Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Daimler and BMW collaborate to make an Electric Car

The parent company of Mercedes Benz, Daimler and BMW are like the German equivalent of General Motors and Ford Motor Company. Both these companies are fierce competitors for superiority in the luxury car segment. Meanwhile, electric cars are creating an imbalance in their profit making journey in the automobile sector because of the zero emission features. An electric vehicle is being made today not only by a multinational corporate company but by a small enterprise as well. Both Daimler and BMW are now getting together to make the Visio M. The rivalry has been shelved to develop this electric car. When it comes out, it is going to be more effective and economical than the models that exist in the market today. Both these companies have brought in a dozen other partners to help research students at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (the TUM or the Technical University of Munich) in developing a smaller electric vehicle, the Visio M. After its launch, the Visio M is not going to be considered a car in legal terms. It is going to fall into the L7E category of the European Union. It is going to be categorized as a heavy electric motor quad-cycle. Currently, there is another powerful version existing in such a category with Renault’s Twizy. These L7E vehicles, though, will have few limitations. The weight of the Visio M cannot exceed eight hundred and eighty pounds. The output is also going to be limited to fifteen kilowatts which will be equivalent to just twenty horsepower. In comparison, a thirteen kilowatt Renault Twizy has a top speed of fifty miles per hour. Despite its smaller size and lower weight, the Visio M is going to be as safe as a traditional petrol engine car. BMW has recently taken out a series of Active E and Mini E test cars to get real time information on the usage of the electric powertrain. Daimler is also working on an electric Smart for Two cars just like the mini car manufacturer, Smart.

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