Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Easy Fill Tire Alert System of Nissan

Your life is going to become easier with the Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert System. Now you can take your car out on the road to roll with the proper tire pressure. You do not have to rely any more on the differing pressure gauges. The Easy Fill Tire Alert system developed by Nissan will trigger the car’s horn to inform you that the air pressure in the tires is at the optimum. When you are in the market for a new Nissan car, you can now get rid of the tire gauge and not worry about cold pressure. Nissan has launched this alert system which can handle all things about the tire pressure when you are filling the air in. The United States Department of Transportation has recommended that tire pressure checks should be done at least once a month and these checks should include the spare tire in the boot or hanging out at the rear or the underside of the car. Many people neglect to check the tire pressure at least once a month. If you own a car, the Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert system will make your life very convenient with the feature that is wholly intuitive and fully capable of handling anything that you can imagine regarding tire pressure. It is designed to take the pressure monitoring which is sensor-based for your convenience. It can monitor the pressure of all the tires and will alert you on which tire could be problematic and give the exact pressure for you and you do not have to guess about the tires. The system will also function as a digital gauge when it fills up air in your tires and the car’s lights will notify you by means of flashing so that you know the air is being filled into the concerned tire and the car horn will honk when the pressure reaches the optimal point. In case, you, as a driver, are thinking about something else or daydreaming, and if you miss both the audio and the visual signals, then the car’s system will flash in rapid succession and honk thrice to let you know the air has gone in excess so that you can let some air out. Many cars, particularly the new ones, have several kinds of sensor systems which tell you when you need to add air pressure to the car tires. Yet, many car owners have found the systems to be either inaccurate or vague. Some have reported that from one pressure gauge to another, there may sometimes be a difference of three to four pounds. The Nissan system will give a warning light when the air pressure in the tire or tires becomes low, even when you are merely a single psi off. With this Easy Fill system, you can simply start to pump up the air pressure and forget about cold pressure measurement and the irritating pressure gauges at the petrol pumps. The system will take away whatever little quantity of brain calculations attached in keeping the right pressure of air in your car tires. It will definitely give you peace of mind with your busy schedules and with this system; you can maintain the correct air pressure in the car tires and get a safe ride. Nissan launched the Easy Fill Tire Alert system with the Altima 2013 and later on, it became the standard equipment in all Nissan models. This innovation by Nissan has made the inflation of tires an easy affair. Tires that are not inflated properly can triple the risk of an accident on the motorway. A delay in attending to the air pressure in the car tires will negatively affect the fuel economy and the car is likely to lose the fuel efficiency. When you are driving long distance, fuel economy will matter.

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