Monday, December 2, 2013

In Autumn Edvard Grieg

This is a concert overture written by Grieg in 1865. Niels Gade, a friend of Grieg, was not so impressed by this overture. Gade had written a splendid concert piece called `The Rustle of Spring'. Grieg's Autumn does not have the drama of Gade's composition. However, it still is a competent concert overture. It opens with an Andante in D Major played by a woodwind theme. An Allegro builds up tension and shifts to D Minor in sonata form. The orchestra takes up the main theme which Grieg took from a song that was called `Autumn Storm'. A secondary theme then follows in F Major. The development sections recalls previous themes with modulations. The horn and strings bring on a slower section, which is followed by a recapitulation and the concert piece concludes with an emphatic statement of the woodwind theme that is heard at the opening. Orchestra: Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra Conductor: Neeme Jarvi Recorded in 1993

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