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The Root Cause of Cellulite and why we suffer from it

What Causes a Cellulite Condition? What causes cellulite? Cellulite is the collection of excess fat cells in the body. Cellulite is a common situation. The most frequent cause for cellulite is corpulence. Women mostly get affected by cellulite. Many women do not think in terms of exercising on a daily basis apart from their domestic and office work. It is commonly affecting abdomen, upper thighs and the arms area of the body. Sometimes, this condition could be acquired from heredity. Nature of dietary habits and the changes in the hormones of the body can also cause cellulite. Irregular food habits and the kind of lifestyles we lead can also cause cellulite. Irregularity in eating ways is mostly referred to our improper food intake. If we are not careful of what we eat, our body will react negatively. When we neglect proper body exercise also, we can build up a lot of excess fat cells in our body and these fat cells can be a cause of a cellulite condition. Causes of Cellulite Condition What causes cellulite? There can be a condition where water is retained more than the normal level required in our bodies. In many cases, this can be a cause of cellulite condition. Shrinking of the fibrous protein that binds our body tissues can also cause cellulite. Usually, when people age, the signs can be seen in their bodies once they cross fifty five and their body tissue experience a drop in the strength of these fibrous proteins. Cellulite is more frequent nowadays than previously due to the reason that there are many changes taking place in our body chemicals and affecting our organisms in modern life. Women, especially, are affected by these environmental influences that result in a lack of balance in these chemicals within our bodies bringing about a cellulite condition. These imbalanced chemicals reduce the potential of the fibrous proteins and raise the chances of fat cells in mostly the upper thighs and the lower back area. Improper diet can be a major cause for these chemical changes. Why do we suffer from ugly cellulite? What causes cellulite? There are many binding tissues that link the fat cells and the muscles to our skin. Fat cells are soft and therefore they do not keep our skin as tight as the muscles do. The main root causes of cellulite are heavy intake of fatty food, imbalance in body hormone chemicals, absence of correct exercise, excessive lifestyle and hereditary factors. The fat cells occupy a lot of our body area and make it lumpy. The only reason that the accumulation of these cells looks ugly is because of the position of the body fat and the heaviness of the skin. Women mostly get affected as they have a tendency to concentrate their excess fat cells in their bodies at their hips, upper thighs and the lower back where the skin is loose and thin. We do not find many men suffering with a cellulite problem as men have skin that is thick and they have a tendency to concentrate their excess fat cells on their stomachs. What Causes Cellulite Visibility? What causes cellulite? Accumulation of excess fat cells causes cellulite and it becomes more visible on the upper thighs as well as the bottoms where the skin is thinner than the other parts of the body. Chemical imbalances in the hormones result in the breaking down of the tissue building up excess fat cells in these parts. The use of birth control pills can develop a tendency to cause cellulite problems speedier than most other reasons. It has been proved that cellulite is the excess placement of fat cells in concentrated laces on our bodies and that it resembles the standard body fat. We are more likely to get a cellulite visibility as we get older and older. With age, the fibrous tissues beneath our skin stretch it down and the fat cells fill up with more fluid causing a cellulite appearance on the skin surface. Women suffer more than men because their skin is thinner. Diet that is poor speeds up the aging process of their skin. Are the under wears responsible for the cellulite cause? What causes cellulite? Is it our underwear? Many people would refuse to believe this but the type of underwear does have an influence on the cause of cellulite. More often than not, it is the elastic of the underwear panties that causes the cellulite bulges in the bottoms because the elastic settles round the hips and restrains the flow of blood to the buttocks. Men and women should choose the underwear that does not hinder the smooth flow of blood to their rumps. Many doctors are claiming that traditional type of underwear is causing lot of cellulite makeup as this underwear is restricting the smooth and leisurely flow of blood. Changes in fashion trends have also helped this cause. During the sixties, the skirt hems and the panty liners got shorter and so did the panty length. So, tradition changed from loose panties around the thighs to tighter panties round the middle of the rumps. Thus, panties are an important factor in the growth of cellulite problems, especially with women. Are the Hormones Contributing to the Cellulite Cause? What causes cellulite? Could it be the imbalance in the estrogens hormone that is the main cause of cellulite creation? These hormones are the primary sexual chemical groups of compounds, especially in women and they are important for their cycle of menstruation. These hormones are definitely contributing to the cellulite cause. By the help of changes in the levels of these hormones, their reduction builds up fat in breasts, widens the pelvic area and increases the levels of body fat in the thighs, hips and the bottoms area. They can also cause women to retain lot of water in their bodies. When women reach their menopausal stages, the hormonal levels are imbalanced. This influences the blood vessels and circulation of blood gets slower. When this happens, we get reduced supply of oxygen and nourishment to the fat prone areas, the fibrous protein tissues reduce in their binding capacity and the fat cells become bigger making the flesh look bumpy causing cellulite. Genetics and Age Play a Big Role in Cellulite Formation What causes cellulite? There are various causes for the cellulite formation. One of the principal causes is the heredity factor. If we are probing the causes of cellulite, we may go up the family tree and start looking at our mother maybe. There are strong chances that a woman will suffer with a cellulite condition if her mother also had the same problem. Many men and women who suffer with cellulite may have to look at their genes for the root causes. This also explains why some women who are in good physique and shapes can be trapped by the fat cells becoming larger even when they are thin and healthy. Age is another reason for the cellulite formation. As men and women grow older, the tissues of their skin start breaking down and become loose. This allows the fat cells to bulge up the skin texture. Bad eating habits can speed up the ageing process of the skin and cause retention of fluid in the fat cells. What are the Major Causes for Cellulite Formation? What causes cellulite? The deposit of excess fat on body areas such as the abdomen, arms, bottoms, thighs, knees and hips is commonly known as cellulite. Women are affected more than men as cellulite forming is also linked in a major way to the imbalanced hormone effect found in women. This hormonal imbalance is a major trigger in women causing cellulite. The cellulite makes the skin appear crinkled and scraggy. One of the big problems with cellulite is that as the excess fat melts, these chunky patches linger on as a result of the affected fatty tissue deposits. Other reasons for the coming on of cellulite are lethargic lifestyles, bad eating habits, build up of stress and sometimes the type of clothes worn by us. Women have to avoid wearing very tight clothes and donning very high heels as these will hinder the circulation of the blood to the areas prone to develop cellulite. These fat cells create a rippling effect on the flesh and the tissues beneath the skin. What are the Major Causes of Cellulite? What causes Cellulite? There is a big ambiguity about the reasons behind the formation of cellulite. There are many likely reasons. People are not very clear as to what causes cellulite. We cannot pin down obesity as the main reason because many fat people sometimes show no indication of suffering from cellulite. On the other hand, many people suffering from cellulite are thin. If we take the age groups, many younger people do not have a cellulite problem when compared with the older generation but some teens are known to suffer from cellulite. Having said this, it is not difficult to identify some tangible factors that bring about a cellulite problem. Fat cells become concentrated if we do not drink sufficient water during the day. Habitual and excess drinking of alcohol and liquids like coffee trigger the fat cells to work overtime. If we eat lot of fatty foods without fibre, we are inviting the fat cells to accumulate and pile up to cause a cellulite problem. The Root Cause of Cellulite What causes cellulite? The soft chunks of flesh beneath the skin that give a dimple effect are commonly known as cellulite. There are many explanations as to the root cause of cellulite or how the fat cells pile up in certain areas of the body. Mainly, it is the imbalanced hormone level and the genes are what cause cellulite. Weak circulation of blood may also be a likely cause of cellulite. A normal circulatory system will eliminate body fats and waste. Poor circulation of blood will come about by lethargy, non action and lack of exercise. In women, hormone level imbalance during puberty, pregnancy and menopause stages may cause cellulite formation. One thing we know for sure is that body fats are principally responsible for cellulite. The fat cells begin to enlarge on account of obesity or higher water retention in the body making the skin less flexible when the fat will start to expand and look lumpy under the skin.

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