Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Which Cars do Men and Women want?

`’ is a car research company which has completed a latest survey that has focused on the differences in the genders in their preferences when buying cars. It has reported that men like big sports cars while women go for practical and flexible cars. It narrowed down its study to five most preferred cars that men and women opt for. The summary is that men want a spectacular ride while women want practicality. Women buyers showed their inclination towards small and fuel efficient cars. Men buyers wanted a fast sports car with an impressive curb look or they looked out for a 4WD SUV. The study involved information on gender preferences, taking into account eight million vehicle purchases made during the last year. The five preferred cars for women are: • Volvo S40 – About fifty eight per cent of the purchases by women last year were for Volvo S40. It is a high end sedan. It is a spacious and safe car for commuting. • Nissan Rogue – It has good safety and visibility features. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has given the car good marks after testing it for overall crash protection. It is a crossover car and women like it because of its versatility and it does not look like a minivan which works in its favor with women. It looks spacious and at the same time resembles a sports model. • Volkswagen EOS – it has a good fuel economy and gives thirty miles per gallon on the highway. It is a convertible hardtop with sufficient legroom. It is also known as a coupe convertible with sunroof. It offers four airbags. • Volkswagen Beetle – About a couple of decades back, it was the most sought after car by women and it still holds its place in the top five. Now, men have also started buying it more after its modifications with its sloping roof. • Hyundai Tucson – It is a crossover car which gives good mileage for its big size with twenty seven miles per gallon on the highway. It has got a good panoramic sunroof and luggage space to keep strollers for kids. The top five cars that men prefer are: • Porsche 911 – Male car buying is dominated by cars like this. It has the highest buying ratio among men. • GMC Sierra – When the attention of men shifts from sleek race cars, it goes to the big brawny cars like GMC Sierra. It is a half-ton pickup car. It projects a complete macho image. It does not give very good mileage (21 mpg) but is ideal to tow boats or motor bikes. • The F Series of Ford Motor – They are popular in the full size pickup range. Men like them for their luxurious rides and off-road adventures. • Chevrolet Corvette- This is an iconic sports model. It is General Motor’s most powerful output. It is named after a small warship and has been there since the past sixty years. • Chevrolet Silverado – It will also carry whatever weight men will load on to it. It is excellent when you are looking for a pickup truck or going out on a camping trip for the weekend.

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