Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major transcribed for Piano as Op. 61A

The piano concerti of Beethoven are among the best known works in the classical repertoire. The Violin Concerto in D major. Op. 61, written in 1806, is also a favourite. Beethoven’s own transcription for the piano,however, of this concerto has been neglected. It was better received than the original violin concerto as it required much more presence of the soloist. Beethoven transcribed a number of his works and he was not the only one to do so. Johann Sebastian Bach and Vivaldi and Telemann have transcribed many of their works. There is a good site which gives details about famous transcriptions. It is www.classicaldiscoveries.com. The transcription for piano was written a year after the original in 1807 but published in early 1808. It was immediately accepted by the keyboard virtuosi of the time and was championed by pianist and composer Muzio Clementi. The original composition for violin was called “A Symphony for Violin and Orchestra”, a title justified perhaps in light of the virtuosity required by the solo part. The transcription for piano, on the other hand, is much more demanding. Daniel Barenboim playing and conducting the English Chamber Orchestra http://youtu.be/PcIhbYp_hS8

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