Thursday, July 20, 2017

Study Reveals that Neglect of Using Turn Signals has become Dangerous

People have been brooding about distracted driving but neglect of turn signals has turned out to be more dangerous. A study has revealed that neglecting to show proper turn signals has been responsible for over two million accidents every year and that figure is more than twice that of the accidents that are due to driving in a distracted way. The survey was done by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There is a brand of people who do not believe in using the turn signals regularly. They will simply forget to use the signals while they are changing lanes or taking turns and if they do turn the signals on, they may forget to turn them off. The failure rate for not using the signals when taking a turn is around twenty five per cent. This translates to about two billion times a day around the world or seven hundred and fifty billion times in a year. The solution to this neglect is through the use of the `smart turn signals’. These signals use sensors to shut the turn signals off before they become unsafe or a hazard to other drivers on the roads. The engineers are also thinking in terms of developing a `turn signal assist’ feature that will display the car information and caution the driver if he or she fails to use the turn signals regularly or forgets to switch them off in time. When the engineers provide such features in the car, there is not going to be an extra cost added to the bottom line value of the car as the system will be using such sensors that would have been already taken into integration into the module for stability control. This indifferent attitude of not using proper turn signals could be because of poor training or a total lack of courtesy. Sometimes, it may be due to the absence of civic sense. The police authorities have also not put in any effort towards enforcing penalties on the neglect of using proper turn signals.

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