Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Life of Brian

One of the greatest parodies ever made in a zany style, with apologies and due respect to all Christians! On that famous midnight clear, three wise men enter a manger led by the Star of the East to find an infant called Brian...they are obviously in the wrong manger! Brian is played by Graham Chapman and he is destined to become the Messiah. He is always in the shadow of the `other guy' from Galilee. The scene of the Sermon on the Mount' is extremely hilarious. Brian becomes a witness to that sermon along with his mother but gets a place so far away that he cannot hear a word of what Jesus is saying. It is interpreted by people standing close by who are as dumb as him as they hear phrases like `Blessed are the Cheese Makers'! Ultimately, he is brought before Pontius Pilate and sentenced to crucifixion, which takes place at a crowded execution site a few blocks shy of Calvary. Instead of uttering the last six words, Brian has to hear an English cheer-up song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." The entire Monty Python troupe (Chapman, Jones, Cleese, Palin, Idle and Gilliam) are there, playing multiple roles - some of them being Loretta, Biggus Dickus, Deadly Dirk, Casts the First Stone and Intensely Dull Youth. “Life of Brian” is not only a tongue-in-cheek mockery of religion but a twist on the theist myths as seen through the eyes of Brian who wants to be a hero but finds out that it is all meaningless nonsense that earns him only bunch of imbecile followers who are seeking to earn a little retribution through his sacrifices.Brian is the unintended messiah, the man who fell in to his aspirtaions for fame while Jesus sought it out. “Life of Brian” has a lot to say about religion,martyrs and dictators and the futile living exercise where you are either a sheep or a shepherd. Monty Python's zany sense of comedy shows up when Brian is saved by alien ships from Star Wars' series. This film will also go down as a masterpiece from the Monty Python group. http://youtu.be/krb2OdQksMc