Saturday, June 24, 2017

10 Actors who hated their superhero movie costumes

The superheroes need their super suits and costumes. They are central to the identity of the superheroes. Actors are not comfortable donning the costumes on a daily basis. Here are ten actors who hated their superhero movie costumes - 10. Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad – Getting into the costume of Quinn was not such a hot experience for Robbie, particularly the baseball tee and the booty shorts. On many occasions, she had to eat snacks in a wet and clingy costume. (Source: 9. Chadwick Boseman – Black Panther - Captain America: Civil War – The costume keeps Boseman fully contained within. The movie had to be filmed over summer and it was hot and highly uncomfortable. (Source: 8. Olivia Munn – Psylocke - X-Men: Apocalypse – Her costume had to be covered in lubricants so that it would not rip and it became ultra revealing. On several occasions, Munn complained that the costume ripped in awkward places. (Source: 7. Ryan Reynolds - The Green Lantern – The costume was executed poorly and spoilt the experience not only for the audience but for Reynolds in Hal Jordan’s suit. It looked ridiculous with the computer generating the costume from head to toe. (Source: 6. Andrew Garfield – Amazing Spiderman – Garfield did not enjoy the outfit as Webhead. He called it uncomfortable and unflattering as his fans and paparazzi were busy getting some butt shots of him from various angles. (Source: 5. Malin Akerman - Silk Spectre – Watchmen – She used to get sweaty in her costume as it was skintight. That yellow and black suit made her highly uncomfortable and she also complained that the costume had a terrible odor and she likened it to that of a used condom. (Source: 4. Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow – Avengers – The costume provided to her became so hot that she used to sweat excessively in her socks. It was supposed to be a wet suit and was not at all pleasant to wear during the shoot. (Source: 3. Rebecca Romijn – Mystique – X Men United – It was extremely uncomfortable for Romijn to don the makeup while filming. This getting ready process took almost six hours. It tested her patience. The worst part was that she would feel naked while the others had their fancy outfits. (Source: 2. Ben Affleck – Batman – Batman vs. Superman – Affleck has made it very clear to the production unit that he is no fan of the Batsuit. He went on to call it as one of the most ridiculous and humiliating things in the world. He called it the `visual effects pajamas’. (Source: Paul Bettany – The Age of Ultron – Vision - Captain America Civil War – Despite striking a good impression with his costume, Bettany hated to sit through four hours every day to get into his costume only to peel it off in a matter of minutes after the day’s shoot was over. (Source:

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