Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seven Years in Tibet

Jean Jacques Annaud has made a masterpiece film in 1997. Brad Pitt's performance has gone unnoticed. John Williams' expression has also gone unnoticed. The film is on the experience of an Austrian mountaineer, Heinrich Harrer, who wrote his memoirs on the days spent in Tibet between 1944 and 1951.
Annaud made another great film in 'Enemy at the Gates'. This film won a Rembrandt Award for Pitt as best actor. The film was also recognised by the Guild of German Art House Cinemas as the best foreign film in 1998. America and England ignored the film and its magnificent music.


  1. Just listened to this piece. I do not understand the finer nuances of Classical music and their compositions, but this was def. pleasing to the ear.

  2. You possess a spark within your spirit and hence the strains of good spiritual music shall definitely be pleasing to your senses. Talking of senses, it is a brilliant stroke of imagery when you snap Emaan's foot to superimpose yours. This is reminiscent of the lively hand in hand picture that you had taken out of Emaan's and yours some years ago.