Friday, January 27, 2017

Your eyes will not believe when you take a look at what happened to this baby moose

A man in Northern British Columbia in Canada is jolted out of his senses when his neighbour calls out to him to come over to his backyard. He is in for a shock, as you can see in this video, All he can see is a pair of hooves sticking out of his wooden fence. In his wildest imagination, he would not have thought about a close and personal encounter with a moose that got stuck in the wooden fence while trying to jump and clear it. The front legs of the moose get trapped in the fence as the moose did not have sufficient height to clear the fence. As he approaches the fence, the man realises what his neighbour was yelling about. He had been telling that there is a moose stuck in his fence. Now, he believes it and sees an agitated and distressed face of a baby moose with his big brown peering eyes. With a little help from his neighbour, the man finally gets to chip off the wooden panels from the fence to free the legs of the poor moose. After it gets freed, the moose is not able to get over what just happened and hangs around for over a couple of minutes as if to say, “I may have been stupid but thanks anyway for helping me out.” ttps://

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