Saturday, November 13, 2010

Graduation Afternoon

A story by Stephen King from his collection ' Just After Sunset'. It is about a girl Janice on her boyfriend Bruce Hope (Buddy's) graduation afternoon in New York City. The story is about Janice not expressing her love totally to Bruce and missing the opportunity of telling the one she is fond of what he means to her until the moment is gone and perhaps there is none other to follow. As things are taken for granted by all around us, a nuclear bomb explodes in New York that afternoon and soon it will all be over for Janice and the world around her as she starts thinking many thoughts in a flash. The story is not written with much feeling and it will get only a B-. Some of the passages worth reading are:
" She has ime to think before an enormous spark lights up there."
"Now huge black blisters are erupting in the red mushroom, giving it hideous features that shift and change - now a cat,now a dog, now Bobo the Demon Clown- grimacing across the miles above what used to be New York and is now a smelting furnace. A nuke. An almighty big one. No little dirty backpack model."
"Janice's vision has either been stolen by the brightness of the fireball, or the cloud has bloted out the sun. Maybe both."
"She thinks about the hike Bruce and his friends won't be taking. She thinks about the party they won't be attending tonight. In a little while, she may be able to teach,what is left of her eyes, not to look".

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