Monday, July 10, 2017

Divine Healing

Divine healing is a complicated matter for it ranges from the physical to spiritual refreshment for an individual. It begins with a physical impulse and then becomes a spiritual experience which is meant to make us consciously aware of the inner core of our subconscious selves. The basis of any effective divine healing is integration and aspiration. The center of integration is the spirit of true self which informs our rational mind to cleanse and purify our emotions and renews our body with energy and strength. The greatest source of divine healing energy is God. Divine healing is the use of divine energy for the purpose of healing. God is the source of all life on Earth and in the heavens. The divine healing energy comes down from God through the healing angels. The healing angels pass it down to the healer who, in turn, transfers it to the patient’s physical and mental being. Divine energy is used for treating severe ailments. Divine healing is recourse when the healer has to treat many patients collectively with severe ailments in a short span of time. The patient has to be very cooperative and receptive for divine healing to affect rapidly. If the patient is not very receptive, then the healing process will be slow. The healer always uses his hands to transfer the energy to the receiver. Divine healing is universal. It is for everyone. There is no particular faith as a mandatory requirement and there is no age restriction. Divine healing can be passed down to adults, children, babies or even to animals. It is meant for anyone who may have the need for healing. There is nothing that is required from the person or persons receiving the healing. As all forms of healing are basically self healing, an open mind and faith on the possibility of healing methods as well as the healer may be important. Energy healing and divine healing methods overlap. There are many benefits of divine healing. People have endorsed that there is a reduction of physical and emotional stress, relaxation, elimination of body toxins, better blood circulation, relief from physical pain and relief from insomnia. Divine healing focuses not only on the physical part of the patient but also on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. It is non-invasive and does not involve any synthetic chemicals or medicinal applications. There are many techniques for divine healing. The most important one is prayer and praying over. Other techniques are meditation, Reiki, chanting, drumming, Taichi, Yoga, singing and angel assisted healing. Divine healing is a concept that faith can heal either through rituals or prayers that according to the receivers involve a divine presence with a power or energy towards curing of diseases and disabilities in specified individuals. Divine healing promotes an opportunity for a person to open himself up more to God. It becomes a way to experience more of the divine value at the basis of our own being. Integration comes from experiencing the roots of who we are and using that experience to see the world through it. The world is as we are. Through divine healing, we recognize that we are much more than what we imagined ourselves to be and we realize that we are ourselves divine and that divinity flows through our lives and directs the world that we live in. As we begin to sense the unity of life through the process of divine healing, we feel a sense of responsibility towards life itself. Divine healing is practiced in many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Baha’ism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. No religion has any monopoly on divine healing. Divine healing is the experience of surrender to the divine. When we rediscover ourselves, our love becomes free of fear. There is no room for fear when we trust and surrender in love. We then allow ourselves to let go of the things that we have brought upon ourselves as alternates whether it is cancer, a broken bone, a tumor or a cut finger. Divine healing then becomes a clearing of emotional and physical blockages to the flow of love. It is the surrender of the ego to God. The word `Islam’ means surrendering of your ego to the will of God. A psychologist from Holland, Vander Hoven, has announced his new discovery about the effect of reading the Quran and repeating the name of `Allah’ both on the patients and on persons who are normal. The Dutch Professor confirms his discovery with research and studies that were applied on many patients over a period of years. Some of his patients were non Muslims. Others who were not able to speak Arabic were trained to pronounce the word `Allah’ clearly and the result was great, particularly on those people who suffered from tension and dejection. The Professor was quoted to say that those who could recite the word `Allah’ could protect themselves from psychological diseases. He pointed out in his research that by pronouncing the first syllable in the name of `Allah’; that is `Al’ we are saying it from the lungs and the respiratory system controls our breathing. Following that with the second syllable `Lah’ when the tongue touches the upper part of the jaw relaxes the aspiration and makes a contact between the lungs and the heart which, in turn, controls the heart beat and regularizes it. The Christians with their faith in Christ can receive divine healing with great effect because Christ had already promised his disciples that should they have open faith in him, they could do all that he had done in his life and he had performed many miracles and healed numerous people. He had even raised Lazarus back to life after he had died, demonstrating his boundless faith in God. He had received that power directly from God because of his pure love and sublime faith. The apostles performed the miracles and carried on the healing work down the generations. Through the ages, divine healing has remained manifest among people as they were always willing to have pure faith and be healed. Divine healing is claimed by many people as the phenomenon of a person being healed by the direct intervention of God.

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