Tuesday, June 19, 2012

House of Sand and Fog

Andre Dubus III has written a fine novel. The film is based on that. This book was nominated for the United States National Book Award in 1999. The plot is about a California beach house. The conflict in the drama involves an upper class Iranian family who has taken refuge in the United States after the Shah regime people were expelled from the Iran post the Khomeini revolution. Massoud Behrani is an ex Colonel from the Shah's air force. Kathy Nicolo loses her beach house property to the State of California for non payment of taxes and the house is auctioned and picked up by the Behranis in that auction. The tale takes the viewers through the sand and fog to submission and tragic circumstances. An incredibly sad and powerful tale. This is undoubtedly Ben Kingsley's best performance. Jennifer Connelly is outstanding as Kathy Nicolo. The real scorer in the film is James Horner with a riveting background score.Very well directed by Vadim Perelman. http://youtu.be/ojSKOt68A1M

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