Monday, July 10, 2017

Sea Lion

Sea Lion is an extra ordinary stainless steel super car which is amphibious and made of brushed aluminium. It has been designed by Mr. Mark Witt who has made the car from scratch with his main motive being breaking the amphibious world speed record. The car has been hardly used and this amphibious super car is for sale. It remains to be seen as to who will buy the world’s speediest amphibious car. It will remind us of some scenes from the Bond thriller `The Spy Who Loved Me’. The Sea Lion will convince you that you can win world records. It is capable of a top speed of up to one hundred and eighty miles per hour on land and over forty five miles per hour at sea. The car is now being made available for two hundred fifty nine thousand and five hundred dollars. It is being kept for sale at the California-based Fantasy Junction called `Emeryville’. The Sea Lion could be the realization of everyone’s childhood dreams. It is driven by a 174 horsepower 13B rotary engine which has been inspired from the 1974 Mazda RX 3. This car has been custom made to break the speed records for amphibious cars. The previous record on land for an amphibious car was one hundred and twenty five miles an hour. The Sea Lion uses very little structural parts. It has taken six years for Mark Witt to develop the car with his Applied Design in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was a single handed one-man enterprise. The main idea behind the design was to set both water and land speeding records for an amphibious car. It is more or less a personal goal as such an achievement is probably meant for the bragging rights on sites like YouTube or MSN’s Bing as there is no governing authority or body to officially acknowledge such a record. With the present specifications, the Sea Lion has been customized for high speed on land. Mr. Witt has reported that the speed on water has been restricted to Sea Lion’s power and improvements may be done later perhaps. Mr. Witt has suggested that the water speed will upgrade by the use of a Renesis RX 8 engine unit. As far as speed acknowledgment is concerned, a GPS display with a recording on YouTube is now acceptable globally as a valid documentation for speed. A corporate event is likely to be set up like the `Burning Man’ or `Kinetic Sculpture Race’. These two programs award and record the people taking part in competitions with special acknowledgment. The car has many engineering specifications on offer apart from the world speed record issues. The entire car has been built with CAD and calculations on spreadsheet by using TIG-welded aluminium for its body and many CNC-milled pieces that have gone in its completion. A modified Berkeley 12 JC jet drive pump takes care of the propulsion under water. It has an air force fighter pilot style of shaft that controls power in the sea. You cannot take a friend along for the wet and wild ride as the Sea Lion is a single-seater. It is probably a blessing in disguise because of all the blunt objects jutting out everywhere in the cabin interior. The front wheels are able to suck up hydraulically into the wells of the wheels once you go out into the sea. Two aluminium covers plug the holes and a chin spoiler goes upward to divide the waves. Mr. Mark Witt is willing to cooperate with the buyer on any modifications that may interest the owner in the future and he will remain as a consulting engineer and machinist for anyone interested in venturing into the amphibious cars and records. The buyer will be one lucky person to do his or her aquatic thang.

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