Sunday, April 12, 2015

1913 Silent film on Richard Wagner This silent film made on the major events in Richard Wagner's life in 1913, even before the first major silent motion picture, `The Birth of a Nation' by D.W. Griffiths. This silent film is made by Carl Froelich. It featured Giuseppe Becce as Richard Wagner and it is a master stroke in casting as Becce resembles Wagner to a great extent. Becce also wrote the background music score for this film. It was released on 20th November, 1913 and was considered one of the first full length bio-pics as silent films in those days did not run for more than a reel or two or more than ten or twenty minutes. The length of this film is one hundred and four minutes. Froelich was a pioneer in German silent films. He made over seventy films in a span of forty years after 1912. This was his directorial debut. He made his first talkie in 1929, 'Die Nacht Gehort Uns'.

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