Friday, September 7, 2012

The Noble Bachelor

The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor is one of the fifty six gems written about Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This is the rare story in the Return of Sherlock Holmes editions. It portrays Holmes suffering with visions and delusions of his famous fall with Moriarty and his near death experiences. This story also tells us how dreams can sometimes foreshadow events in a man's life. A very well woven tale about Lord Robert St. Simon, the eligible bachelor who was thrice married and the doomed fate of Ladies Helena, Maud and Henrietta Doran. Jeremy Brett is as usual superb as Sherlock Holmes and no other has played Holmes better than him. This is a great film.

The Trouble with Harry

AAA masterpiece by the Master Director Alfred Hitchcock. It is more a delightful comedy than a suspense thriller. It revolves around a corpse in a Vermont village. You are going to like the settings, Glenn, as it is set in beautiful Vermont during the Fall. Shirley Maclaine makes her debut with this film. It has little suspense with a touch of black humour. The film also has John Forsythe (who played the patriarch Blake Carrington in the TV series Dynasty). Jerry Mathers plays Arnie Rogers, son of Shirley Maclaine and the story pivots around him as he is the one who stumbles on the corpse of Harry Worp and is the saviour of the whole plot with his peculiar sense of timing. Superb music by Bernard Herrmann with a tongue-in-cheek control by Hitchcock. The film was completed in 1954 and released in 1955.