Friday, June 23, 2017

The Surfaris of Morocco

Morocco is a fascinating place. It is known for its world famous cuisine and the Berberian culture. The markets are mostly open-air and spread all over the country with wares like leather, jewelry and carpets. The Moroccan leather is considered to be the softest in the world. The country has an oriental touch to it. Morocco is located on the Atlantic coast of the African continent and is situated northwest of the famous Sahara Desert. Morocco is blessed with excellent surfing weather conditions. The coastline has hot winds coming out from the desert. Surfing at this place is comfortable for both the beginners as well as the experienced surfers. The surf camps Morocco are totally mobile. Classes are held at different beaches based on the surf conditions for that particular day. The surfing camps in Morocco are known as `Surfaris’. The biggest surf camp is usually set up in the calm surfing village of Tamraght which is fifteen kilometers north of Agadir and four kilometers south of Taghazoute at the Atlantic coast. The surfers will experience calm and relaxing conditions. This area has a micro climate which means that it rarely rains here and the average day temperatures are around twenty degrees Celsius in winter and around twenty eight degrees Celsius in summer. The prices at the surf camps Morocco are fifty five Euros per day/night for standard accommodation and sixty four Euros per day/night for upgraded accommodation. If you want to take the Surfari package for a fortnight, it will cost you seven hundred and forty Euros for standard accommodation. Surf Maroc is Morocco’s largest surf camp. It has been there for over a decade now. It is at Taghazoute. Surf Berbere, another camp near Taghazoute, offers good surfing packages in the little surf towns and you get to surf with some of the cleanest, longest and least crowded rides that can be found in Morocco. These beaches are just four and a half hours away from London and people prefer coming to Morocco to surf all the way from England. People love to sharpen their surfing skills here in the surf camps. There is invariably a reliable swell throughout the year. In winter, the beach break is about five meters while in summer, it is about three meters. The surf camps are managed by qualified trainers. You can have your own individual plan and discuss your personal objectives with the instructors. The training does not focus merely on the practical lessons. You will also learn about the ocean and how to tackle winds, currents and tides. You will learn to select the right wave to surf on. You can move on to the practical lessons once the basics have been learnt. Beginners are given more time on the basics and how to mount the board and paddle. They are then taught how to proceed with elementary surfing actions, control of the surfing board and reading of the waves. The lessons last for about three hours per day and there is free time to practice and chill out on the beaches. If you want to focus more on learning surfing skills, even two lessons per day can be accommodated by the instructors at the surfing camps in Morocco.

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