Sunday, April 19, 2015

You can talk to your television now

Interesting things are always revealed at the Consumers’ Electronic Shows. Now, you can talk to your television sets without sounding mental. Few years back, if you were found talking to your television, it would have seemed that you were probably agitated, lonely, flipped or down with mental instability. The television manufacturers are hell bent on proving people wrong now. Talking to your television will be considered as rational behavior from now on. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, there were television sets that responded to speech. Lucky Goldstar Electronics announced that they will sell high end flat panel televisions with a remote that has a microphone. You will be able to speak into that microphone to enter text on the television for Twitter updates and web searches. Hold on yet! You still will not be able to change the channel or control the volume by shouting at the television set. Samsung Electronics also announced that it will sell televisions that would respond to voice commands. Samsung is also in the process of launching its first television with a built-in camera. As you watch the television, that is going to be Model No. ES8000, it will watch you back. It will be looking for hand gestures that will prompt it to move the on screen cursor or the launch Apps. Google Inc. is also trying to break into your living rooms with software for these smart televisions. While on this, Sony is also bringing on a BluRay player that will have a remote with a microphone for voice powered web searches.

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