Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Best Band that ever was

We have to travel back in time.. for five decades. A band started playing in Liverpool, England. This music group changed the world of pop and rock n roll forever. Not only England, the Beatles rocked the United States of America after they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. More than seventy million people watched the television debut of the Fabulous Four in the United States; this is a figure which has not been surpassed by any scheduled television broadcast in the U.S. since then. It was 9th February, 1964. America met the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. When Capitol Records (An American subdivision of EMI) released the album, `I want to hold your hand', the Beatles had their first U.S. #1 hit. Over three thousand fans went to greet the Fabulous Four at the airport when they arrived in New York City. The Ed Sullivan Show, however, gave the seal of approval on what happened to the Beatles in America. Not everybody who watched the show became a convert or a Beatles' fan but the viewers knew that pop music and rock-n-roll has seen a new revolution. Their first film, `A Hard Day's Night', began shooting soon after they returned to England. It was a self portrayal of the kind of the life they were leading. The Beatles stopped touring a couple of years later in 1966. Television became the major vehicle for their appearance. `All you need is love' was a worldwide satellite telecast in 1967. They visited New York City again in 1968 and appeared on the Tonight Show to announce the beginning of the recording label, `Apple'. Later, `Magical Mystery Tour' became a BBC Christmas Special before it became a film in the US. All these albums have become an institution in themselves. It is very difficult to understate the influence and the importance of this one band on the world of folk music. There will be no denying the fact that Beatles are the greatest music band of all times.