Friday, July 19, 2013

Sibelius Overture in E Major

In the last twenty five years, many unpublished works of Sibelius came to light. They had remained obscure to musicians and the audiences. Thesee works include works by Sibelius.Sibelius composed chamber music of distinction before he wrote his first great orchestral work, Kullervo. Some large-scale works have been preserved from the years 1883-91. The Overture in E Major was written in 1891. It is among the earliest works written by Sibelius for orchestra. It hints at greater symphonic work by the freshness of its youthful fervour. Sibelius' handling of the orchestra is colourful, including oboe and cor anglais solos, a triangle and castanets. The air and fanfares of the exciting Overture heralds a new period in the works of Sibelius. The lively section in the Overture suggests influence of Mendelssohn. Gothenburg Symphony Naeme Jarvi 1989

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