Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Titanic clash beats the latest one.

The Clash of the Titans (Original): An outstanding film made by Desmond Davis in 1981. The latest may be in 3D and fully decorated by computer graphics but the narration in this film is attractive and Laurence Olivier as Zeus makes this presentation an unforgettable one.I strongly recommend this fantasy classic. Ursula Andress is Aphrodite. Maggie Smith is Thetis. Harry Hamlin is Perseus. Burgess Meredith is Ammon and the beautiful Judi Bowker is Andromeda. The clash between Kraken and Medusa is awesome. Above all, Herbert Spencer's direction of Laurence Rosenthal's score of the film with the London Symphony players is simply magnificent particularly the Pegasus theme and the love theme of Perseus and Andromeda. A sure winner.