Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Southern Pacific Voyage

Write up on top southern Pacific cruises. Southern Pacific cruises will offer unparalleled beauty of nature and exotic cultures in the islands. Most preferred destinations in the Southern Pacific Ocean are the Indonesian island of Krakatau, Fiji, Tahiti and Tonga. Mixed passenger and cargo vessels sail to these places. There are other luxury expedition cruise vessels too. Some of the well known cruise operators are Adventure Life, Yatama Tours, Paradise Adventures, Princess Cruises and the Moorings. You can take a cruise to the Krakatau Island which is well known for its ancient volcano. This is one of the seven hundred islands of Indonesia. Anak Krakatau has the most ferocious volcano in the world and it is still active. Visitors are allowed to climb the smaller Child of Krakatau. It takes about an hour to climb. You can enjoy the great panorama while climbing. The sunrise is beautiful at the top of the first level. You can observe black lava stones that have been deposited from several past eruptions of the volcano. Its eruption in 1883 has been recorded as the most violent volcanic event of all times. There was an explosion of about one hundred and fifty megatons of trinitrotoluene when the magma blasted the sea water and turned to steam. Its blast was heard even four thousand kilometers away in India to the west and Australia to the east. The Volcanic Explosive Index of the eruption was a colossal 6 on the scale. You will also be taken to the neighbouring Rakata Island to snorkel and explore the majestic coral reefs. You can visit the Baduy Tribe and witness their daily activities. Taking a cruise holiday in Fiji is an exciting way to experience this exotic region which is still relatively virgin territory in nature as it has not been affected much by the explosion of tourism development. It is simply awesome to take a cruise through these tropical volcanic islands of Fiji with their amazing coral gardens. The gateway to Fiji is the Yasawa Island with its crystal clear waters. The Fiji Archipelago is made up of over three hundred islands. You will get a chance to visit the limestone caves on the Yasawa Island group which itself is made up of around twenty volcanic islands. Some of these islands have mountains that are rising close to six hundred meters in height. The beaches are sandy. These cruises include trips to the villages where you can mix with the locals and take part in their cultural ceremonies and traditions. These villages are not polluted with modern technology. The Southern Pacific Islands of Tahiti are rich in exotic sounds as well as sights. These islands have also given inspiration to great writers like Robert Louis Stevenson. The green forests and high mountain peaks make up the exotic landscape. There is plenty of opportunity to explore the lovely forests. The climate is warm in Tahiti. You will be comfortable with loose-fit clothes. Sarongs and swimsuits are quite suitable to wear onboard during the day. While packing for the voyage, it is important to remember hats, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion. It is better to avoid over-exposure to the sun. Many people have hailed Tahiti as one of the most romantic places on earth. The cruises to Tahiti offer great sights of mountainous peaks and majestic valleys. You will get a chance to explore lagoons in a glass-bottom boat and trek into the hills for a great view of the French Polynesian Sea. There are many options for water activities during the Tahiti cruises. You can do windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing and snorkelling. You can take a cruise to Tahiti at any time of the year. The cruises are of a fortnight’s duration. Most of them leave from Papeete which is the capital of French Polynesia. The favoured sailing season to the Kingdom of Tonga in the Southern Pacific is between April and November. The weather in this period is warm and tropical. The Vavau Island group in the Tonga Kingdom is a good sailing holiday destination. You can see some of the most beautiful islands in the world while cruising here on luxury yachts. This area is known as the `friendly’ islands region as you get a warm welcome and experience pleasant hospitality from the locals here. You will be able to see many humpback whales from these islands. During your cruise, you can see vast sea life that includes whales, turtles and marlins. You can snorkel inside the caves near the coral reefs and participate in the village feasts where you will be served food on banana leaves. The water at the shores is so clear that you can spot the anchor on the bottom at a depth of even thirty meters. The power catamarans to cruise to Tonga Islands are available from almost anywhere like the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Seychelles and Thailand. Read more:

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