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Business Firms Shifting their Focus to Advertorials to Boost their Sales

Business firms are now shifting their focus from just plain commercials or infomercials to advertorials. They are using them to boost their sales more than the other means of advertising. It has been proved that display advertising modes in newspapers and even online banners on home websites have been mostly ignored by consumers and prospective customers. Media placement services of advertorial agencies help many business firms through their network of consulting services. They save much time and money for the companies. Companies can buy paid articles to be placed in the media. The editorial committee of advertorial agency assigns a professional journalist to review a company’s products or services. Advertorial Agency specialise in managing the entire advertising campaign for small and medium sized business firms to magnify their marketing exposure in the mass communication media that includes television, radio, websites, magazines and newspapers. They distribute information about the particular products or services of a company to millions of potential readers. They use their media placement service to release the news online which provides effective search engine marketing at cost effective levels. This media placement tool gives you a real chance of creating a buzz around your news release to attract more customers. It has become a very effective press release distribution service for many business companies. Its guaranteed delivery offers both Canadian and international media firms with an easy access to your advertorial news item. These news items will reach out to newspapers, publishers of magazines, radio and cable television stations, independent journalists and new search engines across the web. Many news items have been re-published by bloggers who have gone through the published news items of advertorial agency through their news distribution services. A business company can approach advertorial agencies to get their business marketed with them. A professional writer will be sent over to cover the particular business. Most of these writers are qualified journalists and researchers who have a business administration and marketing related background. Advertorial agencies have experience in soliciting advertising from businesses not only in Canada but from all over the world. How does this work? Owners of websites and blogs get additional revenue through It is becoming difficult nowadays to generate sufficient advertising revenue. They offer space on their websites to the Agency for posting their advertorials. They are written from a first person’s perspective coming out of a journalist’s mouth to provide his or her opinion about a business and the products or services that it offers. Marketing campaigns that utilise blog posts and advertorials can boost business sales. These advertorials are not generic in nature and they are written by people who often relate their actual experience of using the products or services offered by a business. Advertorial follows a business model that makes sure that all the parties involved benefit in the end.

Drugs given in hypertensive emergencies

There is a hypertensive emergency when severe hypertension is associated with acute end-organ damage. Examples of such cases are hypertensive encephalopathy, acute pulmonary edema and aortic dissection. In many cases, administration of an intravenous sodium nitroprusside injection has an immediate effect. In lesser urgent cases, oral parenteral drugs such as captopril, clonidine, labetalol and prazosin may be given. When compared with sodium nitroprusside, these drugs have a delayed onset of action by several minutes. Nitrates such as nitro vasodilators (nitroprusside or nitroglycerin) provide nitric oxide to induce nitro vasodilation of both the veins and the arteries to activate calcium-sensitive potassium channels in the cell membrane.

Everything you wanted to know about the Private Investigative Profession

How do you go about becoming a detective in a particular niche? A private investigator needs to have a bold personality. This particular profession is involved with heavy amount of thinking and working with various ideas. A detective has to encounter interaction with people and extraction of facts every day. Thus, a detective has to be attentive, sharp and manage his or her time skillfully. People skills and good communication skills are essential for a detective. The detective should be in a position to communicate both verbally and in writing effectively. The detectives have to be comfortable when speaking with suspects, victims and witnesses. While doing that, they have to be alert and pay great attention to details and show a compassionate sense towards victims or suspects. The career of a detective demands discipline honesty and integrity. In addition, the detective needs to be physically fit. The most important requisite for this profession is the passion to seek out justice with a knack of joining the pieces of a puzzle. The basic requirement of the profession is to investigate, solve the crimes and bring the criminals to justice. Detectives can specialise in various types of investigation, particularly in such violations as homicide, fraud and theft or sex crimes. Many detectives work for private firms while others are employed by the local, state or the federal agencies. A detective has to use modern gadgetry and telecommunication equipment along with sophisticated computers to help in the solving of crimes that can range from theft to kidnapping and from drug trafficking to mass murders. Evidence has to be gathered by keeping an eye on the possible suspects, interviewing the witnesses or the victims and investigating the facts or figures that have been extracted during the questioning sessions.

Study Reveals that Neglect of Using Turn Signals has become Dangerous

People have been brooding about distracted driving but neglect of turn signals has turned out to be more dangerous. A study has revealed that neglecting to show proper turn signals has been responsible for over two million accidents every year and that figure is more than twice that of the accidents that are due to driving in a distracted way. The survey was done by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There is a brand of people who do not believe in using the turn signals regularly. They will simply forget to use the signals while they are changing lanes or taking turns and if they do turn the signals on, they may forget to turn them off. The failure rate for not using the signals when taking a turn is around twenty five per cent. This translates to about two billion times a day around the world or seven hundred and fifty billion times in a year. The solution to this neglect is through the use of the `smart turn signals’. These signals use sensors to shut the turn signals off before they become unsafe or a hazard to other drivers on the roads. The engineers are also thinking in terms of developing a `turn signal assist’ feature that will display the car information and caution the driver if he or she fails to use the turn signals regularly or forgets to switch them off in time. When the engineers provide such features in the car, there is not going to be an extra cost added to the bottom line value of the car as the system will be using such sensors that would have been already taken into integration into the module for stability control. This indifferent attitude of not using proper turn signals could be because of poor training or a total lack of courtesy. Sometimes, it may be due to the absence of civic sense. The police authorities have also not put in any effort towards enforcing penalties on the neglect of using proper turn signals.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Healing Secrets of Lemon that you did not know about

Lemon belongs to the family of citrus fruits. It has been in use for more than twenty five centuries. The lemon tree is native to South East Asia and it has its origins in India. In addition to being consumed as a fruit, it was also used for medicinal purposes to treat various infections or as an antidote to poison. The Roman Emperor, Nero, used to consume generous quantities of lemon as immunity against possibly being poisoned by his numerous enemies. Besides boosting immunity, lemon has been recommended down the ages for digestive tract treatment, urinary tract infections, anxiety, insomnia, acne and dementia. The fruit contains Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, limonene, citric acids and bioflavonoid. In the eighteenth century, the Royal Navy had successfully used lemons to fight scurvy which resulted out of a deficiency of Vitamin C. The benefits that can be derived from lemon are countless. The world is not fully aware of the healing secrets of the fruit. The Healing Properties of Lemon • Antiseptic - Lemon acts as a natural antiseptic for the skin. It can prevent acne and heal the scars that result out of acne. A cotton ball soaked in lemon juice could be applied on the infected area on the face. The burning sensation actually is the beginning of the acne healing process. Lemon has also cured people of eczema. It immediately reduces the scratching urge. It is used widely as a remedy for revitalizing the skin cells. • Anti-Oxidant – It helps fight cancer cells, helps wounds to heal faster and can even help to treat heart ailments. People with heart ailments can be treated with lemon juice for its high potassium content. Lemons are a blood purifier and help the body to remove toxins. The acidity of raw lemon juice lowers the impact of any meal on your blood sugar. Lemon can also be used to fight against hypertension, in combination with garlic and onions. • Astringent - It can help control the gums from bleeding because of its astringent properties. • Alkaline – It alkaline properties help in the fight against cancer and various other illnesses. Although acidic to taste, lemons help to push our bodies to the required pH alkaline state of around 7.4. These properties help against excessive acid in the body that leads to rheumatism. A few glasses of diluted lemon juice are a good remedy for rheumatic fever, painful joints, lumbago and sciatica. Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and helps the body to absorb calcium and fight osteoporosis. Two tablespoons of raw lemon juice diluted in a glass of warm water is good for pregnant women as it helps build the bones in the child developing in the womb. • Detoxification – Raw lemon juice cleanses the kidneys and the digestive system. It helps the body in the removal of toxins. It even helps in removing excess radiation from the body. If you have gone through chemotherapy sessions, lemon juice taken regularly can help rid the body of any remaining radiation. Lemon also helps eat away plaque from veins and arteries and is antioxidant to help stop cancer cell growth. • Cures Asthma – A half teaspoon of lemon juice with lukewarm water taken before a meal provides quick relief to asthma. Starting the day with it on empty stomach and repeating it as the last dose in a day gives positive results. A glass of lemon juice diluted with some water also helps cure travel sickness and nausea. • Anti-bacterial - It can heal sore throats and severe colds because of its anti-bacterial properties. Lemon has always been used to treat chills and fevers. Lemon squeezed in a cup of water with honey has given strength to people suffering from fever and chills. These properties can also help in the healing of cankers. Fresh lemon could be squeezed into a glass of lukewarm water to rinse your mouth. Doing this frequently during a day helps in the healing of cankers. • Anti-obesity - It can help you to lose weight if you take a few drops of lemon with honey in lukewarm water, first thing in the morning. The pectin in lemon peel is a great source of fiber that helps people in losing weight. • Vessel Strengthening - People who suffer with spider or varicose veins can use lemon for its vessel strengthening properties. Few drops of lemon oil with avocado oil or almond oil can be used to massage the affected areas. Few drops of lemon oil to a warm bath can be good enough to rejuvenate your veins. • Fights Bad Breath - Lemon has been used to fight bad breath People who like to eat spicy food or smoke too many cigarettes can rinse their mouth several times a day with a glass of lukewarm water and a freshly squeezed lemon in it. It will also help them with salivation and prevent bad breath. • Soothes the Nervous System - Lemon has a soothing effect on the nervous system; it can help fight dizzy spells, anxiety, nervousness, exhaustion, and tension. Research has indicated that that inhalation of lemon oil can result in better concentration. • Strengthen Hair - The external use of raw lemon juice makes hair shinier and stronger. • Valuable Properties as an Extract - Lemon is known as a powerful aromatic and as an internal cleanser that can be used to complement many other oils. Diffusing lemon in a room can cleanse the air and uplift your mood. It can also be used on surfaces throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaning booster. The common uses of lemon essential oil are to disinfect living areas and dissolve synthetics in the body. It also helps in the healing of gout. In addition to being an elixir for its medicinal qualities, lemon juice can also be used domestically to disinfect surfaces and help in the removal of stains. It is used by many people as an insecticide to ward off mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Cotton balls soaked in lemon oil could be kept in the bedroom or the living room to ward off all kinds of insects.


Emphysema is a progressive disease that stretches on a long term. It affects the lungs and causes shortness of breath. People who suffer with emphysema have their lung tissues damaged. The physical shape and the functioning of the lungs get affected. Emphysema is included in a group of diseases that are known as COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The lung tissues around the smaller airways known as bronchioles get destroyed. The airways are not able to hold their shape when people exhale. This makes them inefficient when they transfer oxygen into the blood and take out carbon dioxide from the blood. Etiology Cigarette smoking is the major factor for the development of emphysema. It is also a preventable cause. Cigarette smoke causes mucus secretion to be increased while the ability to clear he secretion is reduced. This resulting buildup of mucus provides bacteria with a rich source of food and leads to infection. The immune cells in the lung try to prevent and fight this infection but they are also negatively affected by the cigarette smoke. Other risk factors include a deficiency in an enzyme called alpha-1-antirypsin. Other minor factors are air pollution, reactivity of airways and heredity. Air pollution works in the same manner as the cigarette smoke. The pollutants cause inflammation in the airways and destroy the lung tissue. Bronchial asthma leads to abnormal airway reactivity. Men are more likely to develop emphysema than women. Symptoms Shortness of breath is the most common symptom of emphysema. Cough is caused by the production of mucus and wheezing may also be present in emphysema. You may notice that your tolerance for exercise decreases over time. Emphysema usually develops slowly. You may not have any acute episodes of shortness of breath. This is especially the case if you are a smoker or have other medical problems that limit your ability to exercise. Treatment Treatment for emphysema can take many forms:- • Doctors could recommend people with emphysema to stop smoking. • Bronchodilator drugs – These medications cause the air passages to open fully and allow better exchange. This is considered as the first line treatment of emphysema. • Mucolytic tablets – These are drugs that make the mucus and phlegm in the throat thinner and it is easy to cough it out. • Steroid medications – They decrease inflammation in the body. They are given either as tablets or they could even be inhaled through an inhaler. • Antibiotics – These drugs are prescribed for those who are going through severe shortness of breath. • Oxygen – Extreme cases of breathing difficulty may lead to treatment by oxygen supply. Sometimes, it will even become necessary to place a tube in the windpipe and allow a machine to help with breathing. • Pulmonary rehabilitation – People who suffer with COPD are recommended pulmonary rehabilitation through education and exercise. It helps in improving their mobility, capacity to exercise and their confidence.

Electronic Communication Network

All market makers in forex trading are not the same. Once you have made up your mind that a market maker is your only choice to access the forex market to trade, the ECN brokerage is the most reliable. A market maker is a brokerage company that is available to do trading with a fixed bid and ask price. There are three different types of forex brokers. • Electronic Communication Network • No Dealing Desk • Straight Through Processing Of all these three types, the ECN forex broker provides the purest form of forex trading. It is the closest you can get to forex trading in the market on level with the central banks. The ECN broker charges spreads for services on each trade. It is because of this charge that there is no conflict of interest which is found in most forex trading models at the retail level. When you open a position with an ECN forex broker, this is sent straight into the interbank market where it will be matched with an opposing order from another market trader like yourself. This is similar to the way the futures markets function in a central exchange. The ECN forex broker acts as a counter party to the transaction. The broker matches buyers and sellers in the interbank liquidity market for transparent trading. The broker will also offer variable spreads instead of fixed spreads and these spreads vary depending on the currency market. Both volatility and volumes are subject to fluctuation. The prices that are quoted will be quite close to those being traded. This way, the ECN forex broker makes his or her profit from the commission on the trade and not by adding a margin on the spread. This removes the conflict of interest issue, allowing you to trade in the interbank market at true market prices and in real time. These are the advantages of using an ECN forex broker: • Trading is done by using the best bid and asking quotes that are live and direct from the interbank market. • Spreads are tight, going down even to zero at times. • The forex broker will not take a position against you or manipulate the price feeds. • The broker will not take out your stops. • The price quoted will be more volatile and quite helpful for scalping strategies. • There is direct access to the interbank market for forex real time trading. These are the disadvantages of using an ECN forex broker: • The forex demonstration platform may be more complicated and not designed easy for some retail traders. • The brokers may not offer free forex charts. • There will be limited trading signals and facilities such as trading tools and news feeds. • There is a spread commission on each trade. So, with an ECN trading model, there is no price manipulation and the traded prices are a true reflection of what the currency markets are doing at any given point in time. ECN forex broker is rapidly becoming popular because of the increased reliability and transparency.

Shifting the Mindset of Consumers to Electric Cars

It has become a challenge to make consumers purchase electric cars. The electric cars are not really enjoying their sales phase right now. General Motors had to stop production on the Chevy Volt for a period of over a month. The sales for Chevy Volt or the Nissan Leaf are not that hot at this moment. Changing the mindsets of drivers to shift from petrol or diesel to electric cars is going to be very tough. The change, however, is unavoidable. It has to take place some time. The Electric Drive Transportation Association feels that people may take a long time changing but they will be forced to shift to alternatives as the dependence on oil will pose problems for them in the future. At various places, the change is already taking place. Electric car sales have seen new highs in the last quarter of this year but even these new highs will not break much ground in comparison to petrol or diesel yet. Fleet operators are changing to electric cars now. UPS and FedEx are changing to alternatives for fuel. Therefore, electric cars will matter soon. Many people are realizing that electric cars are really the future and it is not an issue of whether the electric cars will grow in demand or not but it will be an issue of how fast the demand will grow. Consumers have to be educated. They will have to be told to think in terms other than just miles per gallon. The transportation infrastructure was made for cheap gas but gas is not cheaper at all now. This may not augur well for oil companies but they will have to face the reality sooner or later. Petrol is going to be used less and less as the days go by. The time has not come yet for electric cars because the figures say that people spent close to four hundred and fifty billion dollars on gas last year. The EV demand may not be as stunning as the dot com companies or the social media craze but its time will come. Realistically speaking, it may take at least half a decade more for people to be thinking totally in terms of buying only electric vehicles.

How to install an Expert Advisor in MetaTrader?

MetaTrader trading platform has become popular for the ease it provides to the users of installing expert advisors and technical indicators. MetaTrader comes with its individual automated trading and indicator generator which is known as MetaEditor. This is helpful in creating your individual indicators and Expert Advisors and also editing the existing files. An Expert Advisor is a program that you can basically install on to your MetaTrader platform. It will follow the instructions of the traders automatically once the specified criteria have been fulfilled. It is a kind of automated trading as you do not have to touch your keyboard or the mouse to enter the trading orders. The main advantage of using an Expert Advisor is that when you have a mechanical system already in place, you can create his program to do certain actions once you get a signal from your system. This becomes highly useful if you like to trade multiple pairs or when you do not have the necessary time to be always present at your computer when you have to trade. To install the Expert Advisor, you will have to first open the MetaTrader 4 or 5 platforms. On the left side of the navigator, you have to look for the Expert Advisors tab. You have to click on the plus sign. It will open a menu of all available Expert Advisors. You have to select the Expert Advisor that you want to use and then drag that on to the relevant tab. You have to select the file in the right hand corner at the top and choose the option `Open Data Folder’. When you want to create or download an Expert Advisor, you will have to make a note of the location where you want it saved. The MetaTrader folder is generally located in the C: drive. You will have to paste the files into the `Experts’ folder. A pop-up may appear, requesting for administrative permission; you have to click on `Continue’. You need to save the Expert Advisor in this kind of folder, ‘C:\Program Files\FXCM MT4 (5) powered by BT\experts’. The final step is to adjust the settings. A pop-up box will show the settings of the Expert Advisor selected. You will have to make sure that all your settings and he alerts are correct before you click `OK’.

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Nature has Remedies for your Hair Growth

Nature has blessed you with bounteous ways to boost the growth of your hair. Before you think in terms of boosting hair growth, preserve it and look after it. What you eat has an impact on your hair. If you maintain a balanced diet that has proteins, vitamins and minerals, it will work wonders to trigger hair growth. Do not make your diet heavy on protein like meat. Whenever you get a chance, try and massage your scalp for a few minutes as that will increase the blood circulation to the hair follicles while helping you relieve your stress. As the blood supply increases to the hair follicles, they will absorb more nutrients. You can also apply oil regularly to stimulate hair growth and this also helps in prevention of hair loss. Oils that are recommended are coconut oil, Rosemary oil, Jojoba oil, lavender oil and thyme oil. Hair loss is experienced by most of the men and women sometime in their lives. It is more so for men than for women. Genetics does play its part but there also other factors like hormonal imbalances or nutrient deficiencies that can prevent normal hair growth. There is a possibility that you may have an underactive thyroid gland that is making your hair thinner. Sea vegetables that are rich in iodine like kelp, nori and dulse may help balance this condition. You can avoid drinking tap water as it contains chlorine that hinders iodine absorption. You can keep your diet rich with fatty acids from fish, avocado and walnuts. Nuts, oats and brown rice are rich in biotin that maintains the health of your hair and scalp. You can rejuvenate your hair follicles with Vitamin B-Complex. A 100 mg dose of this supplement will reduce hair thinning as it contains biotin. A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine has reported that Serenoa Repens or Saw Palmetto helps increase hair in men if they take 400 mg of standard extract on a daily basis. The strands of your hair are surrounded by collagen and as you age, the hair becomes vulnerable to breaking. Collagen can be boosted by taking Vitamin C in the form of citrus fruits, strawberries and red peppers. Vitamin E nourishes the damaged hair and prevents breakage. It also helps the body in its ability to create keratin. It is known to restore locks of hair. If you eat foods that are rich in iron like green leafy vegetables, leeks, cashews, dried fruits, figs and berries, it will be good for the growth of your hair but you have to remember that you have to take sufficient Vitamin C for your body to absorb iron. The minerals like silica and zinc are also crucial for your hair growth.

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) or Fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) is a diagnostic procedure which is used to investigate superficial lumps or masses just under the skin. In this method, a hollow and thin needle is inserted into the mass for the purpose of sampling of cells. After being stained, they will be examined under a microscope. There is a cytology examination of aspirate or histological biopsy; this is equivalent of cell specimen evaluation. Fine needle aspiration cytology is safe and a minor surgical procedure. In very rare cases, a major surgical excision or open surgery or biopsy can be avoided by performing a needle aspiration biopsy. The first fine needle biopsy was carried out in USA in 1981 at the Maimonides Medical Centre, eliminating the need for hospitalization and surgery. Today, this procedure is used widely in diagnosis of inflammatory conditions and cancer. It is a less traumatic procedure than an open surgical biopsy. Common complications arising out of this procedure are only soreness and bruising. As the biopsy level is small where only a few cells are taken as sample, there is a risk that the actual problematic cells may be missed out and the diagnosis may not be an effective one. A fine needle aspiration sampling is done when a biopsy is performed on a lump or a tissue mass when there is a question about its nature and it is also done for known tumours where the biopsy is done to assess the effect of treatment or to gather tissues for some special studies. When a lump can be felt, the biopsy is usually done by a cytopathologist or a surgeon. The procedure is a short and a simple one. In rare cases, it is done by an interventional radiologist or a doctor who is trained in performing such biopsies under X-ray or Ultrasound guidance. In such cases, the procedure will require extensive preparation and it will take up more time to perform. Fine needle aspiration is the major method that is used for various types of body fluid sampling and for chorionic villus sampling. It is also used for ultrasound-guided aspiration of breast abscess, breast cysts and of sarcomas.

Divine Healing

Divine healing is a complicated matter for it ranges from the physical to spiritual refreshment for an individual. It begins with a physical impulse and then becomes a spiritual experience which is meant to make us consciously aware of the inner core of our subconscious selves. The basis of any effective divine healing is integration and aspiration. The center of integration is the spirit of true self which informs our rational mind to cleanse and purify our emotions and renews our body with energy and strength. The greatest source of divine healing energy is God. Divine healing is the use of divine energy for the purpose of healing. God is the source of all life on Earth and in the heavens. The divine healing energy comes down from God through the healing angels. The healing angels pass it down to the healer who, in turn, transfers it to the patient’s physical and mental being. Divine energy is used for treating severe ailments. Divine healing is recourse when the healer has to treat many patients collectively with severe ailments in a short span of time. The patient has to be very cooperative and receptive for divine healing to affect rapidly. If the patient is not very receptive, then the healing process will be slow. The healer always uses his hands to transfer the energy to the receiver. Divine healing is universal. It is for everyone. There is no particular faith as a mandatory requirement and there is no age restriction. Divine healing can be passed down to adults, children, babies or even to animals. It is meant for anyone who may have the need for healing. There is nothing that is required from the person or persons receiving the healing. As all forms of healing are basically self healing, an open mind and faith on the possibility of healing methods as well as the healer may be important. Energy healing and divine healing methods overlap. There are many benefits of divine healing. People have endorsed that there is a reduction of physical and emotional stress, relaxation, elimination of body toxins, better blood circulation, relief from physical pain and relief from insomnia. Divine healing focuses not only on the physical part of the patient but also on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. It is non-invasive and does not involve any synthetic chemicals or medicinal applications. There are many techniques for divine healing. The most important one is prayer and praying over. Other techniques are meditation, Reiki, chanting, drumming, Taichi, Yoga, singing and angel assisted healing. Divine healing is a concept that faith can heal either through rituals or prayers that according to the receivers involve a divine presence with a power or energy towards curing of diseases and disabilities in specified individuals. Divine healing promotes an opportunity for a person to open himself up more to God. It becomes a way to experience more of the divine value at the basis of our own being. Integration comes from experiencing the roots of who we are and using that experience to see the world through it. The world is as we are. Through divine healing, we recognize that we are much more than what we imagined ourselves to be and we realize that we are ourselves divine and that divinity flows through our lives and directs the world that we live in. As we begin to sense the unity of life through the process of divine healing, we feel a sense of responsibility towards life itself. Divine healing is practiced in many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Baha’ism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. No religion has any monopoly on divine healing. Divine healing is the experience of surrender to the divine. When we rediscover ourselves, our love becomes free of fear. There is no room for fear when we trust and surrender in love. We then allow ourselves to let go of the things that we have brought upon ourselves as alternates whether it is cancer, a broken bone, a tumor or a cut finger. Divine healing then becomes a clearing of emotional and physical blockages to the flow of love. It is the surrender of the ego to God. The word `Islam’ means surrendering of your ego to the will of God. A psychologist from Holland, Vander Hoven, has announced his new discovery about the effect of reading the Quran and repeating the name of `Allah’ both on the patients and on persons who are normal. The Dutch Professor confirms his discovery with research and studies that were applied on many patients over a period of years. Some of his patients were non Muslims. Others who were not able to speak Arabic were trained to pronounce the word `Allah’ clearly and the result was great, particularly on those people who suffered from tension and dejection. The Professor was quoted to say that those who could recite the word `Allah’ could protect themselves from psychological diseases. He pointed out in his research that by pronouncing the first syllable in the name of `Allah’; that is `Al’ we are saying it from the lungs and the respiratory system controls our breathing. Following that with the second syllable `Lah’ when the tongue touches the upper part of the jaw relaxes the aspiration and makes a contact between the lungs and the heart which, in turn, controls the heart beat and regularizes it. The Christians with their faith in Christ can receive divine healing with great effect because Christ had already promised his disciples that should they have open faith in him, they could do all that he had done in his life and he had performed many miracles and healed numerous people. He had even raised Lazarus back to life after he had died, demonstrating his boundless faith in God. He had received that power directly from God because of his pure love and sublime faith. The apostles performed the miracles and carried on the healing work down the generations. Through the ages, divine healing has remained manifest among people as they were always willing to have pure faith and be healed. Divine healing is claimed by many people as the phenomenon of a person being healed by the direct intervention of God.

Sea Lion

Sea Lion is an extra ordinary stainless steel super car which is amphibious and made of brushed aluminium. It has been designed by Mr. Mark Witt who has made the car from scratch with his main motive being breaking the amphibious world speed record. The car has been hardly used and this amphibious super car is for sale. It remains to be seen as to who will buy the world’s speediest amphibious car. It will remind us of some scenes from the Bond thriller `The Spy Who Loved Me’. The Sea Lion will convince you that you can win world records. It is capable of a top speed of up to one hundred and eighty miles per hour on land and over forty five miles per hour at sea. The car is now being made available for two hundred fifty nine thousand and five hundred dollars. It is being kept for sale at the California-based Fantasy Junction called `Emeryville’. The Sea Lion could be the realization of everyone’s childhood dreams. It is driven by a 174 horsepower 13B rotary engine which has been inspired from the 1974 Mazda RX 3. This car has been custom made to break the speed records for amphibious cars. The previous record on land for an amphibious car was one hundred and twenty five miles an hour. The Sea Lion uses very little structural parts. It has taken six years for Mark Witt to develop the car with his Applied Design in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was a single handed one-man enterprise. The main idea behind the design was to set both water and land speeding records for an amphibious car. It is more or less a personal goal as such an achievement is probably meant for the bragging rights on sites like YouTube or MSN’s Bing as there is no governing authority or body to officially acknowledge such a record. With the present specifications, the Sea Lion has been customized for high speed on land. Mr. Witt has reported that the speed on water has been restricted to Sea Lion’s power and improvements may be done later perhaps. Mr. Witt has suggested that the water speed will upgrade by the use of a Renesis RX 8 engine unit. As far as speed acknowledgment is concerned, a GPS display with a recording on YouTube is now acceptable globally as a valid documentation for speed. A corporate event is likely to be set up like the `Burning Man’ or `Kinetic Sculpture Race’. These two programs award and record the people taking part in competitions with special acknowledgment. The car has many engineering specifications on offer apart from the world speed record issues. The entire car has been built with CAD and calculations on spreadsheet by using TIG-welded aluminium for its body and many CNC-milled pieces that have gone in its completion. A modified Berkeley 12 JC jet drive pump takes care of the propulsion under water. It has an air force fighter pilot style of shaft that controls power in the sea. You cannot take a friend along for the wet and wild ride as the Sea Lion is a single-seater. It is probably a blessing in disguise because of all the blunt objects jutting out everywhere in the cabin interior. The front wheels are able to suck up hydraulically into the wells of the wheels once you go out into the sea. Two aluminium covers plug the holes and a chin spoiler goes upward to divide the waves. Mr. Mark Witt is willing to cooperate with the buyer on any modifications that may interest the owner in the future and he will remain as a consulting engineer and machinist for anyone interested in venturing into the amphibious cars and records. The buyer will be one lucky person to do his or her aquatic thang.

How to do Strategy testing in MetaTrader 5?

The best way to test your trading strategy in MetaTrader 5 is with its built-in Strategy Tester that is made available in the trading platform. It will help mainly in testing how an Expert Advisor in the shape of a trading robot can help you perform your functions. This strategy tester is a very powerful tool that allows you to test the Expert Advisor’s efficiency and it will detect the input parameters before it begins working on the real trading functions in the forex market. The complete operation of this Strategy Tester is dependent on the historical data of a particular financial instrument. While testing, an Expert Advisor will go through all the accumulated quotes and will analyze them one at a time. The trading robot will perform virtual transactions keeping within the parameters of the trading algorithm. This helps in the price dynamics simulation. The Strategy Tester will allow testing of a trading robot on multiple currencies. Expert Advisors will have access to the financial instruments provided in the tester. This feature will allow testing even complicated Expert Advisors which can analyze multiple currencies. They will be able to identify the relationship between the currencies. The principal advantage by testing your strategy is the evaluation of the robot’s performance before real trading on a forex account. It takes only few minutes with this tester and you do not have to spend days or weeks testing out the robots in a real market. Testing Modes The Strategy Tester in MetaTrader 5 provides numerous testing modes, offering optimal speed and quality ratio depending on the needs of the traders. Simulated conditions will be realistic in a mode like this. ‘One-minute OHLC’ is launched for traders who would like to test their strategies accurately and quickly. They can select ‘open prices if they want a rough estimate, otherwise the strategy could be based on `bars’ open’ prices. The application of the Strategy Tester is not restricted to testing of trading robots alone; it can be used in solving math problems that involve optimization of parameters. In such cases, the trading history will not be used and there is no simulation of market environment as it makes way for math calculations which are implemented in the Expert Advisor. Optimization Another significant utility of this Strategy Tester is the optimization function of optimization. It enables selection of the best parameters for input for a particular Expert Advisor. As an example, you can change the parameters to get maximum stability and profitability while reducing the risk to the minimum level. During this process, an Expert Advisor can be tested many times with various parameter sets. Once you optimize, you can compare the results of all the tests and then you can select those parameters which offer the best trading robot performance. The Strategy Tester will support genetic algorithms. This feature will disable the search of combinations of input parameters and will help in the selection of only those which meet the criteria of optimization. Single Trading Strategy for Multiple Symbols Strategy Tester will allow you not to find best parameters for the trading robot for a given financial instrument. The statistical data which is obtained for tests on every symbol will be displayed in table format in the tab of ‘Optimization Results’. You can try a single test of any selected symbol from this table when you double click on it. This mode of optimization mode will allow you to test all the symbols on Market Watch on one single trading robot to establish the desired results and then analyze the change based on the symbols. Forward Testing The forward testing feature is built-in and it will help avoid problems. This particular feature will give an option to traders of dividing the history base of quotes into two separate parts. The optimization can be done for the first part and the second part can be used later to confirm the results that have been obtained. When the Expert Advisor works efficiently on both these segments, this is sufficient proof that the trading robot has got the best parameters working for the trader. The Strategy Tester is a tool that is indispensable when you want to do some strategy testing in MetaTrader 5. It saves considerable time in creating a tested and profitable Expert Advisor. Here is a three-dimensional visualization of the strategy tester for MetaTrader 5,

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Greatest Story Ever Told George Stevens directed this masterpiece which was released in 1965. Many people could not appreciate its glory but I consider it as one of the most lavish Biblical films. It has sustained a reverence that is genuine and the pace has been deliberately extended to make it dream like. Its ambiance is otherworldly and evocative. This film is close to the luminous and the transcendent spirit as portrayed in the Gospel of John. The opening shot of this epic is taken from that gospel's prologue while depicting Christ's fresco in a church with his arms outstretched, recalling a context of over two thousand years of faith and tradition. Alfred Newman has written a magnificent score with acknowledgements from Handel's Hallelujah Chorus from his Oratorio, Messiah and Verdi's Messa da Requiem.