Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rest Stop

This is a short story by Stephen King from his compilation, 'Just After Sunset'. This story gets an 'A'. It is about an English professor, John Dykstra who encounters his alter ego split personality Rick Hardin at a rest stop when he goes to pee and stumbles upon a foul man abusing a woman in a ladies bathroom. This English Professor who cannot even swat a fly gives the ramming of his life to this abuser. Here are some brilliant passages: He walked across the parking lot to the building, the heels of his cowboy boots clocking. John Dykstra never would have worn faded jeans and cowboy boots but Hardin was a different breed of hot rod. Unlike Dykstra, Hardin didn't care much what people thought of his appearance.... There was a slap,followed by a thump, a muffled meat thump. Dykstra realized he was listening to the unremarkable sounds of abuse.... He could actually see the red hand shape on the woman's cheek and her head bouncing off the wall of beige tile.... Lee (the abuser) took off the queerly delicate spectacles and put them on the pavement. Hardin immediately stepped on them with the heel of one boot. There was a little snapping sound and the delicious grind of glass.

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