Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Social Media Marketing will give your Website a Tremendous Reach

To survive in this world of cut-throat competition, you need a website developed to give you a reach that is considerably more than your rivals in order to be successful in your line of business. Search engine optimization and use of social media marketing techniques are very important when you develop a website. Statistical data pertaining to social media marketing will show you that more than sixty per cent of consumers go through search engines and social networking sites to know about a company’s products before they buy them. It is also a fact that more than eighty five per cent of successful business units have their own Facebook Fan Page. Why is Social Media Marketing so important for your Website? Social media marketing has become the order of the day when you build your website. This is because people have assimilated social networking sites into their daily lives. These sites have drawn in users by millions since they have been introduced on the web. They are also rapidly drawing the attention of industry and academic researchers who are amazed at their reach. Some sites are open to a larger range of audiences while other sites are inviting people on a common language platform where they can share national or racial identities. These sites will also differ depending on how they will assimilate social media marketing information tools such as video sharing, blogging or mobile phone connectivity. Social media marketing involves web based services that will allow you to create a public or a semi public profile within an environment. The networking concept is laying stress on the initiation of a relationship between people who are known to each other or are mutual acquaintances. The profile page visibility varies from site to site and will also depend on the discretion of the user. Profiles on social media marketing sites like and Friendster are search engine crawled and they are visible to anyone, regardless of whether the viewer has an account or not. In comparison, LinkedIn will control what a viewer can see depending on whether he or she has a paid up account. Sites like MySpace will allow their users to select whether they would like their profiles to be totally public or limited to friends only. Facebook has decided to take a different outlook. Users who are using the same network can see each other’s profile pages unless a particular profile user has denied permission to certain users in the network. It is on grounds of these structural differences pertaining to access and visibility that social media marketing techniques will thrive. Concentration Areas for Social Media Marketing The most popular Social Media Marketing Networking Sites in terms of usage and popularity are: 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. LinkedIn 4. MySpace 5. Ning 6. Google Plus 7. Tagged 8. Orkut 9. Hi5 10. Myyearbook These sites become very relevant as social media marketing tools because there is a buzz today on eCommerce inbound marketing by word of mouth. Customer feedback is revolutionizing the social media marketing world. Research has shown that today consumers and web browsers are quiet tired of conventional marketing techniques. Email communications on a persistent basis or commercials that are thrown on your face are not fashionable any more. You have to adapt new standards of social media marketing in order to be successful. The four biggest retailers with Facebook presence are Burberry, Wal-Mart, Victoria’s Secret and Adidas Originals. When they become fans, Facebook users are expecting some special promotional offers exclusively for them. After Levi’s added a `like’ button on Facebook, there was a forty per cent increase in the volume of referral traffic to them. Their revenue also increased marginally. This is good social media marketing strategy. Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies The success of your website depends largely on how you manage your social media marketing and the content on your web page and how you share that for increasing the visibility online. You cannot change human nature tendencies as people would like to buy products or services when they come to know that their friends or someone they know has got some interaction with the product brand. The most effective social media marketing strategies are content driven. Ninety per cent of all consumers today wholly trust what is recommended to them by their friends. Customers do not like companies that blow their own trumpets on their products. They look towards actual customer feedback, more so from among their circle of friends. You have to approach the consumers as their virtual friends in the shape of bloggers. Social media marketing research has shown that reviews from regular bloggers do carry weight. This is where consultants like us come in handy. The modern consumer wants to reject self promotional material nowadays. We turn our focus, hence, on content designing that not only optimizes key phrases but also uses search engine optimization expertise to exert influence on the social media marketing network to establish what will work and what will not by the help of Google Analytics tool. Article Summary A fantastic social media marketing technique is to keep people on social networking sites updated with your website and keep them interested in what you have to offer.

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