Friday, January 27, 2017

Why are NRI parents comfortable about sending their boys to the best boarding schools in India?

It has been observed that many NRIs are sending their boys to the best boarding schools in India. These parents insist that the boarding schools focus more on academic excellence than the all round development concept because they want their wards to get into the top branded colleges after their graduation from these boarding schools. The main reason why a residential school for boys is preferred to other schools is that it is equipped with teachers who are highly skilled in the subjects that they teach and they also maintain a higher degree of discipline on the children. More than their individual academic prowess, these teachers are all rounders themselves when they qualify for the teaching posts in the boarding schools. They live round the clock in a residential school environment with the boys and are sensitive to the growth of the adolescents and the teens. This breed of teachers is quite hard to find in the cities. It has also been noted that lesser males are opting for the teaching profession in India as far as urban schools are concerned. There is always a risk of getting distracted for boys in city and day schools as against the boarding schools. Better discipline can be maintained in boys’ boarding schools Growing need for better results in residential schools The growing need for better and higher results, academically, is making the management of best residential school for boys to concentrate more on academic excellence in the final years of the children’s curriculum, more so than extra-curricular activities. However, they will make sure that the all round development of a child is still given priority and that particular ethos is maintained. Focus on career growth It is the goal of some parents to enable their children to get quality coaching and upbringing in such residential schools in India so that they are ready to take admission to top professional colleges. Boys’ boarding schools have always remained an excellent option for such parents who are not in a position to devote sufficient quality time to their children and towards their upbringing in this sensitive phase of their growth.

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