain and then pour one cup of vinegar down the drain. After about fifteen minutes, you can pour boiling hot water over it. Your drain should be considerably free of clog after that. This is not a permanent cure. We are always there to get rid of clogged drains in your house for you. We may need to clean the traps, vents and the piping pitches. Should you note that your toilet, bath, shower, bathroom sink and the kitchen drain are all clogged; then, it is possible that the main drain is blocked. Most of the clogs pile up around the stopper in your kitchen sink, the bathroom sink and bathtubs. You can try removing the strainer and cleaning it. Usually, hair will clog around the strainers. You can do this on a regular basis. Another good tool for clogged drains is the plunger. If the blockage is not too far into the main drain, a plunger can do the job. If the blockage is far, then don’t mess with it. Call us. Before using the plunger, it is effective to block any overflow holes by stuffing wet rags into them. These holes are mostly located opposite the faucets. If there is not much standing water in the basin, run some water to collect for two to three inches over the drain hole. This water will aid in forcing the obstruction out of the drain.

Stereo Cameras are the next big thing in Safety

Most of the high end luxury cars have started to pay attention to issues like detection of blind spots and technology concerning avoidance of collision. Three companies who have taken up this challenge are Autoliv Electronics, Continental and Subaru. Autoliv Electronics are doing well with the sales of radar units that help with blind spots and their sales have gone up about ten times in the last four years. They have produced over one million units last year all over the world. Autoliv Electronics is a Swedish company that started making airbags first. Now, it offers adaptive cruise control and night vision devices. It is working now on taking out stereo cameras that can help in pedestrian detection and lane departure warning. These cameras will also help in roadside recognition alerts. These cameras are likely to become popular very quickly. The blind-spot radar system along with the stereo cameras is a package that includes rear cross-traffic alert signals. This system alerts you on the approaching cars from the side when you are backing out of a parking space. This is a two-sensor system and costs about hundred dollars per sensor. These stereo cameras can do many things. Their most common feature will be lane-departure warning. The cameras can also control your high and low beams which will make it very convenient for you. The cameras can also recognize traffic signs and they can warn you about forward collision. There are certain things you can do with a camera which you cannot do with the radars and that is the recognition of traffic signs. The cost of the stereo cameras is not going to be much more expensive than the radar sensors. Introducing the stereo cameras to the cars’ safety system will help in reducing traffic accidents, particularly those accidents which involve pedestrians. The stereo cameras will use a six-dimensional analysis of image and they will be able to gauge the direction in which there is a forward movement. They will also be able to gauge a range with an accuracy of between twenty to thirty centimeters at a distance of twenty to thirty meters. The stereo cameras have a range of up to sixty meters which will help in the improvement of braking systems. The stereo cameras are going to set a good trend in the future of safety applications with their ability to help in lane departure warning and control of smart beams. About half of the reported accidents that result in major personal injuries are involving pedestrians and cars at the intersections. The stereo cameras’ ability to better gauge movements will help reduce such kinds of accidents. In heavy traffic conditions, these cameras will also alert the driver when the car ahead of him or her has moved if the driver does not react in few seconds. The technology can also help reduce damages caused by collision by cutting down the acceleration when it spots an obstacle in front and when the pedal is still being pushed forward. It will also be effective when a driver gets into the ‘drive’ mode unintentionally instead of the ‘reverse’ mode when backing out in a parking space. The design of the cameras will give an angle of detection wider than that provided by the radars.

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Five Reasons you do not lose Fat when Dieting

Are you dieting and not losing fat? You are not aware of some common diet mistakes that you may be committing. Kathleen Zelman, Director of Nutrition for WebMD, says that you “may be eating a lot more calories than you think when you are on a diet”. You can check out the common diet mistakes everyone makes as per Adam Bornstein who contributes to `Shape.com’ by writing articles on weight loss strategies. 1. Not sticking to the basics – Exercises are created to relax you. Your workout has to be enjoyable. You are not going to get fit any faster if you are doing a ball balancing act on one leg. The basics will get you the same results. You will find them in the classic multi-muscle exercises such as squats and dead lifts. The fat on your butts and legs will definitely melt. While doing this, you cannot eat whenever you feel like. Do not be a victim of “eating amnesia” when you put your hand to mouth without knowing it. This happens mostly in front of a television in your living room when you snatch something from a packet or while reading a book. How can you kick this habit of mindless eating? You can get out of this habit by trying a cup of tea or a glass of water or simply chewing sugarless gum. 2. Performing more Cardio – Cardio may help you burn those calories and fat but it is not the answer or a primary solution. It is the weight training that is more likely to burn your fat. Cardio has to be secondary to weight training. Our hectic daily schedules have made us get into the unhealthy habit of eating fast. Tara Gidus, a Spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, says, “We need to adopt more of the leisurely European-style eating so that we can savor our food”. 3. There is no intensity in your workout – People try to focus more on the social aspect in the gym than concentrate on the workout itself, particularly if they go to the gym with a cycle of friends. Workout has to be intense and short. The idea is to feel your muscles work while sweating it out. You must be skipping meals besides going to the gym. Breakfast skipping is a big mistake. Research has shown that breakfast eaters weigh less on an average than breakfast skippers. Two meals, at least per day, should be taken. 4. Taking in too many liquid calories – You may not know but liquid calories from sodas, teas, sweetened juices, coffee and smoothies add that extra fat on to you. Alcohol is also in this list. A study has found that more than twenty per cent of people get their extra calories from beverages. 5. Choosing unhealthy Add-ons – When you are on a diet, you try to increase the portions in the size of your snacks or meals for the simple reason that you feel you are doing regular exercise and also skipping meals. You also develop a habit of topping your topping your diet salads with high-fat add-ons like creamy dressings, croutons, bacon and cheese.