Thursday, November 22, 2012

Richard Strauss Symphony No. 1 in D Minor

This Symphony in D Minor was Richard Strauss' first major work. It was first played in 1880. It was well acclaimed by the audience in its first performance. He actually started composition when he was only six years old. Richard Strauss was only sixteen when he completed this symphony.


  1. A rarely heard symphony, thanks for giving it some exposure on your blog. There's so many good books and film, so much good music that gets little exposure. Not that I necessarily have anything against so-called 'popular' culture. To each his own. But there is more to music than just 'Lady Gaga', more to film than just 'Twilight', more to literature besides 'Harry Potter'. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on your blog. Keep spreading the word. I'll keep reading and listening!

  2. Much appreciated. Thanks for your feedback Herr Beggerow. Do share often by visiting.