Thursday, February 9, 2017

13 Tips for Increasing the Google Rank of Your Company

All the entrepreneurs will know by now the importance of search engine optimization. They also know that it is important to build up their Google search rankings. In this digital age, the Google rank is very important for the success of your business. A group of young and successful business entrepreneurs have suggested these tips to boost the search engine optimization results for your company. 1. You have to create fresh and interesting content – The content has to be authoritative and of high quality. Create a content that people will be interested in reading and linking back. 2. Audit your online profiles – Check on your website’s URL whether if it is listed somewhere. You can do a lot if you have more than a handful of accounts online. 3. Think like your customers – Think about what your clients may be typing into Google. Check out your hunch by looking up keywords in Google’s free Keyword Tool. 4. Hire an expert if you have to - Hire an SEO company or a freelance specialist to develop a good strategy to improve your search rankings. 5. Guest Post – Start guest posting on relevant blogs. It is a good way to build links. 6. Content is the King and the Links are the Queen – Creating a good content is very important. Links are even more important. Google loves links. 7. Bust out the camera – Video is a huge thing now for business owners. It will give your company a personality and style. Videos can be distributed across multiple platforms. 8. Colleges and Universities – The biggest SEO secret is when .edu sites link to your website, it will give you a higher Google ranking. 9. Update your site frequently – It is important to update your site more often. Google will recognize you as a great source of information if you publish content to your blog every day. 10. Use the right keywords – Two effective ways of increasing your SEO rank are keyword analysis and tagging articles. 11. Move away from Flash – many small businesses use Flash as it is quite cheap but Google ranks them poorly even though they might look decent. Move to WordPress and you will go higher up the search engine rankings. 12. Take advantage of local search – If you are a local business, you have to claim your listing on Google, Yahoo or Bing. There is a big jump in traffic by simply claiming and filling out all the fields on these local profiles. 13. Know exactly what words people use to search – You have to have a clue about what people are typing into Google to find you. An easy way to find out is to go to the Google home page and start typing in your phrases. Google’s suggested searches will come up. Use those exact phrases in your titles. If that is what people want, give it to them.

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