Friday, June 21, 2013

Siegfried Solti

I got introduced to the Ring by Solti's recordings. This was my first Siegfried. What I cannot forget from the first time I heard this opera in 1972 till now is that Siegfried's horn played by Herr Roland Berger, the first chair french horn player from the Vienna Philharmonic ensemble, stays in my mind even today for its sheer force and power. No one has played like that ever since and before too. Vienna Philharmonic is simply stunning in this performance. The scenes of fafner the dragon and the forging scenes are extremely powerful. This is beyond comparison. Solti is untouchable with Der Ring Des Nibelungen.Solti has given a dramatic and intense reading of Wagner's great opera. I am fortunate also to have the vinyl discs on London/Decca and the use of stereophonics is better than even the HD CDs of today. Without any doubt, the definitive Siegfried performance.

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