Thursday, September 3, 2009


Chaplin's masterpiece talkie of 1952. In Black & White. What can I Say? I saw it for the first time today. Uptil now, I had always held 'The Great Dictator' as Chaplin's greatest. This film now takes that spot. It is Chaplin reflecting on his years as an entertainer. He stars as Calvero, a fading clown.He helps a paralyzed ballerina regain the use of her legs and achieve fame but at a great cost to himself.This film is famous for the teaming of Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Leading Lady, Claire Bloom, called it a fairy godfather story. It is frankly autobiographical like City Lights. It is also a sentimental love story. The final scene is heart wrenching as Terry is able to help Calvero enjoy one last triumphant moment with her success as a prima ballerina when he suddenly suffers a fatal heart attack. As his life is coming to an end, hers is rising in a lovely solo ballet that ends the film with the haunting beautiful melody written by Chaplin himself.
The music by Chaplin is magnificent. The main theme as well as the recollection elegy themes are beautiful. The flashback technique when he is going to sleep in the night reminiscing about his days of comedy and being in limelight as well as his fading success are so well captured. The high shots while the stage is being changed and the ballet shots are extremely innovative. I will have to give this film the best musical tag after Sound of Music and My Fair Lady and before Oliver and Wizard of Oz.
There may be an argument against this film as being silly, self-serving megalomania but I adore it. The dialogue delivery of Chaplin is excellent. It is indeed great to see him speak and speak so well and clear. There is one dialogue at the end with Claire Bloom when she wants him to marry her and settle down in the country when he replies that she is wasting her love on him and that his life is the theatre. When she reminds him that he hates theatre, he says " Yes, I hate theatre; I hate the sight of blood too, but it flows in my veins." This delivery hit me and the panache with which he says it is electric.
The film reveals many basic truths about humanity. Limelight is pure pathos with a little comedy. Chaplin will definitely make you cry in this film as he always does in many of his other films but I have seen his new best work and that is this.

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