Sunday, April 26, 2015

Your Selection of Shoes will Depend on the Style of the Wedding

Weddings go on for the whole day and you do not want to be kicking your shoes away until you are done dancing. Comfort is a very important factor when you go out to choose a pair of wedding shoes. More than how the shoes look, it is how they feel that is important. If you are used to wearing heels, then only, they can be a decent option. You have to buy your wedding shoes well ahead of the wedding day so that you are able to break them in and get used to the feel. When you want to select the fabric for your shoes, there is a choice available ranging from crepe to satin or raw silk to velvet. This is mainly because these are quite often the fabrics for the dress too. Many brides choose the traditional colour for their shoes to match their wedding dress. There are cases when few brides have to dye their wedding shoes to match the colours of their dresses. Wedding shoes reference from Aleeyas that offer embellishments in the form of encrusted jewels and Swarovski crystals will add to the look of the dress and complement your overall get up. You have to take into account the style of the wedding. It could be a formal wedding or an informal one. Your dress and the season of the wedding do play a part before selecting the shoes. For instance, a satin off-white sandal would do well in summer. A plain silk and closed shoe would nicely complement a conventional raw silk wedding gown during the fall and winter months. If it is going to be an informal kind of wedding, it would easily allow for casual looks and wear, such as ballet flats or embellished sandals.

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