Monday, November 28, 2016

The Seven Per Cent Solution This narrative is made up from Dr, Watson's reminiscences. This is from a novel written in 1974 by Nicholas Meyer. It was adapted on film in 1976 as a Sherlock Holmes adventure. The narrative involves recovery of Holmes from addiction to cocaine and Watson takes the help of famous Viennese Doctor, Sigmund Freud. It also involves prevention of a war in Europe through the opening up of a wicked kidnapping plot of Madame Devereaux. The film is very well directed by Herbert Ross and was scripted by Meyer himself. Nicol Williamson is brilliant as Holmes and you have to be fast on the uptake to hear all his dialogues. He really speaks at a feverish pace. Robert Duvall is quite good as Dr. Watson. Alan Arkin is sharp as Sigmund Feud and Vaness Redgrave is beautiful and sensuous as Madame Devereaux. Samantha Eggar plays Mary Watson. Charles Gray plays Holmes' elder brother Mycroft and he does that in the Jeremy Brett television series, too. Jeremy Kemp looks wicked enough as Baron von Leinsdorf. There is an interesting narrative in the end of the film when Freud hypnotises Holmes to find out why he chose to be a detective. It brings out his sad past and his fear of Professor Moriarty. The crux of the tale is that Watson deceives Holmes to meet Sigmund Freud to treat him for his delusions that are induced by cocaine. This is an entertaining film with some tense settings in both London and Vienna. It is an intriguing narrative and Laurence Olivier adds punch by playing Professor Moriarty. The film is a fine suspense thriller. The music by John Addison is great and makes the movie more interesting.

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