Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Zany ... and yet the game is not afoot like Brett

Even in film making, there is such a thing as blasphemy and this film Sherlock Holmes) comes close to that borderline. Guy Ritchie has done this in bad taste. When you read Arthur Conan Doyle and his creation Sherlock Holmes, you place actors like Peter Cushing and the definitive Jeremy Brett. Neither Robert Downey Jr. nor Jude Law come across as Holmes and Watson. The story is gripping with Lord Blackwood and Professor Moriarty. Mark Strong has done a superb job as Lord Blackwood but the remaining cast falls by the wayside. Rachel McAdams is a disappointment. The only winner in the film is Hans Zimmer with an outstanding musical score. He has worked hard in vain on such a sorry project. The film is zany and yet the game is not afoot as with Jeremy Brett and the Granada television project. That is the definitive Holmes.. any time. At best, this is bad time pass!

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