Saturday, April 12, 2014

Twelve Years a Slave People who tell me that they came away from the cinemas depressed after seeing this film disappoint me because they have no appreciation of how a statement of truth and circumstances has to be studied in life and absorbed. Cinema is not meaningless entertainment. There are others who have called this film `a torture porn'. Such degenerates have to know what a good book or a good cinema is compared with the junk that they see on the torture porn sites and sado-masochistic websites. Hats off to Brad Pitt for going ahead and producing this film out of the book written by Solomon Northup and how cruel fate was to him in the 1841 Saratoga New York life. He was a free man who was abducted with deceit to be sold in the slave market. He survived for twelve years and this account truly deserves the best picture Oscar. Chiwetel Ejiofor also deserves the best actor. If I were in the jury, I would have given my nod to him than Matthew McConaughey for the Dallas Buyers Club. Hans Zimmer's musical score is riveting and haunting. I would not give much marks to Steve McQueen as a director but Chiwetel added intensity in the film along with Michael Fassbender. Even Brad Pitt is excellent in a couple of scenes in a cameo as Master Bass. This is a vivid tale, told with an amazing emotional intensity.

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