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Elite Decision Makers in the World are being manipulated by Archons

Alex Collier, in his series of videotaped interviews, has stated that humans are being continuously manipulated by regressive extraterrestrials that are operating on Earth. He wants to send out a message from the Andromedans that the elite who make the world decisions should not play up to these regressive aliens anymore and that humans should strive to drive them away from their planet. Alex Collier claims that he has been in contact with an alien race from the Andromeda Galaxy. The first contact was when he was eight years old in 1964 in a place called Woodstock in Michigan. During his first contact, he says that his cousins could not find him for a brief period of time as he was transported to another plane. Ever since then, he has regularly been contacted for the past five decades by this alien race. He has become a celebrity and his investigations and his claims have led him to an underground alien base. His recent contact with the Andromedans have brought out an ethical side to these aliens as they are keen on helping humans in making a smooth transition into a galactic society. Collier states that as per the Andromedans, not all the extraterrestrials have best interests of man on their mind. Before you begin to ponder over what is being said by Alex Collier, you need to understand his background. Some reports that have probed on his past, in order to seek out who the man is, have mentioned that his name is Ralph Amigron. Not much is known about him except that he used to work first for the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America and then he may have served as an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has served time in a federal prison for impersonating as an accountant in cases charged of forgery against him. That apart, he has taken on the pseudonym of Alex Collier in order to protect his identity. John Lash, the site author of, has also documented that Collier’s claims could be endorsed through a deep understanding of metahistory which helps to guide people beyond the history and culture scripts that they have been exposed to. On his website, Lash has referred to a savior complex in the organized religions of the world. He feels that this complex is created by manipulative extraterrestrials to cripple humanity. Collier’s reports as a contactee of the Andromeda Galaxy aliens coincides with the accounts of Lash and also those of the ancient Gnostics who felt that humanity must `save itself’. The regressive aliens are being collectively referred to as `Archons’; in Greek, it translates to `lords’ or `rulers’. The biggest question facing the world leaders and elite decision makers is why they have failed to offer open access to information gathered about the Moon from the astronauts in their Apollo Missions and why they have suppressed knowledge about extraterrestrial sightings by humans. The answer could be found in their willingness to be enslaved by the Archon agenda of crippling the human free will.

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and how you can control it

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate or ESR is a medical test which measures the inflammation which occurs throughout the body. A high count of lymphocytes will indicate that there is an increase in white blood cells. There are various reasons when the ESR is high. Inflammation or presence of cancer can cause the count to be high. When people experience inflammation symptoms in the body, ESR is usually recommended. The test may not diagnose the conditions in full but its measurement can determine a baseline to establish if the symptoms or the illness are getting worse. It is used to monitor cancer and auto immune disorders. Lymphocytosis or leukemia can indicate high cases of inflammation. There are foods that help to reduce inflammation and some foods have to be avoided. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil can decrease inflammation in the body. Olive oil contains an antioxidant called polyphenol that prevents and helps reduce inflammation. Foods which are high in anti oxidants can also protect against inflammation. Foods those are high in saturated and trans-fats have to be avoided. Refined sugar has also to be avoided because it makes inflammation worse. IF the ESR levels are high because of cancer, foods can be added to the diets that are high in antioxidants. They will attack the free radicals which cause damage to the body. They help arrest the growth of cancer and also inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Foods that are rich in antioxidants are mostly vegetables and fruits like avocados and all cruciferous vegetables such as carrots, peppers, raspberries, citrus fruits, grapes, tomatoes and mushrooms. Other foods that help to bring down the ESR are soy products, sweet potatoes, nuts, figs, flax and spices like rosemary, turmeric and garlic.

Franz Kafka Metamorphosis A Review

Franz Kafka was a Czech writer and one of the most influential exponent of Existentialist works. Helmut Richter was an expert essayist on literature from the Existentialism Period and he was a Marxist. Richter was astounded by the mechanics of Kafka’s writings and the way he used his words. Richter describes the work as the protagonist’s failure at what he was doing, leading to his death. The climax of the work is hinted at, quite early in the book. When Gregor wakes up one morning, he realises that he has turned into a giant cockroach. Gregor had been working as a salesman and his job demanded much determination to succeed. Kafka proves that Gregor failed in his duty as a salesman, particularly by getting transformed into a giant vermin – suggesting a strong work force. This metaphor stresses on the mediocre work that Gregor was putting in as a salesman. Richter argues that Kafka has reflected part of his personal life in the `Metamorphosis’. It can be considered as a semi-autobiographical work. The parents of Kafka were similar to that of Gregor. He was raised up in a wealthy family and his father was quite an overbearing man. Kafka’s mother was a pleasant woman, similar to that of Gregor. Another striking resemblance of the families is that of the sister. Like Gregor’s sister, Kafka’s sister was the only one in the family who was supportive of him. Richter admired the self-depiction which was included in this work. The ‘Metamorphosis’ is one of the most regularly analysed works in literature. It documents the transformation of Gregor Samsa from a man into an enormous cockroach. The work is known to inspire various exclusive interpretations. It is considered as one of the central riddles of modern literary imagination. Kafka is praised for his symbolic portrayal of alienation that he achieves through the literalised metaphor of man as an insect. In the synopsis, Gregor is initially shocked by noticing the change in his body form but settles down to start worrying about missing his train to work, lamenting in the background the ennui and the boredom created by his job and at the place of work, which he considered necessary to pay off the debts accumulated by his parents. To do a thematic analysis of the `Metamorphosis’, we need to focus on the symbolic and the psychoanalytic side or the allegorical nature of the story. The theme of alienation from humanity has to be viewed as the central theme of the story and interprets Gregor’s transformation as something of a fulfillment of a wish or as an extended metaphor. There is a deep resentment on Gregor’s part in connection with supporting his family. Gregor turns into a parasite with the desire to be nurtured by his parents in return. This takes place in an entomological sense. Gregor’s transformation is an extended metaphor which is carried from an abstract concept into concrete reality as he is trapped in a meaningless job while being isolated from real people around him. Gregor starts to imagine himself as a vermin at some point of time in his life and finally becomes one, physically. Kafka died at a young age of forty one due to tuberculosis. He could not digest the food he was eating and could not even swallow water down his throat. There is sustained realism in his work that contrasts with the fantastic occurrence of his transformation into an insect. The problematic features of this great work continue to challenge the readers even today. A single reading of this work by Kafka will not give you a total understanding and each return to the book will encourage the study of the deep meaning hidden in it. It is an existential account of the predicament of modern man. Kafka is seen as a Jewish mystic who is drawing on the Kabbalah traditions to create texts whose meaning is revealed only to those who are initiated. `Metamorphosis’ is considered by Richter as a modern kind of reworking of the `Pilgrim’s Progress’ of John Bunyan, with the characters embarking on a spiritual journey through a secular world. To understand the work, we have to understand Kafka first. He led an alienated life as an outsider in the Jewish community. He perceived human beings as being trapped by authority in a hopeless world. He was frustrated by the drudgery of supporting his family. He had to work in a meaningless bureaucratic job and this reflected in two other masterpieces of his – The Castle and The Trial. He hated being a pencil pusher. In his character build up of Gregor Samsa, he represents a specific type of behaviour and that is the fear of being alive with all the rewards and risks involved, while embracing an authentic code of behavior which finally has to accept, even after transformation, all the vicissitudes that life offers.

Forex Strategy and Market Analysis

The two basic types of forex analysis are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The objective of this analysis is to study information in such a way that the movement in currency valuation can be gauged. Fundamental analysis attempts to look at factors that affect a country’s currency, such as its political and economic developments as well as inflation projections. The focus of this type of analysis is supply and demand and how it will affect the future behavior of the currency. The second is the technical analysis which looks at the history of a currency and its fluctuations to predict future movement. It does not other about the generic value of a currency. By using graphs and charts, it identifies patterns in currency valuation. Technical analysis is focused on what has happened in the forex market and not what should happen in the days to come. Both technical analysis and fundamental analysis are used to formulate investment strategies. Forex market analysis and currency trading news are important to your success. Finding quality information online is not easy. Many sites post feeds only every few days rather than daily and the market information they post affects one or two of the major currency pairs. Worst of all, many sites are not consistent in the information that they provide. Where should you look for quality market news? One of the best places to find quality information is from your broker. Any broker will offer you daily news. Another good place to find quality forex market information is on forex forums. There are many forex forums online, most are created and moderated by experts in the field who have been trading Forex for many years profitably. These experts share their knowledge on Forex forums to help you make good trade decisions based on their expert advice. Most forums offer their analysis for free but some forums do take a fee. The forex currency exchange market operates twenty four hours each trading day, which is Monday through Friday, and on each of those days, over three trillion dollars are exchanged. This amount far outweighs the volume traded on the major stock exchanges of the world. The forex market is a place for trading all the major currencies used in the world. Forex involves the buying of one currency and the simultaneous selling of another currency. You can take advantage of currency fluctuations and make money when the value of one currency in relation to another changes in your favor. The worldwide value of currencies is influenced by many factors that include economic, political and environmental changes. As forex involves the sale of one currency and the purchase of another currency, trading always involves currency pairs. There are seven major currency pairs, referred to as the majors, which make up about 75 to 80 percent of the daily forex trading volume. All the majors involve US dollars in several relationships to other world currencies, such as the Euro, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Franc, Canadian and Australian dollars. Trades which do not include the US dollar also take place on the forex to a much lesser extent. Cross currency pairs are those with currencies other than the US dollar but the trading method is the same. An example of cross currency pairs are the Canadian dollar and the Euro. Forex technical indicators are used to try to determine how currency prices will change. Indicators often are complex mathematical formulae. Some well-known examples of forex indicators are the stochastic oscillator, Fibonacci numerical sequences, and the relative strength index, or RSI. Using forex indicators, forex signals are generated to guide the timing of currency trades.

The Gear Wars of the Future

People are just settling down with seven-speed manual transmissions and eight-speed automatic gearboxes. These speeds have become the benchmark. The car industry all over the world will soon be entering into gear wars in the future. Nine-speeds will have to be considered soon. Chrysler and Daimler will be uniting in this front to become trendsetters. Chrysler is planning to launch the ZF-sourced nine-speed 9HP automatic transmission in few of its front-wheel drive cars. Mercedes has also announced that it will be giving a nine-speed transmission by early next year. Its nine-speed system, which is known as Neue Generation Stufenautomatik, with its high performance K9A and W9A variations, is likely to become standard early next year on many of its rear-wheel drive models. Leave aside Chrysler and Mercedes, many other rivals will join this gear war soon. There is news that Honda Motor Corporation is also busy working on a nine-speed automatic gearbox through ZF. By throwing additional gears into the transmission, Honda is trying to improve the fuel efficiency and economy of the powertrain. It is currently working on a nine-speed transmission that has been developed by ZF, which stands for Zeppelin Ferdinand who was the founder of the company which is based in Friedrichshafen in Germany. Honda plans to make this standard in a couple of years’ time. ZF is also collaborating with Chrysler. ZF has pointed out that the transmission in the future is going to be more compact even with the extra gears and this will be mainly due to the usage of gears which are planetary as opposed to the conventional designs. The German 9HP transmission is usable in front-wheel or all-wheel drive systems and it can take up to 354 pound-feet of torque. This will improve the fuel economy of the car by about sixteen per cent. ZF, the gearbox experts, have started giving out some details by stating how the 9HP transmission will enable the engine to run at 1900 rpm at optimal fuel usage as against 2600 rpm in a conventional six-speed gearbox model. ZF is doing its best to ensure that the nine-speed transmission will be able to adapt to several applications. The 9HP is also going to be capable of stop-start applications without the necessity of an extra oil pump. All car makers have got their antennae up and are gearing with full armor to join this gear warfare. They are all eagerly waiting to jump at the first chance to start using the nine-speed gearbox. From the perspective of fuel economy, a sedan that gives thirty five miles per gallon on a highway will, after using a nine-speed transmission, be able to give forty one miles per gallon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Unidentified Flying Objects seen around the Sun that come right out of Star Trek Episodes as Galactic Obliteration Devices

Images captured through a National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) and SOHO iPad application have revealed unidentified flying objects, akin to Star Trek `Borg Cubes’ episodes, coming out of the surface of the sun. This phenomenon has been sighted twice, a few days ago as per The first sighting was at 1300 hours on 29th April 2013 and the second sighting was done at 0106 hours on 30th April 2013. SOHO is the official Nascom site that gives information on the mission being carried out on the space-born solar observatory. Attention could be drawn to which had reported similar sighting as mentioned in the `UFO Sightings Daily’ site on 14th November 2012, just a week before the Mayan apocalypse day for the world. When we look at these shots here,, we wonder whether these UFOs are trying to send across any message as galactic devices. These cubes are going round the sun and they could even head toward planet Earth. On deeper probing, it has been ascertained that these shots are not the effect of pixilation but instead, they are images of real spacecraft type bodies of mammoth proportions that are surviving the heat emitting from the sun. These images bring to mind the combined beliefs of the Luciferian Liberation Front (LLF) and the Pagan Gnostics that GOD is going round the sun in the shape of a gigantic cube. GOD stands for Galactic Obliteration Devices here. In fact, Luciferian Liberation Front has sent its interpretation of the Bible in its report to `UFO Sightings Daily’ a couple of years ago, mentioning this galactic obliteration device. This is a fascinating interpretation of the Book of Revelations from the Bible, Chapter 22, when it describes the New Jerusalem as the `City of God’ in the shape of a giant cube that comes down from the heavens. The Luciferian Liberation Front (LLF) have taken these references and tries to explain heaven as a gigantic source of psychic energy that emits from all souls gathered there to turn Earth into hell with the eventual annihilation of the human race. The LLF goes further in pointing out that the Book of Revelations goes to describe the descent of `New Jerusalem’ that would coincide with `a new heaven and a new earth’ and `no more sea’. The Pagan Gnostics also believed that organized religion is a spurious version of spirituality with a humanized shape of regressive aliens or a man who is artificial. These giant cubes seen around the sun have sides roughly about one thousand five hundred miles across them and the images have revealed that there is not one cube but many cuboids going round the sun. Is there any link to the appearance of these cubes reminding us of the Mayan Pyramids and the ending of the Mayan Calendar? Scott Waring, the founder of the site, `UFO Sightings Daily’ feels that these cubes are circling round the sun to harvest energy. A point to ponder!

Etiopathogenesis of Diabetes Mellitus

What are the complications? The basic phenomenon in diabetes mellitus is the destruction of the beta cell mass that leads to deficiency of insulin. There are three linked mechanisms in the Etiopathogenesis of diabetes mellitus. The first is genetic susceptibility; second is auto immune factors and the third is environmental factors. In genetic susceptibility, it has been observed in identical twins that if one twin has DM, there is more than half a chance of the second twin developing it. Studies on both animals and humans have shown various immunologic abnormalities as far as auto immune factors are concerned. There is presence of islet cell antibodies against glutamic acid decarboxylase and insulin. There is occurrence of lymphocytic infiltrate around the pancreatic islets and this is known as insulitis. Environmental factors include some viral infections that precede the onset of the disease like mumps and measles. Early exposure to bovine milk proteins leads to auto immune processes and chances of DM setting in. Obesity and hypertension and lack of physical activity play an important role in modulating the disease. Complications of Diabetes Mellitus The complications are less severe in people who have blood sugar levels that have been well controlled with medication. Wider health problems start creeping in with deleterious effects of diabetes including smoking, elevated cholesterol levels, obesity, hypertension and lack of regular exercise. Mechanisms of Chronic Complications Chronic elevation of blood glucose levels leads to damage of blood vessels and this is known as angiopathy. The endothelial cells that line the blood vessels take in more glucose than normal as they do not depend on insulin. They form more surface glycoproteins than normal and cause the basement membrane to grow thicker and weaker. These are related microvascular diseases when there is damage to the smaller blood vessels and macrovascular diseases when there is damage to the arteries. It has been recorded that forty per cent of all people suffering with diabetes mellitus develop neuropathy even after controlling their blood sugar levels. Auto immune relations destroy the beta cells of the pancreas and they may also cause retinopathy and nephropathy. Genetics also play a role in causing complications. Severe type of chronic complications may lead to diabetic cardiomyopathy, causing damage to the heart muscle. This leads to impaired relaxation and filling of the heart with blood. This is known as diastolic dysfunction. This is the eventual reason for heart failure. Diabetic nephropathy damages the kidney and leads to chronic renal failure. Diabetes mellitus is a common cause of kidney failure in adults in the developed world. Diabetic retinopathy results in growth of poor quality blood vessels in the retina and there is a mascular edema or a swelling of the macula, leading to loss of vision or blindness. Another complication is the diabetic foot which results out of a combination of sensory neuropathy and vascular damage. It also increases risk of skin ulcers and infection, leading in extreme case to necrosis and gangrene. This is the reason why diabetics are prone to more leg and feet infections and why it takes very long for them to heal from such wounds. Restrictive lung effect is known to be linked with diabetes mellitus. It could result from chronic low grade inflammation of tissue and micro-angiopathy.