Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Shifting the Mindset of Consumers to Electric Cars

It has become a challenge to make consumers purchase electric cars. The electric cars are not really enjoying their sales phase right now. General Motors had to stop production on the Chevy Volt for a period of over a month. The sales for Chevy Volt or the Nissan Leaf are not that hot at this moment. Changing the mindsets of drivers to shift from petrol or diesel to electric cars is going to be very tough. The change, however, is unavoidable. It has to take place some time. The Electric Drive Transportation Association feels that people may take a long time changing but they will be forced to shift to alternatives as the dependence on oil will pose problems for them in the future. At various places, the change is already taking place. Electric car sales have seen new highs in the last quarter of this year but even these new highs will not break much ground in comparison to petrol or diesel yet. Fleet operators are changing to electric cars now. UPS and FedEx are changing to alternatives for fuel. Therefore, electric cars will matter soon. Many people are realizing that electric cars are really the future and it is not an issue of whether the electric cars will grow in demand or not but it will be an issue of how fast the demand will grow. Consumers have to be educated. They will have to be told to think in terms other than just miles per gallon. The transportation infrastructure was made for cheap gas but gas is not cheaper at all now. This may not augur well for oil companies but they will have to face the reality sooner or later. Petrol is going to be used less and less as the days go by. The time has not come yet for electric cars because the figures say that people spent close to four hundred and fifty billion dollars on gas last year. The EV demand may not be as stunning as the dot com companies or the social media craze but its time will come. Realistically speaking, it may take at least half a decade more for people to be thinking totally in terms of buying only electric vehicles.

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