Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lives of Many People have been changed by the ‘Secret’

The ‘Secret’ is a book written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. Rhonda Byrne is an Australian writer for television and a film producer. She has subsequently made audio compact discs and a film on this book. Sine their release, the book and the film have become big hits and people who have a penchant for personal development have been applauding them from their roof tops. This book expands on dissertations from modern day teachers who have taught the world ways of making money. They tell us that when we are young, no one teaches us about finance and the impact it has on our lives. What we learn in schools and colleges becomes totally useless when it involves making money and getting rich. Most people are never able to accumulate sufficient wealth or create enough earnings to comfortably provide for themselves and their family during their lifetime. Yes; most of us are spending a big chunk of our lives working endlessly and struggling to pay our bills and looking after our children and dependants. The troublesome truth is that most of us do not have enough savings to last even a quarter if we lose our jobs. The message of ‘the Secret’ is for people to realize that they can be happier than they were in the past. It reminds the people that they have the power to become wealthy and successful. This book and the film have all the elements to make them classics of the modern times. One of its best taglines is that the truth is either hidden right in front of us or within us. It re-introduces the ancient treatise on the laws of attraction. There are ten chapters in the book revolving around this age old treatise that likes attract each other. The book preaches personal development to such a point that if we decide to exude positive thinking and shift our focus on positive things alone in our lives, nature will boomerang that positive force back to us. It tells us that making money is important to get that positivity in our life as money spells power and power spells realization of dreams. By propelling the idea of positive thinking, Rhonda Byrne, the author, is in turn making money by digging the ancient secrets of the laws of attraction. Byrne is part of the Global Secrets International in Australia which is a family owned business. She is definitely influenced by people and groups that make multi level marketing into a real force. She is echoing what we hear from organizations like Global Information Network, Amway, Herbalife and QuestNet. The USP of these organizations is that we can even make three thousand per cent return on our investments without leaving our homes by pure referral and multi level marketing. Influential people from secret clubs and ancient secret societies have combined to make these organizations, reminding us that having strong influential connections in life is a key to the secret of success. Who we know get us what we want. The laws of affiliate marketing are hidden in the concepts that have been developed in the book. Driven by the laws of attraction as expounded by the book, many people have realized that doing affiliate marketing would allow them to realize the potential of making money and enough of it during their lifetime to follow their desires in life. THE SECRET has changed the lives of many people.

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