Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Sun can make your Bones stronger

Osteoporosis is on the rise in the world mainly on account of the Vitamin D deficiency. People just do not know how to take advantage in proper limits of the bountiful sunshine that nature has blessed them with. It is an amazing fact that out of the people suffering from osteoporosis, seventy eight per cent in the world are women. This is because they do not like to go out in the sun and are mainly indoors. People have got used to the comfort of shade and air conditioning to such an extent that they avoid the sun as far as possible. They abhor the hot and sunny weather. The homes also block out the rays of the sun as people prefer to stay in sheltered and screened areas. Cars have black tinted windows and many people even get the sunscreens applied with the high SPF. All these things block out the sun’s rays and also the absorption of Vitamin D into the skin. This supply of Vitamin is necessary for the maintenance of good health and for your bones. It is a natural and cost-effective way to prevent the risk from bones becoming brittle and fracturing easily. To keep your bones and your muscles in a healthy shape, you have to take in sufficient quantities of Vitamin D by means of safe exposure to sunlight and with proper diet, particularly if you are above the age of fifty. The diet has to be rich in proteins and calcium. It will also be beneficial if you try to stay active with the help of muscle strengthening activities. Read more:

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