Thursday, July 7, 2016

Using the Digital Media to Reach the Consumers Effectively

Digital marketing is the promotion of a company’s brand of products or services through the digital advertising media that reaches customers in the form of radio, television, mobile phones and the internet. It involves fields like the search engine optimization and advertising banners. It involves channels like instant messaging, video streaming, blogging and broadcasting voice. The pulse of digital marketing beats around the internet media. Internet has become the most powerful medium of communication. The future of marketing is, undoubtedly, digital media like the internet. The technology and the visual reach offered by the medium of internet just cannot be ignored. There are two kinds of digital marketing techniques. One is known as the ‘pull’ technique. The ‘pull’ tool has the user searching for and selecting the message content directly from the internet or other media. An example is the array of websites to use, blogs, audio and video streams. The ‘push’ tool requires not just the user but the advertiser or the company promoting the message to be active in the interface. An example of this is e-mails, SMS and MMS on the mobile phones. Both these tools could be used together when a company which is trying to launch a new product or a service could opt to use the website first through the net and follow that campaign with an e-mail after a couple of days to its selected and potential end users with special promotions along with simultaneous SMS use. There are many companies specialising in providing digital marketing services both in online and offline usage, focusing to help the small and medium sized companies to participate and compete in the digital arena. They help serve the consumers in utilising their talents and skills to build up that competitive edge in increasing their productive capacity and thereby the profits. The companies will require using special digital marketing tools to use strategically in the selection of their digital ad campaigns. This know how would involve management of websites, running analysis reports, testing e-mail lots and doing research on keywords. The companies would be expected to increase their knowledge in areas like ‘Google Analytics’ or ‘Radian 6’. Google analytics helps them to write more effective ads for target audiences and makes them become more conversant with the efficient use of website marketing. Radian 6 helps the companies in absorbing what its consumers are saying about the company online to maintain conversation in the social web like blogs and forums. They are also expected to use the social network tools such as the ‘Twitter’ and the ‘Facebook’. Since the advent of the internet during the nineties, a lot of companies have latched on to digital marketing tools. The internet is used to the maximum extent. The marketing done with search engines and their optimum use for high rankings helps in gaining considerable advantage over the competition. The social media like Twitter and the Facebook are used to generate lot of curiosity and fizz through offline activities. Marketing e-mail tools are available in the form of software that the companies can use as newsletters. Simplicity is the first rule in digital marketing. The company has to keep the message simple and easy for people to seek what they require and be satisfied. Technology has to be used in a simple and friendly fashion. Before we use the digital media effectively to sell our products or services, we have to understand that we need to know where to find our consumers for our products and how to find them. We have to learn on how to get those consumers interested in our products and how to sell those products again and again to them. We have to know how to advertise for our consumers to keep buying and how to persuade them to purchase our products.

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