Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stationary Bike

Stephen King's short story. (B-).About an ad painter Richard Sifkitz whose cholesterol levels go very high due to obsessive Krispy Kreme hogging. He is advised strict diet and rigid exercise by his Dr. Brady. He decides to go down to his parking lot basement and exercise on his stationary bike. Whenever he sits on the stationary bike and starts to pedal, he falls asleep and the stationary bike takes over giving him an eerie ride by the countryside, a ride ridden with guilt and complexes and bizarre unfolding of events. There are some brilliant passages in this short story such as:
"Once upon a time, back in the seventies, you could get away with a cholesterol reading of 240, but of course back in the seventies, you could still smoke in the waiting rooms at hospitals".
"Once you are past forty, it gets harder every year. After forty, Richard, the weight sticks to your arse like babyshit sticks to a bedroom wall".
"That was in the fall of 2002, a year after the Twin Towers had fallen into the streets of the Financial District and life in New York City was returning to a slightly paranoid version of normal.. except in New York, slightly paranoid was normal".
"Except when he went down the next day, there was no need to paint the beer cans out of the picture; they were already gone".
"And the taste in his mouth was oily and dusty, oily on his tongue and dusty on the insides of his cheeks and his teeth, and his back hurt, it hurt LAMF that stood for Like A Motherfucker".
"My last chance to avoid the ending everyone expects in stories like this".
"Despite whatever the Hindu philosophy might be, Richard Sifkitz believed you only went around once".

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