Thursday, February 9, 2017

Classic Indian Games and their Advantages

Children would rather do chores, read, do homework or watch television than go and play outside. A survey has revealed that kids spend not even five hours during a week and less than four hours collectively on weekends. As parents, we have to do our utmost to encourage the spirit of adventure and build imaginative opportunities for the children to get outdoors. The classic Indian games will give us a great opportunity in motivating them to go out and take part in them. Encouraging Kids to go out, enjoy and experience Life As parents, our busy lifestyle makes us feels satisfied when we entertain our kids with electronic gadgets like television or tablets. We fail to realise that each child has to play outdoors for his or her physical well-being and emotional happiness. Getting dirty outdoors is much healthier than staying inside and playing with gizmos. With a commodity like Surf Excel at home, there is nothing to fuss about even when your kids get their clothes messy. Recently, a report was published by the National Wildlife Federation stating when you let your kids get dirty outdoors, it is quite encouraging for their health when compared to allowing them to spend their time indoors with hi-tech gadgets. It makes them totally vulnerable to deficiency of Vitamin D and brings on depression and other chronic obesity related ailments. Playing these Classic Indian Games and their Advantages Kite Flying Kite flying helps in the development of mental concentration. A child who flies kites frequently can do well in his or her studies and other school activities. This activity helps in retrieving physical and mental fatigue in a very short time. It generates energy within the body and adds vigour and interest. It is a great physical exercise for the arms, legs, neck, eyes and brain. It improves the eye sight as eye lids have to be moved continuously with the changing movements of the kite in the sky. When it is a clear sky, it also sharpens your eyesight when you hold the kite up in the sky against the windy conditions. It also brings in much happiness to the kite flier. It allows for intake of Vitamin D and fresh oxygen into the body. When oxygen is supplied to the heart and lungs, it makes these vital organs stronger. Kabbadi Indian classic Games for kids were designed in such a way that they could help their personality development along with their ability to think logically and building up strategy. They required stamina, mental and physical skills, quick reflexes and extraordinary hand, eye and leg coordination. Kabbadi is one such game in India. The clothes may get horribly dirty in the mud but Surf Excel will be the solution for them. Kho-Kho Kho-Kho is one of the most popular classic sports in India. It is actually a modified version of `Run Chase’. It involves simply touching a person and running while the person touched has to chase the other one down. Like all other Indian games, it demands high level of physical fitness, strength and speed. The game helps in development of qualities like discipline, sportsmanship and loyalty among the team members. Gilli Danda This game has many variations as an amateur sport for youth. The points that are scored by a striker depend on the actual distance that the gilli falls from the point of striking. It is a game that is played with a peg and a stick; it requires extraordinary hand and eye co-ordination. Chupa Chupi (Hide and Seek) This classic Indian game does not need any introduction or description. It is fun both indoors and outdoors. It has always remained as one of the most challenging outdoor games for kids. This game has been able to open up many learning centres in the young brains and has helped strengthen the cognitive and emotional development among children through playing activities.

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