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Make this Planet Blissfully Habitual with Your Habits

Live to love your planet for it is the greatest blessing from your Creator. Your habits and the way you think make up what you are and they affect your health. Your habits not only work for you but that do have an influence on the health of the people around you and on the health of the planet you live in. When you realize this, you will start making your life better for yourself and for others. There are seven possible ways you can go about doing this. 1. Reduce your intake of meat and animal products - 52 billion pounds of meat is consumed each year. This meat eating habit has had a damaging effect on the environment and livestock production is responsible for more than half of all water consumed for all purposes. 2. Eat less, waste less – Eighty per cent of the people over the age of twenty five are obese in the United States of America. Most of these adults need to reduce their intake of calories during a day. The easiest way to do this is to reduce your portion sizes of whatever you eat. A study has been done that more than forty per cent of the food that is produced for consumption is wasted. 3. Eat more fruits and vegetables - All medical organizations and departments dealing with health recommend a few servings of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Not even ten per cent of the population follows that. If you ate fewer foods that require much water to produce, it would help cut down the water requirement. 4. Go local - One of the most powerful means to reduce the effect of your carbon footprints is to consume locally grown and processed food. Not only is the food likely to be fresh than if it were shipped halfway across the world, but it is likely to taste better and retain more nutrients. By supporting your local farmers and growers, you will be promoting your local economy. 5. Avoid fast food chain restaurants – Your love affair with fast food restaurant chains has not only hurt your health but it has also caused severe environmental damage. Fast food outlets are the main source of urban litter. Styrofoam and other food packaging materials are a big problem as they become one of the largest sources of marine debris. A million birds and many turtles and other sea animals die of starvation each year after nibbling on discarded Styrofoam, plastics and other material that block their digestive tracks. 6. Avoid plastic – The environmental impact of plastic is scary. Only a small percentage of plastic bags are recycled and this means that the rest end up in landfills, oceans and everywhere in the environment. So, bring a reusable bag with you to the grocery store next time you shop. Finally, love the people that you interact with and deal with all situations in a loving way. It will definitely make this planet blissfully habitual.

AChE Inhibitors

Acetyl Cholinesterase Inhibitors (AChE) are drugs that restrict the acetyl cholinesterase enzyme from breaking down acetyl choline. They increase the level and the duration of action of this neuro-transmitter. They can be classified as both reversible and irreversible. What are they used to treat? They are the basic line of treatment for myasthenia gravis (MG). Edrophonium is basically used as a diagnostic tool as a result of its shorter life. Pyridostigmine is given for longer term of maintenance. High dosage of corticosteroids is used to suppress auto-immunity. Patients with myasthenia gravis may also be prescribed Azathioprine and Cyclosporine. Bronchodilators may be helpful in taking care of the broncho-spasm that is linked with cholinergic crisis. AChE are also used medicinally • To treat glaucoma • To treat postural tachycardia syndrome • As an antidote to anti-cholinergic poisoning • To reverse the effect of non-depolarising muscle relaxants • To treat neuropsychiatric symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, particularly apathy. Side Effects • Some major effects of cholinesterase inhibitors: • Actions on the parasympathetic nervous system may cause bradycardia, hypotension, hyper-secretion, broncho-constriction, GI tract hyper-motility and decrease intraocular pressure. • Actions on the neuromuscular junction will result in prolonged muscle contraction. Administration of reversible cholinesterase inhibitors is contraindicated with those that have urinary retention due to obstruction.

Home Fire Risks and Prevention

A home fire is caused from everyday living despite people being careful. Many fires are caused by faulty electrical wiring and this could be beyond your control. Things like lamps and toasters could short out. Heating is another cause of residential fire deaths. Wood stoves also could be dangerous. Cooking can be one of the major causes of residential fires as a result of defective stoves or ovens. Sometimes, a home fire could be because of cooking pots that may be left unattended on stoves or the burner being left on accidentally. In the past few years, there have been 530, 000 structure fires that have been responsible for the death of almost three thousand people and over eleven billion dollars in property damage as per statistics given by the National Fire Prevention. Historically, older homes that were built about fifty or sixty years ago had aluminium wiring that gets very hot and increases the chances of a home fire. There are many sources of a home fire. The risk increases when there is a drop in outside temperature. To prevent a home fire and keep your family safe, you have to pay attention to these issues: • Heating Equipment – You have to make sure that the heating equipment is not faulty. You have to check the equipment like furnaces, fireplaces, wood stoves, and portable heaters. • Servicing of the Equipment – Service the furnace and boilers. The burning appliances get dirty from use. The combustion appliances have to be cleaned by professionals and serviced regularly to maintain safe use. • Cleaning of the Fireplace Chimneys – The chimneys get dirty from combustion deposits like creosote. This can fuel a chimney fire. The chimney has to be checked by a certified chimney sweep. Try to burn hardwood logs when using the fireplace. Soft woods like cedar or pine can clog your chimney. Burning of paper and branches and leaves can release embers that can ignite your roof. The fireplace has to be covered by a strong screen that will keep hot embers from spreading in your living room. • Prevent Problems in Portable Heaters – Before using a portable heater, read the instructions of the manufacturer clearly. Do not place the heater where it can be easily knocked over. Keep it away from clothing and paper. You have to let the heater cool down before you refuel. Do not mix substitute fuels like gas or kerosene as the heaters are made for single fuel and mixing can cause fire. Prevention of home fire has to be a priority for a home owner. Do not ever feel complacent that you are at no risk of experiencing a home fire. This feeling of comfort could be as dangerous as the fire itself. Americans have the highest death rate after the Russians. You have to be careful with things like clothes, files or anything flammable that are kept close to a heat source. You have to be careful to keep things away from light bulbs, particularly in closets. Keep things like gas or paint thinner in safe containers and away from heat sources. Install new photo electric sensors which are sensitive to even slow fires. These detectors will give a great degree of protection and prevention against a home fire. At least one fire extinguisher per floor of your home is a good recommendation for the prevention of a home fire.

One of the Greatest All Rounders in the History of Cricket

Syed Abid Ali was born on 9th September 1941 in the great city of Hyderabad. He is one of the greatest all rounders that have played the game of cricket. He served Indian cricket in all the departments of the game. The only players that come close to his class are Vinoo Mankad, Lala Amarnath, Kapil Dev Nikhanj, Eknath Solkar and Mohinder Amarnath. I have known him personally. He is a genuine human being, full of warmth and compassion for others. He brought these qualities to the game that he played with passion. Syed Abid Ali did his early schooling in St. George’s Grammar School in Hyderabad. He moved on later to All Saints High School. Both these schools have given India several test players of quality. In 1956, he was selected to play for Hyderabad Schools purely for his fielding ability. He scored 82 against Kerala and won the best prize for fielding. A few years later, State Bank of Hyderabad formed a cricket team and gave him a job to play for the Bank. He started his first class cricket career as a fielder first and went on to become a wicket keeper before he made his mark on batting and bowling as well. He made it to the Hyderabad Juniors side in 1959. He played in the Ranji Trophy for Hyderabad from 1960 onwards. He got his first century in 1967. It was in the same year that he was selected for the test team tour to Australia and New Zealand. Syed Abid Ali has played twenty nine tests for India, scoring 1,018 runs with a highest of 81. He had six half centuries. He picked up thirty two catches and 47 wickets with a best of 6/55. He played five one day matches, scoring 93 runs with one half century and picked up seven wickets. He has played 224 first class matches, scoring 8,901 runs with a highest score of 173 not out and picked up 416 wickets. He played his first test on 23rd December 1967 against Australia at Adelaide and played his last test against the West Indies at Delhi on 11th December 1974. He played his first one day match against England on 13th July 1974 at Leeds and played his last one day match against New Zealand during the first One Day World Cup in England at Manchester on 14th June 1975. He played first class cricket between 1959 and 1979. Syed Abid Ali’s best batting and bowling performance came during his debut series against Australia in 1967. In the Sydney test, he scored 78 and 81 in both the innings respectively with the latter being his best test score and in the Adelaide test, he had figures of 6/55 that were his test career best. As a batsman, Syed Abid Ali was a watchful lower order batsman though he has played at one down many a times when the situation demanded. He was a great asset to all Indian captains. He was a right hand bat and a right arm medium fast bowler. He was brilliant with the new ball, getting the ball to swing both ways when the track and the weather conditions assisted him. I had the good fortune of watching him bowl Tony Lewis of England with the first ball of the test match when India was playing the visiting English side at Brabourne Stadium in Bombay in 1973. What could be said about his fielding capabilities? He was an outstanding fielder. I rate him as one of the greatest Indian fielders. Only Eknath Dhondu Solkar or Mohammad Azharuddin could have challenged his abilities. Unfortunately, the placid Indian pitches were doctored for spin and so Syed Abid Ali and Eknath Solkar played the second fiddle on the dead Indian tracks with their primary aim being the removal of the shine from the ball to pave the way rather early in an innings for the legendary spin quartet of India to take over. Syed Abid Ali is an uncle of mine and I am proud to have come across a genuine person like him. After he retired from first class cricket in 1979, he has had many coaching assignments. The principal ones being the Andhra Cricket team and the United Arab Emirates cricket team. He has seen many tragedies in his personal life since then. He lost his young son a few years back. He lives in retirement in California, United States of America now. With his endearing smile and his resilience against fate, he carries on with the struggles of modern life. Syed Abid Ali has been described to have had the feet of a sprinter, the energy of a marathon runner and the temperament of a decathlete. He ran between the wickets as if on invisible skates and threw himself at the ball while fielding no matter what ground it was. When the victory runs were scored in that fateful test at Port of Spain in West Indies in 1971, it was Sunil Gavaskar and Syed Abid Ali who marched triumphant to the pavilion to be greeted and congratulated by Sir Garfield Sobers who is the greatest all rounder that the game has seen.

Leh - The Land of Many Mountain Passes

Leh is the capital of Laddakh district situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, amidst the lofty mountain ranges of the Great Himalayas. (Leh Laddakh) is flanked by two of the greatest mountain ranges on either side, the Himalayas and the Karakoram mountains. (Leh Laddakh) is an ethereal desert area caressed by freezing winds and sharp sun rays. The thin air makes the heat in the summers more sharp and intense. In fact it is not surprising that if a person would be sitting out in the summer with his feet in the shade, he could suffer from a sunstroke and frost bite at the same time. The mean altitude is three thousand five hundred metres above sea level and the temperatures range between twenty seven Celsius in summers to a sharp dip down to twenty below zero Celsius in winter. ‘Laddakh’ is a Persian word that means ` the land of many mountain passes’. The native population of Laddakh is believed to be of an Indo-Aryan origin from the Indus Valley, but over the years, a mix of cultures between India and Tibet have seen the facial features change to rounder faces, shorter noses and thin slit eyes. The people of (Leh Laddakh) are very simple and good at heart. The main religions dominating this region are Buddhism and Islam. This used to be a bustling trade route in the past between Punjab and Central India but since China has closed all borders, tourism has become the core industry of (Leh Laddakh). Owing to its specific ecological balance and climate, this place has a fascinating mix of wild life. Some species natives to this area are the Yak or wild ox, Ibex, Tibetan Shapu and the wonderful blue sheep. There are many beautiful places to be seen here, mainly the Leh Palace and the Buddhist Monasteries. The Leh Palace has always been a big attraction for tourists in the city. It exudes a certain sense of mystery and the landscape around it is extremely beautiful and scenic. Some of the famous monasteries are Alchi, Gompa, Sankar Gompa, Hemis Gompa and the Likir Monastery. The Laddakh festival is attended by many people as it showcases the cultural richness of the region. It is held during the winters, when the majority of the population is not busy at work due to the severe climatic conditions. These festivals are attended for their atmosphere of great festivity and gaiety. One of the main attractions of tourists visiting (Leh Laddakh) is the beautiful winter trek organized by the tourism authorities. The Zansker winter trek is one such unforgettable experience as it is made over a strange route when the hikers traverse over the frozen Zansker River. All these treks pass through breath taking mountain regions and locales. Adventure sports like parasailing, river rafting and skiing are also very popular in (Leh Laddakh). Many tourists voice the sentiment that was coined by the Moghul Emperor Jahangir when he said that places in Kashmir like Pahalgam and Leh are the closest that we can get to heaven on earth.

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Bees can help Cure Serious Diseases through Apitherapy

Next time you are stung by a bee, consider yourself blessed. A little sting can help you in a big way. You can bear the pain or take remedial medicine to heal the sting; but, that sting has curing properties for many diseases. This will give you enough motivation to save the bees and not swat them off. Bee venom is collected and used for medicinal purposes. It is called apitherapy. It uses bee venom that can be injected subcutaneously to help cure serious pain syndromes such as rheumatoid arthritis and neurological syndromes such as multiple sclerosis. The venom of the honey bee has anti-inflammatory substances which can help in the treatment of these disorders. Several other illnesses are being cured with the help of honey bee venom. Apitherapy has been around actually since the days of the father of medicine, Hippocrates. He used pulverised bee stings during his medical practice. Apitherapy is now available to many people and there are numerous conditions that will respond well to this therapy. The way our environment is being abused is eliminating the growth of bee colonies across the world. A bee is probably the most helpful pollinator on our planet. The EPA should take note of that. Recently, a research team at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that nano-particles in bee venom hold toxins to decimate the HIV without affecting the surrounding cells. This toxin is Melittin which penetrates the protective layer surrounding the HIV. Melittin is also effective in destroying tumour cells. Can you think of any other natural substance apart from honey bee venom that can help you cure patients suffering from either AIDS or cancer? No. With a little more research, it can be cracked that a vaginal gel could be formulated with the particles in bee venom to help thwart the spread of human immunodeficiency virus. It is also possible that intravenous injections of these nano-particles of Melittin would be able to help clear HIV from your blood stream. This is thinkable when we stop spraying bee killing pesticide on almost everything in sight. During apitherapy, the injections are administered thrice a week. The treatment is effective, even though the benefits are felt over a period of time. It may take months. In conditions like lower back pain for people suffering with arthritis or osteoporosis, a few sessions could be sufficient. For some conditions, there may be dietary regulations and some other nutritional supplements may be recommended.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are chemical species that contain a single unpaired electron in an outer orbit. They are molecules with an odd number of electrons that have high instability. They become responsible for the aging and the degeneration of the cells in all species of creation. The molecules are of free radical characters that have a missing or an impaired electron in the outer shell. There are many kinds of free radicals. To give an example, 15 cc of water or half an ounce has sixty billion trillion molecules in it. A free radical is the size one of such molecules and it lasts only for 0.000000001 second. It fulfills its job of getting an electron to fill its outer shell. Free radicals can occur in both organic and inorganic molecules. They are quite reactive and their reactions are crucial for normal activity in a large spectrum of biological processes. They are also created in the catalytic action of several cellular enzymes and electron transport processes and are implicated in a series of both physiologic and pathological processes. Organisms can get exposed to free radicals in various ways other than through normal metabolic processes. Additionally, a large variety of environmental agents such as drugs which are capable of redox cycling and xeno-biotics can form free radical metabolites. The process of aging also causes free radical damage to cells.

Exciting Travel Destinations - USA and Thailand

We love to travel because traveling remains as one of our favorite hobbies since our childhood. We need to satisfy that streak of adventure that remains buried within us by visiting interesting places in the world and sharing those adventures with our near and dear ones. There are many places of interest in the world but the New World and the Orient fascinate many travelers. People seek high adventure when they plan their holidays in USA. We will find an awesome range of travel opportunities in any part of the United States of America. We will find glamour and excitement in the western part; we will come across the beauty of the Great Lakes in the North Central. There are majestic skyscrapers and lush Appalachian Hills on the Eastern Seaboard and the soulful Pan-handle of Florida in the Southeast to charm you. If we are seeking high octane thrills, we can think in terms of river trekking down the Colorado River with its streak winding its way through the depths of the Grand Canyon. The most popular holiday destinations in USA are New York City, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles as per a survey done by the Kuoni Group. There are many among us who are fascinated by the mystic Orient. In the East, one of the highest priorities of people who plan their holidays is travel to Thailand. In recent years, Thailand has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for its sea sports, massage parlors and coral reefs. Winter is the ideal season to plan our travel there when the days are milder as the remaining part of the year is mostly humid and hot. Thailand is the heart of Southeast Asia. Millions flock to the Pattaya and Phuket beaches in Thailand as they find them to be the ideal places to chill out from the strenuous routines of modern life. Whether it is vacation time in the United States of America or in Thailand, we will always come across many hidden sights that will remain embedded in our memory. We cannot forget the magnificent towering structures of New York City or the floating markets and the pristine beaches of Thailand.

Defending Your Garden

Many of us may not like to dig posts and fences around our garden, but our vegetables will be gone before we could harvest them if we have rodents or small animals in our garden neighbourhood. Skunks, raccoons or rabbits can dig up lawns in their search for food. We can use eco-friendly and non-toxic pesticide and treat the lawns with it to curb the grub growing and ultimately deter the animals from visiting our garden. After taking care of the spraying of the lawn, we can erect a fence that is about four feet in height around the garden so that intruders will not be able to get an easy entry into it. Fencing material has to be tougher than chicken wire as most animals can force their entry through a chicken wire. Hard wire mesh may be a good idea. Plant covers may help at keeping the intruders from eating our garden plants and vegetables. These covers can be bought from garden centers. We can shield the larger plants by placing a net over them. For trees bearing fruit, we can employ large kind of nets that will cover the entire top of the trees to save them from birds and other wild animals. The trunks of the trees can be shielded from animals by wrapping plastic screens around them to a height of maybe two or three feet. Another approach to drive away pests and animals is to use scare methods. These methods are helpful with raccoons, pigs and rabbits. We can use scarecrows, motion sensitized lights, acoustic alarms and water sprinklers. The keyword in scaring is movement. The scarecrow also has to move by wind or by the help of some motor equipment. Otherwise, it will be useless. A scare tape is also a helpful method. We can cut the tape into strips and then tie the strips or attach them to wires or garden posts. The wind will then make the tape to reflect light and make a noise that will scare away the approaching animals. We have to keep changing all these methods periodically as the animals are smart and they will get used to the noise and motion; once they realize that it is not going to be harmful to them, they will go around these scare devices without getting scared. Another armor in our defense weaponry is a taste repellent that can be applied to the plants, fruits and vegetables that are in danger. This could be a diluted mix of water and maybe some hot sauce. This can be sprayed directly on the plants, fruits and vegetables and also the boundaries of the garden. When this is done, we have to be cautious after harvesting the fruits and vegetables and remember to wash and rinse them thoroughly with fresh warm water before we cook them or eat them. It is not only animals that we have to defend our gardens from, but even frost and extreme cold. We have to spray anti frost solutions and treat the plants with zinc mixtures so that they survive against the frost and cold conditions under the onslaught of a bitter winter. Once we take care of all this, backed by good fencing that is critter proof, we can rest peacefully and the see the garden grow and bloom.

Regular Checking of Tires could become a Life Saving Habit

Auto trade experts have reported that the most number of deaths in the previous year were as a result of poor maintenance of car tires. It is a well known fact that extremely hot weather conditions and a set of faulty or improper tires can spell a dangerous combination for car users. Industry experts as well as the police authorities have confirmed that the tires, when they are worn out, were the leading reason for accidents all over the world. Taking a little care of your tires regularly can be a life saving habit and will help to make the roads safe for many people. Bursting of tires, particularly on the highways, is becoming a frequent malady. Tire companies and experts are expecting cooperation from the traffic police authorities to start a promotional campaign that will bring out awareness among car owners to check tires that are worn out, especially at the onset of the summer season. There are many car owners and drivers who are just not in the habit of doing a regular check on their tires. Such negligent behavior could prove dangerous and end in unpleasant results. Motor owners need to be informed on this serious matter of tire safety. Most of the people do not even know what they have to check for. Taking their cars for the annual check when the cars come up for registration renewal is not sufficient. Once this check is done, then nobody bothers for one full year. The safety of a car tire will depend on the usage of the brakes, weather and road conditions. It will also depend on the load that the car takes and the wheel alignment. Other factors that come into play are the age of the tires and air pressure. What is not in control of the car owners is the quality of the car tires. It becomes necessary for a car owner to take interest in the basics of checking a tire when buying a new set. The tires may look new but it is still better to check the date of manufacture, the date of expiry and the size of the tires to make sure that they are suitable for your car. The key areas to check for safety concerns are air pressure, alignment and rotation. Air pressure cannot be neglected. Very low pressure will end up damaging the tires and very high pressure will result in a tire that can be blown. Air pressure can be gauged as per the particular car’s specifications and should be maintained in correlation with that. It is important for the tires to get a good grip on the roads. The minimum legal tread depth for car tires is 1.6 mm but it is dangerous to wait for such a depth. Wheel alignment reduces the wearing out of the tires and checks the stress. It adds to the steering ability of the vehicle. A tire which is out of balance can compromise road safety. It may also lead to shaking and mechanical impact on the car. Regular rotation of the tires keeps them in good health. This can be repeated after every round of seven thousand kilometers. Rotation helps in the maintenance of equal usage for the shoulders of both the front and the rear tires. When you inflate the tires properly, you will get a pleasant ride and will also feel safe. Should the tires be over inflated, they will result in lesser contact area with the road surface and may lead to damage. Under inflated tires can result in a lot of flexing, leading to faster wearing out of the treads. So, car owners have to remember that tires are a major issue when it comes to being safe on the roads.

Have a Gala Time in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands, known as Archipelago de Colon, are made up of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. They are situated west of Ecuador. These islands have become a biological marine reserve area. They were first discovered and charted by Ambrose Cowley in 1684. What are the main attractions at the Galapagos Islands? They are the large turtles on the highlands and the marine iguanas on the black lava rocks. There is an abundance of penguins and cormorants. Usually, there is a naturalist guide onboard the luxury Galapagos cruises. You can explore the eco-systems on the islands and look at sea lions and whales offshore along with the pink flamingos in the lagoons. These rough and volcanic rocky islands are home to vast wildlife. There are certain adapted unique marine life creatures here that are not found anywhere else. There are many cruise operators to the Galapagos like the Responsible Travel, Celebrity Expedition Cruises, Nature Galapagos & Ecuador, Ecoventura, National Geographic Expeditions, Big Five Tours & Expeditions, Boundless Journeys, Haugan Cruises, IGTOA (International Galapagos Tour Operators’ Association) and Llama Travel. The location of the Galapagos archipelago has given it an unusual ecosystem. The set of currents and winds brings a unique variety of plants to the islands. About one-fifth of the marine species and terrestrial life that is found in the Galapagos Islands cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You can find over four hundred species of fish, one hundred and fifty species of birds and several marine mammal species in the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Marine Reserve is the third largest marine reserve in the world. It was set up in 1998 with an area of over one hundred and thirty thousand square kilometers. The Marine Reserve service has a fleet of more than ten oceanic and semi-oceanic vessels and an aircraft to patrol the entire region and deter poachers. The Satellite Vessel Monitoring System was started over three years ago and it requires all cargo and fishing vessels to use satellite tracking mechanisms in the Marine Reserve. Many cruise operators bring tourists to the Galapagos Islands on live-aboard boats. Each boat tour requires an anchor to be dropped and this often causes damage to the coral reefs and the sea floor. Mooring buoys have been set up to reduce the impact on the marine systems under water. When you take a cruise to the Galapagos Islands in the Ecuador, you will come across unique wildlife. You can have a gala time there when you swim side-by-side with the sea lions and float with the penguins. The wildlife there is diverse with biological richness which cannot be found anywhere else on earth. The sky there is mostly sunny. The breeze from the sea creates an ideal air temperature to relax your body. The ocean is of turquoise blue color. The beaches are long and sandy. There are mangrove lagoons and coves. The islands are full of exotic sea creatures which are not afraid of you and allow you to mingle with them. People taking these cruises are in for a great time when they are introduced to many natural wonders like the blue-footed long-winged seabirds, iguanas, sea lions, giant tortoises and families of penguins. The cruise operators allow you to snorkel with the sea lions and take you on treks on the volcanic islands. You can also paddle your kayaks through the mangrove lagoons. The days that you spend on these islands will be the most memorable in your life as you cruise here. Charles Darwin visited many places here about one hundred and fifty years ago. Each day will bring in a new experience when you discover the natural wonders on these islands with a naturalist guide. These islands have been voted by many people and travel organizations as the best in the world. They are one of the most popular tourist destinations. The catamaran Athala II has been designed exclusively to cruise the Galapagos Islands. Its cabins are stylish with good ocean view through the large portrait windows instead of the portholes. The cabins on the main deck allow the extra luxury of a secluded balcony. It is better to cruise on a larger and more stable boat in order not to get sea sick. This catamaran is run by Ocean Adventures from Quito in Ecuador. You can also enjoy the Scuba Iguana Padi Resort. It offers good quality and affordable scuba diving tours and cruises in the Galapagos Islands. It is among the world’s most interesting diving sites. It is based in Puerto Ayora on the Santa Cruz Island. This region is among the seven underwater wonders of the world.

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Water is the Elixir of Life

Water is a miraculous element. The more you study about this element, the more it will intrigue you. Water is regarded as the most important element among all the biological processes and that includes aging. Water is required by all the molecules in your body. Scientific research has even suggested that water could be the basis for your consciousness. You will have to believe that drinking water is the best thing you can do for your body. But what you drink has to be filtered, pure and alkaline. This is not easy as most water is acidic. How do you define acidic? Water that is measuring less than 7 on the pH scale is termed acidic. Anything above level 7 is alkaline. You need water with alkaline properties to support life. There are many disorders that are linked with excess acidity in the water levels. Some of these disorders are allergies, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arteriosclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Be wary of the tap water as it contains high chlorine levels and various other chemicals. You cannot even assume that the bottled water is a better option than the tap water. Bottled water could be the same as tap water and it would have the additional effect of the gases from the chemicals of the plastic in which it is kept. Filtering water for drinking has become necessary. Some of the systems for filtering the water remove the harmful toxins and the microbes present in the water. There are some systems that help increase the pH levels in the water. Each cell in your body needs water to function properly. Those who are obese and keeping poor health need to drink more water than the healthier ones. In the late eighteenth century, when the first demonstrations were made during the practice of homeopathic medicine, it was revealed that water has power to soak in from the molecules of other substances. Science has taught us that our body is made up with almost seventy per cent of water. Every muscle and connective tissue is engulfed with water. Each molecule needs water to go through its special function. For every molecule of protein in your body, you have fifteen thousand molecules of water. Seventy five per cent of your brain tissue consists of water. So, there is no denying the fact that water is the elixir of life. You can go for days on end without food but you cannot manage without water. Learn to drink pure and filtered water for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

The Importance of Teaching Mental Health in Schools

People who advocate for mental health in schools have a firm belief that the general well being of children can be considerably improved by focusing on important topics in this area. They feel that the attention should be aimed at the remodeling of the education support programs and services that are managed by schools. While doing this, the school management has to involve families of children and to link the resources of schools and their neighborhood. Teaching mental health in schools is important because a large number of children are suffering as their behavioral and developmental needs are not being looked after by the very schools that were created to take care of them. A survey done in 1990 has indicated that mental illness among children cost the United States about seventy five billion dollars. The survey was done by the National Advisory Mental Health Council. The roots of negative feelings and thoughts range from the educational system deficits to their vulnerabilities. This is what accounts for a large number of adolescents who suffer with mental health and development problems. Teaching mental health in schools becomes important as information on mental disorders over the last half of the previous century suggests that almost twenty five per cent of youngsters in schools are in need of services for mental or behavioral problems. These studies have given a warning that the current mental health systems are inadequate and that the situation is likely to worsen if teaching mental health in schools is neglected. Mental health in schools has to be addressed if the schools have to operate satisfactorily and the children are to learn effectively. Some segments of the country’s administration feel that schools are not a proper venue for mental health education. They make the mistake of associating mental health with mental illness. Another school of thought is that by introducing the mental health in schools, the focus may shift from the educational subjects to matters of family rights and values. Maybe it should be agreed that schools are not in the mental health business and education is their principal mission. Perhaps schools are not responsible for meeting every need of their students. But, when this need affects the learning, the school has to take it up as a challenge. Psychological health problems affect learning in many ways. Violence is a big Damocles’ sword hanging over all schools. Guns and killings are attracting media attention. The situation is making the youngsters nervous in school. The rate of suicide among youngsters is also becoming a major concern. High priority, then, has to be placed on addressing mental health in schools. Important guidelines for mental health in schools will involve the establishment in making sure that there is healthy and cognitive emotional development in addition to academic success. Subjects could be introduced in school that will teach about general wellness and promote integrity and responsibility. Children have to be taught mental health in schools through social and working relationships with importance being given to self-evaluation and self-direction. Complete social and emotional support has to be provided by the school management to students and the staff. Mental health in schools will have to reach the classroom through general instructional process supported by special assistance strategies.

The Greatest Indian Fielder of All Time

Eknath Dhondu Solkar was born in Mumbai on 18th March 1948. He belonged to a humble family. He was one of the six children born to the grounds man at the P.J. Hindu Gymkhana in Mumbai. His talent was noticed at this Gymkhana as he started taking particular interest in Cricket. His commitment to the game is exemplified by his participation in the Ranji Trophy match Between Bombay and Bengal in 1968 when he did not pull out of the match even when his father passed away during the match. Eknath Solkar started playing test cricket for India in 1969 and played until 1977. He was a test all rounder and probably India’s greatest fielder of all time. No one has done a better job than him as a close-in catcher. He was a forward short leg specialist. He was popularly known as `Ekki’. He played twenty seven test matches and seven one day matches. He made 1,028 test runs at an average of 25.83. These figures do not do justice to his strong reliability in the middle order. He took eighteen test wickets and twenty seven one day wickets. Moreover, he has taken fifty three test catches in only twenty seven matches, forty eight of them coming out of the bowling of the magnificent spin quartet of India in Bishen Bedi, Bhagwat Chanrasekhar, Errapalli Prasanna and Srinivasa Venkataraghavan. Eknath Solkar was an extremely talented and fearless leg side close fielder whose ratio of catches per match has not been equalled in test cricket. His fifty three catches in twenty seven matches have given him a ratio of 1.96 catches per match. This is the best ratio of all time. Even though Jonty Rhodes qualifies as a superlative fielder of all time, he could not get Solkar’s strike rate in catching. In fact, the next best ratio belongs to Bobby Simpson of Australia who stood at 1.77 catches per match. Though Eknath Solkar was an all rounder, he merited a place in a test match side purely for his fielding alone. Two decades after he left cricket, there was only one cricketer who could merit hat place in a test match for fielding alone and that was Jonty Rhodes of South Africa who went on to become the greatest fielder that the game of cricket has probably seen. Eknath Solkar was a slow left arm military medium pace bowler. Indian bowling attack was never recognised in history until the arrival of Kapil Dev Nikhanj for its pace potential. It was always the magical spin influence of the famous quartet that got India all its recognition in the bowling department. Eknath Solkar and Syed Abed Ali were only meant to take the shine away from the new ball so that Bishen Bedi and company would be able to grip the ball better and start tweaking it to weave their spin traps. Some of the batsmen acknowledged that when Eknath Solkar took his place at forward short leg, he was close enough to pick their back pockets. India’s first series win abroad in West Indies and England in 1971 became possible on account of Sunil Gavaskar, the famous spin quartet, the able leadership of Ajit Wadekar and the plucky fielding of Eknath Solkar. He is remembered for his two famous quotes to great cricketers. One is to Sir Geoffrey Boycott when he told him, “I will get you out, bloody!” And the other is to Sir Garfield Sobers when he was bowling to him and Sobers was taunting him for his military medium pace when Solkar told him, “You play your game and I will play mine”. He passed away at a young age of 57 when he died in Mumbai on 26th June 2005 suffering a severe heart attack. There is a cricket Academy in his name at the Grand Medical College Grounds at Marine Lines, Mumbai. Bishen Singh Bedi has commented that he was one of the bowlers who benefited greatly from Solkar’s extra ordinary quick reflexes and anticipation qualities, acknowledging that he would not be a successful bowler if not for Eknath Solkar.

Lives of Many People have been changed by the ‘Secret’

The ‘Secret’ is a book written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. Rhonda Byrne is an Australian writer for television and a film producer. She has subsequently made audio compact discs and a film on this book. Sine their release, the book and the film have become big hits and people who have a penchant for personal development have been applauding them from their roof tops. This book expands on dissertations from modern day teachers who have taught the world ways of making money. They tell us that when we are young, no one teaches us about finance and the impact it has on our lives. What we learn in schools and colleges becomes totally useless when it involves making money and getting rich. Most people are never able to accumulate sufficient wealth or create enough earnings to comfortably provide for themselves and their family during their lifetime. Yes; most of us are spending a big chunk of our lives working endlessly and struggling to pay our bills and looking after our children and dependants. The troublesome truth is that most of us do not have enough savings to last even a quarter if we lose our jobs. The message of ‘the Secret’ is for people to realize that they can be happier than they were in the past. It reminds the people that they have the power to become wealthy and successful. This book and the film have all the elements to make them classics of the modern times. One of its best taglines is that the truth is either hidden right in front of us or within us. It re-introduces the ancient treatise on the laws of attraction. There are ten chapters in the book revolving around this age old treatise that likes attract each other. The book preaches personal development to such a point that if we decide to exude positive thinking and shift our focus on positive things alone in our lives, nature will boomerang that positive force back to us. It tells us that making money is important to get that positivity in our life as money spells power and power spells realization of dreams. By propelling the idea of positive thinking, Rhonda Byrne, the author, is in turn making money by digging the ancient secrets of the laws of attraction. Byrne is part of the Global Secrets International in Australia which is a family owned business. She is definitely influenced by people and groups that make multi level marketing into a real force. She is echoing what we hear from organizations like Global Information Network, Amway, Herbalife and QuestNet. The USP of these organizations is that we can even make three thousand per cent return on our investments without leaving our homes by pure referral and multi level marketing. Influential people from secret clubs and ancient secret societies have combined to make these organizations, reminding us that having strong influential connections in life is a key to the secret of success. Who we know get us what we want. The laws of affiliate marketing are hidden in the concepts that have been developed in the book. Driven by the laws of attraction as expounded by the book, many people have realized that doing affiliate marketing would allow them to realize the potential of making money and enough of it during their lifetime to follow their desires in life. THE SECRET has changed the lives of many people.

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10 Actors who hated their superhero movie costumes

The superheroes need their super suits and costumes. They are central to the identity of the superheroes. Actors are not comfortable donning the costumes on a daily basis. Here are ten actors who hated their superhero movie costumes - 10. Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad – Getting into the costume of Quinn was not such a hot experience for Robbie, particularly the baseball tee and the booty shorts. On many occasions, she had to eat snacks in a wet and clingy costume. (Source: 9. Chadwick Boseman – Black Panther - Captain America: Civil War – The costume keeps Boseman fully contained within. The movie had to be filmed over summer and it was hot and highly uncomfortable. (Source: 8. Olivia Munn – Psylocke - X-Men: Apocalypse – Her costume had to be covered in lubricants so that it would not rip and it became ultra revealing. On several occasions, Munn complained that the costume ripped in awkward places. (Source: 7. Ryan Reynolds - The Green Lantern – The costume was executed poorly and spoilt the experience not only for the audience but for Reynolds in Hal Jordan’s suit. It looked ridiculous with the computer generating the costume from head to toe. (Source: 6. Andrew Garfield – Amazing Spiderman – Garfield did not enjoy the outfit as Webhead. He called it uncomfortable and unflattering as his fans and paparazzi were busy getting some butt shots of him from various angles. (Source: 5. Malin Akerman - Silk Spectre – Watchmen – She used to get sweaty in her costume as it was skintight. That yellow and black suit made her highly uncomfortable and she also complained that the costume had a terrible odor and she likened it to that of a used condom. (Source: 4. Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow – Avengers – The costume provided to her became so hot that she used to sweat excessively in her socks. It was supposed to be a wet suit and was not at all pleasant to wear during the shoot. (Source: 3. Rebecca Romijn – Mystique – X Men United – It was extremely uncomfortable for Romijn to don the makeup while filming. This getting ready process took almost six hours. It tested her patience. The worst part was that she would feel naked while the others had their fancy outfits. (Source: 2. Ben Affleck – Batman – Batman vs. Superman – Affleck has made it very clear to the production unit that he is no fan of the Batsuit. He went on to call it as one of the most ridiculous and humiliating things in the world. He called it the `visual effects pajamas’. (Source: Paul Bettany – The Age of Ultron – Vision - Captain America Civil War – Despite striking a good impression with his costume, Bettany hated to sit through four hours every day to get into his costume only to peel it off in a matter of minutes after the day’s shoot was over. (Source:

Barrett’s Oesophagus

Barrett’s oesophagus is a serious type of complication. It is also known as gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The tube which carries the food from the mouth to the stomach is the tissue lining. It changes to look like the tissue resembling the intestine lining. Barrett’s oesophagus is diagnosed in those people who have chronic gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. It is a long term regurgitation of acid from the stomach into the lower part of the oesophagus. It is linked with an increased risk of contracting oesophageal cancer. It is important for people who are suffering with it to go for regular checkups to identify precancerous cells. When they are detected, they can be immediately treated to prevent oesophageal cancer. This condition is also sometimes referred to as Barrett’s Syndrome. The lower line of the oesophagus known as Cello has an abnormal change or metaplasia in the cells of the lower part of the oesophagus. It is characterised by the replacement of the normal stratified squamous epithelium lining of the oesophagus by columnar epithelium accompanied by goblet cells found in the lower gastrointestinal tract. The medical significance of Barrett’s Oesophagus is its strong link with oesophageal adenocarcinoma. It is a deadly type of cancer once it develops from a premalignant stage.

Create your own Recipes for Juicing

There are endless possibilities for us when it comes to juicing. We may have a preference for some fruits and vegetables. Juicing is easy and just requires two things like a juicer and some vegetables and fruits. We can experiment any which way we like by using those fruits and vegetables that we are particularly fond of. More and more people are turning to juicing as an important daily activity to look after their health. We can mix and match whatever suits our palate and need not be afraid of mixing something new and creative in our juicer. The recipes for juicing just require a combination of ingredients. Juicing once a day is normal for an average juicer but the same consumption split twice a day is better. these are five creative recipes for juicing here: 1. Pomangerry Blast – Two Pomegranates/Two Mangoes/Handful of Cherries. Peel the pomegranates, peel the mangoes and cut them into slices, add the cherries and blend in a juicer. Add a little cold milk with sugar to taste and serve with crushed ice. Pomegranate is a fruit that is blessed abundantly by nature and is allegorical to plentiful. A blended pomegranate juice has the potential of destroying breast cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells alone. Studies have also shown that pomegranate juice may restrict the development of lung cancer. Drink it up, enjoy and stay healthy. 2. Ginger Lemon Ale – A healthy diet plan does not include the excessively sweetened and carbonated beverages. We can create innumerable recipes for juicing at home with many delicious combinations of fruits. One of the most popular for children and elders alike is the simple Ginger Lemon Ale. The only creative bit here is the addition of apples. We need two Apples/Half Lemon/Full Lime/Half inch fresh Ginger/handful of green Grapes/250 ml. Mineral Water. We need to core and slice the apples. The grapes have to be removed from the stem. First, we can juice the apples and ginger together. Then we may juice the rest of the fruits. We can pour them all together in a large glass and fill to the top with mineral water, serving it with ice for a good old fashioned homemade ale for a beautiful day. 3. Zingy Beet – Our recipe for juicing beet requires 2 Beetroots/4 Carrots/one Celery stalk/2 Red Radishes/one sliced Spanish Red Onion/one Lemon/2 Sweet Potatoes/4 Tablespoons of Cider Vinegar. Beetroot is a vegetable that has qualities of increasing our stamina and strengthening our liver because of its high content of an antioxidant called betaine. It helps the liver cells to function optimally and to flush out toxins. It is also rich in iron content for building red blood cells or haemoglobin. As beetroot juice is quite concentrated, it is important to dilute it with a little water and other juices as shown here. Too much beetroot juice can cause chills and fever. We can safely drink about two ounces a day. This is also a cancer buster. Zing your beet! 4. Acne Annihilator – 2 Carrots/one Celery stalk/one Beetroot/3 Dandelion leaves/one small piece of Ginger/ one slice of Pineapple/ 2 Tablespoons of Cider Vinegar. The vegetables have to be washed well to remove any pesticide spray residue toxins. After they are chopped and blended, add cider vinegar and serve. It will definitely have an impact on the acne allergy. 5. Mango Tango – 6 Mangoes/One and a half Pineapple/ handful of purple Grapes/2 Tablespoons of Cider Vinegar. The mangoes have to be peeled and cut into spears. The skin of the pineapple has to be removed and cut into pieces before putting them through the juicer. Put all the juice in a sealable container and then add the cider vinegar and shake thoroughly. Put it in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving. This tropical tango will be great for colds, influenza and digestion.

Keeping Kids Safe in the Car with Latch Connectors

Most of the cars make the installation of child safety seats difficult. If you want to keep your kids safe in your car, you have to seat them in a properly installed child safety seat. Latch connectors or lower anchors for children will make the process easy. Standardizing these anchors that car seats attach to will be a good idea. A new survey has pointed out that latch connectors in many cars are more difficult to use than they should be. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has observed that only one fifth of the high selling car models have latch connectors that are easy to use. This institute has teamed up with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute to assess how easy it is to use latch connectors in each car. Three factors were analyzed during the survey. The ease of access, how deep the anchors were in the seats and the ability to set up the child seats using less than forty pounds of force. A major problem found by the inspectors was that buckles and the plastic housing interfered with the anchors. The anchors often were buried deep within the backseat, forcing the adults to dig around in the cushions to find them. The latch connectors in most cars are hard to reach and many cars also avoid them for the middle seat. Only seven per cent of the cars in the survey had latch anchors in the middle of the second row seats and that is the safest place for the children to travel. If you are getting a new family car and you have young kids, you have to look for latch connectors that make child safety seat installation easy. The car models that made child seat installation easy were adjudged as Audi A4 Quattro, Cadillac Escalade and the Chevrolet Equinox among the top range. Models that failed the easy installation test were the 2011 Buick Enclave CX, Chevrolet Impala and Dodge Avenger Express.

Forex Trading with Robots

What are Forex Trading Robots? They are computer programs that are based on sets of signals in forex trading. They help in determining whether traders could buy or sell currency pairs at a given time. They are created to eliminate psychological elements of forex trading. It is very tempting for traders to sit back and relax and allow a professional automated device to do their trading for them in the forex market. This is the main reason why forex trading robots have become very popular. Robots in the form of automated software allow the traders to take in profits with very little or no effort by them. In other words, even lazy men could turn out to be successful traders with the help of forex trading robots which are nothing but software applications that are designed exclusively to execute trades on the forex market through the channel of computer automation. What is expected of a Forex Robot? They are automated systems designed to enter your trade orders on your behalf. They have been programmed to create returns by means of application of rules that are mathematical in nature. The skills and intelligence of forex trading robots will be wholly dependent on its manufacturer. They execute a pre-programmed set of routine tasks under given circumstances. They do not alter, revise or adapt to a change in the forex market conditions. They will, however, try to cut down your losses and that will be based on the program instructions that have been provided to them by their programmers. The commands that a forex trading robot executes are dependent on technical analysis tools. Dedicated programmers would use back testing processes of their robots to get the results optimized. These processes are automated by themselves and they could also involve a little tweak of the programs to improve their performance in terms of drawdown and the placement of stop loss orders. Why are forex trading robots popular? The forex trading robots are popular with most traders because they help them make easy money without putting in much effort. The traders do not have to do anything manually and they do not have to sit by their computers. All that the traders need to do is to select good currency pairs and perfect time frames to trade and build up their profits. These trading robots can scan various forex charts and observe their movements and this can happen at the same time; this is not humanly possible. Robots can also get programmed with certain parameters that are helpful in making important trading decisions. They can decide how and when to trade as they have trade signals embedded in them. Few forex trading robots also provide solutions to locate profitable trades in the challenging forex market when the trends and their directions are not clear. They maximize profits by following best trends and they eliminate losses, more often than not. Many robots trade within a specific range and they make pips while trading within this rigid range even during the slowest time in the forex market. The only way the traders can use these forex trading robots effectively is by finding an ideal trend for them to follow. How effective are the forex trading robots? Forex trading robots could scan thousands of charts in a matter of seconds and most of them will come out with valuable and correct information. You have to remember that they are automated devices; they could only think as good as the ones that have programmed them. They may be able to perform sophisticated tasks but they cannot be creative and they cannot imagine or speculate about what is going to happen in the future. Their functionality is restricted to their past performance and the parameters created by their software program.

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Why you should wear a wristwatch?

There are various ways of checking the time of the day but the conventional way of looking at your wrist watch to tell the time is stylish and very much in vogue, even today. There are numerous watches that are available in the world, ranging from Apple styles to diving or military styles. It is better to buy a watch that would suit your personality and especially your wrist. Finding a wrist watch that you want to invest in for a long term basis is not as easy as you think. Like a clothing item, the fit of the watch on your wrist is of paramount importance and it is essential that the watch should look smart on your hand. The History behind the Wrist Watch The need for a wrist watch was first felt during the First World War period when soldiers got tired of taking out their pocket watches or fishing for them. Some of the smart soldiers started wearing their pocket watches around their wrists in the shape of a bracelet. Earlier, a watch that was worn as a bracelet was considered primarily as fashion among women. As the time went by, though the concept of a wrist watch was considered a sillier trend, it, however, became a norm and its practicality finally made the pocket watches into an obsolete phenomena. Wrist watches were first used by the military personnel so that they could synchronise their manoeuvres during war routines. Since the First World War, specialised watches are in use even in the ocean depths by divers and up in the skies by aviators. Today, a wristwatch is not only considered a timepiece that could be presented as a quintessential gift but it is also regarded as a quintessential heirloom. Why is it important for you to wear a wrist watch? A wrist watch has many functions to serve even if you have your phone for a swift time check. To begin with, a wrist watch is convenient. It is not your cell phone that keeps you punctual; it is the watch. Scientists are questioning the wisdom behind using a cell phone to check the time of the day. When you fish for your cell phone regularly just to check what time it is, you project a look of desperation to others. A swift glance towards your wrist watch is a classier way to keep a tab on the time during a meeting or a date. It would also look rude to your friends or companions if you keep pulling out your phone when you are in the midst of a conversation with them. A wrist watch is a convenient and a much more subtle means of checking time when you are at a funeral or at a wedding. A wrist watch has an advantage over your smart phone. You can operate it much longer when you are moving out. Today, wrist watches are being designed to be self-powered through motion or they would be using only a small energy amount with the help of a battery cell. In comparison, the smart phone could give you time for just eight or ten hours before it has to be recharged. A wrist watch is a representation of your personality and your style. More often than not, a wrist watch attracts attention than any other item that you may have in your wardrobe. When a person gets married, he is found with three most important accessories that decorate his hand – they are his wrist watch, a pair of cuff links and a stylish wedding band. A wrist watch will make it easy for you to project your stylish sense. It is a means of self-expression for you. It would reflect a hint of adventure, sports or danger, based on the design and the manufacture of a particular watch. A wrist watch communicates about the personality of the person wearing it. If boys look at their smart phones regularly to check time, men will look at their Rolex wrist watches. A quality wrist watch could be regarded as a man’s equivalent to an engagement ring. A wrist watch also embodies craftsmanship. It is much more than a mere time keeper. It has become a symbol of history and also tradition that can be displayed as a showpiece. Most men do not even realise that they may be wearing art pieces on their very wrists. Some of the watch manufacturing houses have even more than three craftsmen who work on a single watch for many months on end. They design and craft complex items of technology with just their hands. Selecting a watch that fits your wrist perfectly How do you find a wrist watch that stands out from the rest? Before you select a wrist watch, you have to pay proper attention on the proportion and the wrist size. A watch has to project a natural balance. We learn to lean towards the right proportions by instinct. This happens when we build houses or balance our checkbooks. If you have small wrist, then a smaller watch would suit you. There are six elements that you should be concentrating on when you want to buy a wrist watch. These are the case diameter, material, width, thickness, components and details. The case diameter of a wrist watch is the distinct noticeable proportion element. Men’s wrist watches range anywhere from 38mm to 46mm; anything above this range may look too large and could be worn only on flashy outfits. Before you buy a watch, it is wiser to measure your wrist. The thickness of the watch’s case will be nicely balanced if you select the right case diameter. A watch that is well proportioned generally has a band width of about half its case diameter. Leather bands will give your wrist watch a slimmer look; a metal watch band tends to appear heavier and larger because of the metal’s nature. This is a very important consideration when you have wrists that are small.

The Surfaris of Morocco

Morocco is a fascinating place. It is known for its world famous cuisine and the Berberian culture. The markets are mostly open-air and spread all over the country with wares like leather, jewelry and carpets. The Moroccan leather is considered to be the softest in the world. The country has an oriental touch to it. Morocco is located on the Atlantic coast of the African continent and is situated northwest of the famous Sahara Desert. Morocco is blessed with excellent surfing weather conditions. The coastline has hot winds coming out from the desert. Surfing at this place is comfortable for both the beginners as well as the experienced surfers. The surf camps Morocco are totally mobile. Classes are held at different beaches based on the surf conditions for that particular day. The surfing camps in Morocco are known as `Surfaris’. The biggest surf camp is usually set up in the calm surfing village of Tamraght which is fifteen kilometers north of Agadir and four kilometers south of Taghazoute at the Atlantic coast. The surfers will experience calm and relaxing conditions. This area has a micro climate which means that it rarely rains here and the average day temperatures are around twenty degrees Celsius in winter and around twenty eight degrees Celsius in summer. The prices at the surf camps Morocco are fifty five Euros per day/night for standard accommodation and sixty four Euros per day/night for upgraded accommodation. If you want to take the Surfari package for a fortnight, it will cost you seven hundred and forty Euros for standard accommodation. Surf Maroc is Morocco’s largest surf camp. It has been there for over a decade now. It is at Taghazoute. Surf Berbere, another camp near Taghazoute, offers good surfing packages in the little surf towns and you get to surf with some of the cleanest, longest and least crowded rides that can be found in Morocco. These beaches are just four and a half hours away from London and people prefer coming to Morocco to surf all the way from England. People love to sharpen their surfing skills here in the surf camps. There is invariably a reliable swell throughout the year. In winter, the beach break is about five meters while in summer, it is about three meters. The surf camps are managed by qualified trainers. You can have your own individual plan and discuss your personal objectives with the instructors. The training does not focus merely on the practical lessons. You will also learn about the ocean and how to tackle winds, currents and tides. You will learn to select the right wave to surf on. You can move on to the practical lessons once the basics have been learnt. Beginners are given more time on the basics and how to mount the board and paddle. They are then taught how to proceed with elementary surfing actions, control of the surfing board and reading of the waves. The lessons last for about three hours per day and there is free time to practice and chill out on the beaches. If you want to focus more on learning surfing skills, even two lessons per day can be accommodated by the instructors at the surfing camps in Morocco.

The Greatest Player of the Prudential World Cup 1983

Mohinder Amarnath Bhardwaj, the son of the legendary Nanik Amarnath Bhardwaj (Lala Amarnath), was born on 24th September 1950 at Patiala, Punjab. In his earlier days, he played for Baroda in the Ranji Trophy. He was a right hand bat and a right arm medium pace bowler. He was a good slip and close-in fielder. He is known in the cricketing world as `Jimmy’. Mohinder Amarnath made his test debut against Australia at Madras on 24th December 1969. He played his last test match against the West Indies also at Madras on 15th January 1988. He made his one day debut against England at Lord’s on 7th June 1975 and played his last one day match against the West Indies on 30th October 1989. After his debut series in 1969, he was made to wait for six years to make it back into the team. He was taken as a bowling all rounder though he was a top order one down batsman. Mohinder Amarnath has been described as the personification of gumption, guts and grit. His career had a big span of two decades. He was also known as the master of comeback. When he started his career, his technique was suspect against short pitched fast bowling but when he retired, he was one of the bravest and finest players of pace. He was very effective with the old ball, cutting and swinging it with good control and skill. Mohinder Amarnath played 69 tests scoring 4,378 runs with eleven centuries and twenty four half centuries and picked up thirty two wickets. He played 85 one day matches scoring 1,924 runs with a highest of 102 not out and claimed forty six wickets. He was the first batsman in the history of one day cricket to be declared out handling the ball. His best season was 1982-1983 when he came back into the side after a gap of three years and compiled 1,182 runs that season with five centuries on the overseas tours to West Indies and Pakistan. He had a grand culmination of the season by picking up the man of the match awards back to back in both the semi final and the final of the 1983 Prudential World Cup held in England. Mohinder Amarnath is currently a cricket analyst. His brother, Surinder Amarnath, was also a stylish left hand test batsman who impressed everyone in his short and sweet career. He did not have such an extensive stint as his illustrious brother `Jimmy’. Another brother, Rajinder Amarnath, is also a former first class cricket player and a current cricket coach. The entire Bhardwaj family served Indian cricket selflessly for over six decades. No praise is less as a tribute to this glorious family. Mohinder Amarnath will be remembered as a batsman who did not flinch or shy away from the fire. Both Malcolm Marshall and Imran Khan have lauded his batting prowess, ability and courage to bear express pace and sustain injuries. Sunil Gavaskar, in his book `Idols’, has praised him as one of the finest batsmen in the world. He made his debut century at the Western Australian Cricket Association Ground at Perth in Australia on a track that was notorious as the bounciest and the fastest wicket in the world. He got that century against Jeff Thomson, `Thommo’, who was bowling at his fastest, close to a hundred miles an hour. It was not only the motivational inspiration and the force of Kapil Dev Nikhanj as a player but the superb all round display by the greatest player of the Prudential World Cup, Mohinder Amarnath, that made India create history at the Lord’s Cricket Ground on that fateful day in June 1983. His twenty six runs and a bowling analysis of 7-0-12-3 was enough to bring every Indian out of his house in jubilant celebration of one of India’s greatest triumphs in the field of cricket. Sir Vivian Richards has hailed `Jimmy’ as “one of the nicest men to have ever played the game”.

Discovering Self Helps in Understanding Consumption Patterns

Consumption refers to the utilization of goods by a consumer in economic theory. There is a definite influence of self discovery on consumption. What we end up buying is dependent to a large extent on what we think ourselves to be. It depends on whether we harbour a positive or a negative attitude to life. It also depends on whether we are introverts or extroverts. Self discovery, for most of us, is part of a daily learning experience. We learn about who we are when we select certain paths in life and the choices that we make. We learn from the relationships that we have with people around us. We learn from our highs and we learn from our lows, our success and failures. We learn about ourselves through our feelings and the response that we get from those around us. We learn from the way that we react to the situations that we face in our lives. We are also very much interested in knowing how we look in the mirror, what others talk about us. We are also making a daily assessment of how we are improving with some extra ordinary skills that we possess. A lot of research has gone into the way we think about ourselves. The marketing departments in organizations are always busy designing such products and services that are focused at making customers realize their self before they make the buying decisions. For example, when a lady realizes that her figure is shapely and not flabby, she will always rush to buy clothes that will complement the contours of her body. Sometimes, the need to know more about the self may have undesirable effects on the consumption patterns. People realize that sometimes what they think they like is actually based on peer pressure rather than their actual like or dislike. Sometimes, people think they know themselves but actually feel that their true selves are much different than how they behave outwardly in society. People living in a material world with explosive consumerist tendencies believe that when they buy a lot of things, they will be able to buy happiness and satisfaction too. Statistics and research have proved that this may not be always true. Individuals working in an organization are always keen on taking a feedback from their higher in command. When people are dependent on others’ reactions to them, they become inter-dependents. These inter-dependents will definitely explore their selves and take those results and use them in their future choices and their lifestyle patterns. There are so many cultural factors that fall on the path to self discovery. They are language, religion, art, music, technology, laws, knowledge, culture, customs, beliefs, food habits, dress codes and work patterns. The reasons that a person gives when justifying evaluation of different brands in a product range are wholly dependent on his cultural preferences. For example, if the wallet is not a consideration, an Englishman may patronize a Jaguar, a Swede may patronize a Volvo and a German would patronize a Daimler Mercedes Benz. Apart from regional preferences, customs and beliefs also play an important part in consumption behaviour theories. Culture is also deeply embedded in our subconscious minds. Each person sees the world through his cultural eyeglasses. It is culture that influences us to take cornflakes and juice for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch or champagne at a wedding. This factor also influences the way we dress. At some places, people will consider an air conditioner or a microwave oven as a necessity in life and not a luxury while at other regions and in other cultures, it will be quite the opposite. Formal learning, informal learning and technical learning will all combine to shape our self discovery techniques and these, in turn, will influence our consumption behaviour patterns.

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Defy the Aging Process with your Lifestyle

People have been struggling for ages to find out ways to defy their process of aging. Research has been done in the recent years to help people retard their genetic clocks. Scientists have done much work recently with the stem cells and how they can be manipulated to revitalize the aging cells in the body. There are trillions of cells that are in the process of regeneration from the time we are born and until the day we die. As we enter the middle age and cross over into our forties, the same process of the cells slows down and gradually ceases the divisions. Dr. Leonard Hayflick observed, in the nineteen sixties, that human fibroblasts (cells in tissue culture) would ultimately cease dividing themselves after perhaps fifty sequences. With this study done by Hayflick, the term,`biological clock’ or `genetic clock’ started being used fashionably among people. The latest theory that holds well is the telomere shortening one. The telomere is a small stretch of protein caps at the end of the cell’s DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). The theory explains that every time a cell divides itself, a small part of the DNA is stripped off the telomere, making it shorter. This shortening affects the expression of the gene. The result is cellular aging. Is there anything that you can do about the telomeres? No! But there is something that you can do that can put the brakes on the aging process. It is the way you lead your life that determines how you will go on to live. What is an ideal lifestyle to prolong your years? It involves how you cope with stress, the kinds of exercises you do, the methods of relaxation you adopt and the amount of sleep you get. Exercising is one of the best ways to slow down your aging process. Diet is the key aspect in staying healthy. Eating habits can slow down the aging process too. You have to eat a low glycemic diet. You can make sure that your diet includes fresh vegetables and fruits as they are rich in fiber. You can take in supplements like vitamins and minerals. Nutrients that prevent the telomere shortening are folic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc and magnesium. Other nutritional supplements that are beneficial for you are the Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. The higher the levels of Vitamin D in your body, the longer are the telomere caps. Polyphenols and flavonoids prevent telomere shortening and you get them from grape seed and green tea. The fluid intake should be adequate during the day to make sure that your kidneys function properly and your skin remains radiant. Not many people know that stress can speed up the process of aging. The best ways to bust the stress is to indulge in leisure activities after a hard day’s work. Spend leisure time in such a way that it gives you pleasure. A happy frame of mind makes you look many years younger in age.

Transdermal Application of Drugs

Transdermal is an administration route for drugs wherein active ingredients are transmitted across the skin for systemic distribution. Examples are patches that are used for medical delivery and implants that are used for medical purposes. The skin is a large target for drug delivery and its basic functions limit its utility for this kind of purpose. The functions of skin are mainly to protect the body from external invasion such as harmful substances and microorganisms. Its other function is to contain all fluids in the body. The skin has to be tough and flexible enough to allow for movement. The lipids in the skin will serve as poor conductors of electricity and they can protect us from electrical currents if needed. The two important layers to our skin are the epidermis and the dermis. For transdermal delivery, the drugs have to pass through two sub-layers of the epidermis to reach the microcirculation of the dermis. Stratum corneum is the top layer of the skin and it varies in thickness from ten to several hundred micrometres based on the body region. It is composed of layers of dead and flattened keratinocytes that are surrounded by a lipid matrix that act as a brick and mortar system and it is tough to penetrate. This layer offers a significant barrier to diffusion. It is barrier to almost 90% of all transdermal drug applications. All molecules penetrate this layer to some degree. Below this layer is the epidermis. It is about ten times as thick as the stratum corneum. Diffusion is much faster due to the degree of hydration in the living cells of the epidermis. Below it is the dermis which is one millimeter thick and that is hundred times the thickness of stratum corneum. The dermis contains vessels that distribute drugs into the systemic circulation and regulate temperature to maintain microcirculation. Transdermal Pathways There are two major pathways through which drugs can cross your skin and each the systemic circulation. The direct route is known as the transcellular pathway. With this route, drugs will cross the skin by passing directly through the phospholipids membranes and the cytoplasm of the dead keratinocytes that make up the stratum corneum. Though this is the track of shortest distance, the drugs will experience considerable resistance to permeation. It is because they have to cross the lipophilic membrane of every cell and the hydrophilic cellular contents that contain keratin and then they have to cross the phospholipids bi-layer of the cells again. This chain of steps has to be repeated several times to travel the full thickness of the stratum corneum. Another common pathway through the skin is the intercellular route. Drugs that cross the skin through this route have to pass through the small spaces between the skin cells, making the route a laborious one. The twenty-fold increase in the actual path of permeation of molecules reduces the rate of the penetration of the drugs. A third pathway to breach the stratum corneum is through the small micro-channels that are created by a medical micro-needling device. It comes in many variants and brands. A standard Franz diffusion cell was used at the University of Marburg in Germany to show that this approach is effective in enhancing skin penetration ability for lipophilic and hydrophilic compounds. This micro-needling approach is considered as the vaccine of the future. The devices and formulations for transdermally administered drugs include transdermal patch and transdermal gel.

Common Problems Encountered when Scalping the Forex Markets

Forex scalping is quick trading. It is a strategy where traders will allow their positions to last only for a matter of seconds or maybe a minute and seldom longer than that. If it goes beyond a couple of minutes, it will be considered as regular trading and not scalping. The main purpose of forex scalping is to make small gains on a trading account when it is exposed to a limited risk due to the speed of the opening and the closing trading mode. Forex scalping may sound easy enough as it deals in the identification of lots of small price fluctuations that are as small as a few points on each trade. The reality of the situation is that it is quite difficult, posing a whole range of problems. Many forex brokers are not happy about the customers placing many short term trades as it creates problems and it is not very profitable for them. They try to increase their spreads to try and put people off forex scalping by giving them a friendly warning not to make it into a habit. Here, the worst possibility will be that they will cancel your account and return your funds to you. Finding brokers that will allow you to scalp frequently is a problem. The next problem is dealing with their spreads. For example, if your broker has a spread of two or three points on the Euro/USD pair, then a possible profit target of four or five points will not be enough to give you any decent gains because the spread is going to eat into your earnings in the longer period. If you want to become a short term forex trader and indulge in forex scalping with good profits, you have to not only find a broker that will give you the scalping facility but you will also have to come with a strategy where your system will provide enough gain points to take care of the spread. This is not going to be easy as the price fluctuations can be random besides being totally unpredictable over short term periods even if you gauge with the standard technical pointers. This is not to say that it is impossible to make good money scalping. It is possible to get good returns on the one minute chart and pick up maybe ten points from each trade if we are lucky. Yet, it is only a small percentage of people who succeed on a regular basis. People tend to prefer the four hour and daily charts because the technical analysis may come in handy there and is likely to be more up to snuff in the longer time periods. Another downside to forex scalping is that it can create lot of stress. As there is a chance of making a good amount of money in a matter of seconds, there is also a big chance that you can lose a whole lot of money too. It can become frustrating at times. To become experts in the forex scalping market, you have to maintain a flow of market liquidity. For this, you have to increase your knowledge of the negotiations and the actual market situation. You have to develop an ability to collect information and absorb it faster. Understanding the patterns of the currency pair can help you get considerable gains in a long run when you make such speedy trades without the element of risk and insecurities that are usually associated with large currency trading time frames.

Inviting Disaster by Texting while Driving

People have to realize that the hands-free caution approach while driving is meant for their mobile phones and not for their steering wheels. They are asking for disaster by texting while in the process of driving. It is necessary for us to focus our attention on safer driving. Other areas that we need to focus our attention on are the insufficient number of pedestrian crossings that forces people to jaywalk. We can put an end to the countless number of road deaths due to the indifference of reckless drivers who have a habit of distracting themselves with their phones while driving. Corporate companies, parents and road traffic authorities probably have to do a lot more to stress the importance of motorists, giving their full attention on the roads while driving. Change has to take place at the base levels. Any number of publications and safety warnings are not making a big difference in the driving habits of people. Safe driving is a habit that has to be cultivated over a period of time. It is not enough to broadcast awareness programs every now and then. These campaigns have to be done on an ongoing basis at educational institutions and community forums. Children should pick up good driving habits from their parents when they come of age. Offenders have to be seriously dealt with through harsh penalties. Community services and licence suspensions will also help. Only then, we can make our roads safer for everyone. Community services tend to speak up about the issue of texting and using phones while driving only when there is a loss of life. There is a ban on the use of cell phones without the hands-free mechanisms while driving in most countries and those violating such rules are liable to be punished. But, despite such stringent laws, there are many motorists who don’t give a damn about the safety of people and themselves.

Forex Strategies that work

To maintain a successful trading strategy, many people are searching for forex strategies that work. They are scraping through this trading system or that trading strategy to settle down in the forex market to trade effectively. It is easy to know how to read a chart but learning how to read all the indicators and knowing when to enter into a trade or when to exit is difficult. It is not easy since you will be worried about how hard it was for you to get the money to invest in the first place in the forex market. Once you have selected what markets you want to enter and what strategies you would like to use, you will then start getting nervous in your belly when you actually enter the trades. The most important thing is that you have to keep your emotions in check. Finding good forex strategies that work is like finding a golden egg. Any strategy that you want to adopt has to be effective and has to stay effective over a long period of time. A broker can always help you here. He or she will be able to turn you in the right direction to find the answers you are looking for. The forex strategies that work are leveraging, scalping and breakout. Leveraging is one of the Forex Strategies that work Leveraging is one forex strategy that you should use with utmost care. It involves using money over and above what you have invested to realize a much larger profit margin than you would have got with your initial capital. Sometimes, you can lose your entire investment fund using this strategy if you are not careful. Margin and leverage are essential concepts that every beginner in forex trade must understand in order to be effective. Leverage gives you access to a large sum of money with only a small deposit on your part initially. Leverages are shown as a ratio. A 100:1 leverage will give you access to hundred times more money than you put in at the beginning. Leverage is surely one of the most important forex strategies that work. Scalping is among Forex Strategies that work Forex scalping is a good strategy to use when the market is very unstable. This strategy involves entering into a trade and then getting out within a short period of time as soon as you show a profit within a span of maybe fifteen minutes at the most. Sometimes, using this strategy can bring you profit in just a few minutes as opposed to staying in the market for many days at a time. Forex scalping is one of the most used forex strategies that work where trading is done in shorter time frames and profits are earned after smaller moves in the market. The more liquidity in a market then the more worthwhile it is to become a forex scalper as you can make more lucrative trades in a given short period. Forex Breakout Strategy is one of the most effective Forex Strategies that work If used properly, this strategy can bring about some excellent profits. It involves tracking the actions over a period of time and then finding those actions that have the same basic pattern and which are overdue to break out of this pattern. There are three main Forex Breakout Strategy Patterns. They are the Trend Channel Breakout Pattern, the Flag Breakout Pattern and the Triangle Breakout Pattern. In a triangle pattern, it is easy to detect after the price breaks one of the triangle sides with a heavy probability that the price will continue in that direction. The flag pattern contains support and resistance levels and when price breaks one of them, a trend is formed in that direction. Trend channel pattern is a very profitable setup for a trader. It means that the market is moving within a defined range of price. The two peaks of the channels have to be defined. You have a much greater potential profit target when this happens, making the breakout strategy one of the best forex strategies that work.

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The Seven Samurai Akira Kurosawa directed a masterpiece in 1954 when he made the `Seven Samurai’. It is a film that has influenced several others for more than four decades. It has inspired films like 'The Magnificent Seven' and Hindi blockbusters like `Sholay' and `China Gate'. Many filmmakers use this as a study film. Kurosawa mesmerises and tells a great story. It is about 205 minutes long and each frame is a worthwhile one. It offers a master lesson in how to pace an epic tale. The story takes place in a sixteenth century village in Japan that is regularly attacked by bandits. The Samurai are hired by the village elders to shield them against the bandits. The visuals are excellent, especially the one scene focusing on a bowl of rice and rice dumplings to drive home the importance of a bowl of rice that was acknowledged by the Samurai. This was their price for the battle they were going to wage. The Samurai come off as a selfless lot who sacrifice themselves for the cause of the farmers. The final scenes shot in the rain are superlative. The film won a Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1954. It deserved much more than this. Kurosawa made four Samurai classics - The Seven Samurai, the Hidden Fortress, Yojimbo and Sanjuro. The other masterpiece that he has directed is `Rashomon'. The music by Fumio Hayasaka is haunting and outstanding. It is a superb and distinct score. This film is cinematic perfection and one of the best films ever made. It was voted by `Sight and Sound' as one of the ten greatest films of all time.

Scalping Strategy

Many forex traders use a forex scalping strategy for taking in small profits after taking advantage of the momentum and the retracement in the prices of currency pairs. The real key to the technique is maintaining proper capital management and good discipline. Forex scalping is one of the most frequently used and popular forex trading practices in use today. While using a scalping strategy, the traders have to call for closing the trade within five minutes or at a five-pip profit. There are various forex scalping techniques that can be adopted. The common ones are: USING CHARTS AS A SCALPING STRATEGY Charts will be your best friends when it comes to various scalping techniques. This is mainly because charts are based on the action at the market that involves currency prices. There are many different kinds of charts. • Bar Charts – These charts show rates for each time unit that is selected. They show four different rates indicating opening, high, low and closing periods. • Candlestick Charts – The units that are represented are similar to the bar charts and the rates also represent the same periods as the bar charts. The length of the candlestick shows the range between the opening and the closing. • Figure Charts – These types of charts are good to filter non-significant price movements to help the trader in determining the important resistance and support levels. They are focused on the price without the time specifications. • Line Charts – They are the simplest form of charts representing in each time unit the closing rates by creating a linear line. They are good tools to set up resistance and support levels. Forex scalping strategy relies on the price action of the currency pairs. With forex scalping strategy, forex traders rely usually on a set of indicator points to guide them on when to enter and exit the forex market. Their aim is to get part of the currency movement fluctuation after they have identified the prevalent currency trend. SCALPING STRATEGY OF FOLLOWING ECONOMIC NEWS AND EVENTS A simple form of forex scalping strategy is to trade in the forex markets based on events and news. The traders will look for the important news to be released. This can be identified easily by looking at the economic calendar. As forex scalping strategy is aiming for small gains of five to fifteen pips per trade, most scalpers try to make it profitable for themselves by attempting as many trades as possible in the market. They can build up on their earnings slowly and steadily by entering and exiting the market with small profits a number of times in a specified trading session. A scalping strategy will involve opening a forex position and closing it within a few minutes with the motive of speculation. PIVOT LEVEL SCALPING STRATEGY It has to be taken into consideration that not all the currency pairs behave in the same pattern in a scalping strategy. When working on a forex scalping strategy, you have to be careful to factor in the tendencies and the volatility of the currency pairs that you are going to trade in. For example, a fifty pip move in the opposite direction with the British Pound–Japanese Yen pair will not be the same as a fifty pip move in the Euro-US Dollar pair. Another important factor is the time required for trading. Using a forex scalping strategy for the Euro–British Pound pair in the London market will not be the same when applied during the Asian markets. Different geographical markets have a varied effect on some currencies. Pivot points can be used as excellent levels of resistance and support in a scalping strategy. The time when the price touches the pivot points, it bounces off like a rubber ball would. You have to calculate the pivot points daily for your selected currency pairs and you will have to calculate from 1700 hours Eastern Time to the next day’s 1700 hours Eastern Time.

What Gadgets does a Private Detective need?

The world around us has become quite dangerous. As the times are changing and criminals are becoming technologically sophisticated in their modus operandi, a detective also has to keep up with the times and be fully knowledgeable with modern gadgets of a sleuth. So, what are the tools required for a detective? • Pen Camera – This is a basic gizmo. It is just a pen that comes with a camera giving high resolution results and also has memory storage capacity. It will also record a video where time and date could be inserted. • Cap Camera – The cap is cloaked with a camera that records in MP4 format. It is operated even with a remote control and can record up to ninety minutes. It also has internal memory and can record clear audio conversations from a distance of up to five meters. • Soda Can with Camera – The soda can is fit with a video camera inside. It also has a well cloaked microphone that works with remote control. • Glasses Writer – These glasses are made out of powerful lens that can take pictures and files can be stored in the same manner as thumb drives. It has a memory capacity of 4 GB and can record six hours of video. • Tracker – It can fit into the palm of a person and uses GPS. It can send out positioning through its GPRS (General Packet Radio Services). It can give real time location and also do satellite tracking. It can capture audio relays and the battery allows fifteen hours of operation. • Lost Items Locator – This is also a tracker that is an accessory if important items like laptops or smartphones are lost or stolen. It works with software that updates regularly and links with a central location to receive signals that locate data from the device so that location could be identified. • Pepper Sprays – They come in the form of pens that could be used as weapons. Once sprayed, the victim will experience momentary blindness and coughing.